BETTY KYALLO & JOHO busted at Best Western in Hurlingham as PHOTOs surface online.

... even liked Joho’s photos on social media.

When Joho shared this photo flying in a chopper while looking classy and stylish, Betty Kyallo was the first to like it.

They have been spotted getting too close and rubbing shoulders with the chemistry between the two being undeniable.

You may have come across this photo on social media and the chemistry between Joho and Betty is undeniable. Just look at their facial expression in this photo.

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  1. wasting our time with this nonsense

  2. Joho tomba mkamba

  3. When did Best Western become a cool place to be seen? It's a chain hotel near airports everywhere in the US!

  4. When someone wears a hat with their name plastered on the front, shouldn't that scream egomaniac and have you running for the hills? Ever seen Bill Gates richest man in the world with a hat with his name?

  5. 😂😂😂😂😂 more like a motel

  6. I have the same shoes, and other people have them too.
    There is this dame, I am interested in, she has the same shoes!
    My hated dame also has the same! Even that disgusting guy, wears the same shoes, what is this?
    Fucking shoes! I shall burn them, as soon as I'm done penning this!
    Just imagine, some moron, assuming that, These people, are the same as me, or that, I have an affair, with that witch dame!
    Or even that I am friends with the with dame.
    No way,the white Nike shoes must go!
    Just imagine, the DAILY POST, Screaming, and posting, that, I am having an affair, with that witch dame!
    No way man, Nooooooo! No!

  7. What's the big issue

  8. hey? ndio hussle ati za nairobi ODM we know

  9. yaani mtu anaacha mume wake anaendea mwingine na mimi iko tafuta. ala!!

  10. This is alot of nonsense. She makes sure she gets her friends write about her in order to annoy Okari. Believe it. She is just lost. What does the Bible say. Betty, you would better get saved for your own good. Otherwise hell is your destination with such kind of behaviour.

  11. Better get saved girl. Your actions are taking you to everlasting fire. Fear God and do the things that please God.

  12. They are both adults..let people shape their own destiny..mtado!

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