LADIES, this is where the expensive weaves you keep on flossing comes from (PHOTOs).

Wednesday, 19 October 2016 - A photo-journalist has captured photos of where the expensive weaves and wigs that ladies keep on flossing on social media come from.

The photos that were taken in one of the slums in India show poor women waiting patiently in line for their heads to be shaved. 

There have been reports of husbands forcing their wives to shave their heads in exchange for money and women being attacked and shaven by gangs. 

Slum children have been tricked into having their heads shaved in exchange for toys.

“I was held down by a gang of men who hacked at my hair” one girl said.

“I know of other women who have been blackmailed and threatened.” She added.

See photos in the next page that show you how the hair is “harvested” from poor Indians and later sold in European countries by cartels.

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  1. Kagame's daughter mentioned it yesterday Kenyan women needs to style up and be bold shave your hair and look natural

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