VIDEO of the WEEK: President UHURU and RAILA ODINGA ‘fight’ at NTIMAMA’s funeral.

Friday, September 16, 2016 - President Uhuru Kenyatta and Opposition leader, Raila Odinga, hijacked the funeral service for former Cabinet Minister William Ole Ntimama and turned it into a battleground to settle political scores.

The former Prime Minister took a swipe at the President’s newly formed Jubilee Party which he will use to seek re-election much to the chagrin of Uhuru who told Raila to stop meddling in his party’s affairs.

The visibly angry President proceeded to....

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  1. Harambeeeeeee.....uhuru juuuuuu!!!!!! Ha!ha! Ha ! No wonder some people could not stand or go to the grave side.

  2. According to Duale kuna Watu waliyoroshwa mpaka wakatoroka mazishi !!!haaaaaa!!!

  3. Mr Duale and the likes, there was no fight. The issues which dominated was the TJRC and the Mau. Things which Raila has fought for so dearly na mzee Ntimama. The fact is Uhuru found himself at the wrong place. His deputy was at the forefront abusing mzee Ntimama on how old he's and how he used to read about him in civics. Then the spat he took against Raila and Ntimama over the Mau evictions. Don't dwell on non issues. It was just alight moment Raila said Ntimama called him but Uhuru took it personal to divert attention. And take it from me, with a Kenyatta presidency, the TJRC report will never go public. Culprit number one is the first family.

  4. Ruto was informed by nsis about the situation on the ground he kept off. Even Duale who saw for himself how Baba was received can go shout eti tulimnyorosha. Leta hiyo report ya TJRC if you are man enough insteady of dwelling on pity issues. And free advice if you push so hard with it you will reap the consequences since me and you know that thing is all about land injustices. Na unajua who owns land.

  5. Sema babu alsababa kunyoroshwa hadi akaenda kulilia chooni.kumbaf zake vipii zimejaribu kutwist venye kulikua lakini wapi hawesmake.Babu ameze mate na machozi.

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