Kenyan TV girl exposes S£X scandals in corporate sector! LADIES are infected with STDs.

... STDs as they struggle to look for jobs, promotions and other office favours.

Others fail to get the jobs even after sleeping with some corporate bosses.

Elizabeth advised ladies to work hard instead of dishing out their flesh to s3x hungry men for favours.

My advice to fellow young women,work your way up using the traditional way of HARDWORK & FOCUS not on your back coz it never really worked for anyone in history! Research the trend,it’s a total FAIL!

Kwanza personally i know lots of women who slept with top executives and still didn’t get the job that they wanted instead they got an s.t.d coz hey if someone promises u something but gets what he wants with your body,he can later on not make good on his promise na hakuna mahali utampeleka! I mean utamdoo? U can’t go to the office next day and beat him up! Anaeza tu kulenga! Besides hakuna contract agreement ya sex yenyu that u can use in a court of law to sue him later,it was all word of mouth between u two so anaeza kuruka! And even if he promotes you,he will keep u on a leash! He won’t let you go beyond a certain level! It’s like u are his property now and u will never fully be independent at work! He can even forbid you from dating other men! It can get really ugly! I’ve seen it with women who get used at the work place! The best feeling in the world is knowing u did something all by yourself! PROFESSIONALISM IS THE SWEETEST FRUIT I HAVE EVER TASTED! It allows me to make my own decision!” She further added.


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  1. That's plain truth.most ladies get jobs after they've been penetrated.that's how cheap Kenyan ladies are.

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