Which advice can you give this “poor” single mother? She’s really suffering.

Friday, 23 September 2016 - This single mother needs your advice because she is confused, shocked and heartbroken after her husband to be dropped a bombshell.

This is what she is going through.

  1. wakikuyu husema ukipenda ngombe beba ata kamba.

  2. Honestly huyu atakukula tu akuwache ....akuna mtu atakuo na watoto Kenya hii..kwanza wawili....ngumu sana!

  3. Am a single who separated with my hus since 2003 i would advice never and never allow a man to marry you and live the kids at home.Definitely this is not a serious man.Give yourself time.Do not be desperate because men will take advantage of you. Be strong and ask for wisdom from above in order to make wise decision.Pray to God and i believe He is faithful to give you un regrettable answer.May God be with you as you think of that.

  4. I take in two kids who are not mine. Forget it. The guy is even nice he can accept you irrespective of that.

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