Anatumia uchawi ama! LADY reveals what a mzungu she has never met in person does to her.

Tuesday, 18 October 2016 - This Kenyan lady claims that there is a mzungu she met online who keeps on sending her money and catering for her bills although they have never met face to face.

She claims that the mzungu man who lives in Denmark has even bought a house for her.

Just read what she posted online. Do you think there’s a man who can do this to a strange woman? If true, then withcraft exists.

  1. My dear run, this guy will invite you over with your kids ( I hope the kids are not girls) you will be held prisoner and be his sex slave with your kinds. you will be pimped out to other men perverts until your body is rotten and he moves to the next victim this is a common story read on sex human trafficking practices i Europe you will find a greater understanding of these scenario.....

  2. Let her go see for herself all the glitters.
    Kupotea njia ndio kujua njia.

  3. Many have gone and never returned. Ask him to come over and live with you if he is serious with you. Tell him that there is a grandmother curse hanging over you that you should never live anywhere else apart from Kenya. See how he reacts. These guys believe everything especially relating to customs and taboos.

  4. Mwambie hapa uko na kitanda pia. kama ni kukutomba aje akutobee hapa.

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