A newspaper reveals how naughty TRUMP S3XUALLY assaulted ladies like a bull on heat!

Donald Trump's woes are continuing to mount as further s3xual harassment claims have emerged, accusing him of looking up women's skirts in a restaurant in the 1990s.

Lisa Boyne, CEO of a health food company, claims that in the summer of 1996 she saw Trump make a series of women walk up and down a restaurant table so that he could announce whether they were wearing underwear.

'It was the most offensive scene I've ever been a part of,' Boyne told The Huffington Post Thursday. 'I wanted to get the heck out of there.' 

According to Boyne, she and friend Sonja Tremont - better known today as Sonja Morgan of 'Real Housewives of New York' - had been invited to dinner in Manhattan with Trump and late modelling agent John Casablancas.

Boyne, then 25, and Morgan were taken to the meal in Trump's limo, and had to endure his tales of the women he'd bedded on their way to the restaurant - complete with ratings of how attractive he found them.

But the evening got even more upsetting, she said, when they arrived.

The trio met with Casablancas at the restaurant to find that he had brought along five or six models.

The group were packed into a semicircular table with one man at each end.

That meant the women could not get out  of their seats without either Casablancas or Trump vacating their own. And they didn't, said Boyne.

Instead, any woman wanting to leave the table would have to get up and walk along it, at which point Trump 'stuck his head right underneath their skirts' to examine their underwear.

He would then comment on whether they were wearing anything - and if not, what he thought of their genitals, Boyne said. 

Boyne, who was working for IBM at the time according to her LinkedIn page, says she was not there as a model and Trump made no passes at her - but did ask her to tell him which model he should sleep with.

Eventually, she says, she insisted the men allow her to…

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