Please forgive him Father! Man burns PHOTOs of Jesus and calls him Devil (VIDEO).

Tuesday, 20 September 2016 - There’s this American man who was caught on camera burning photos of Jesus Christ and denying that he is the Messiah.

The crazy man compared Jesus to the Devil and said that He has caused many problems to mankind.

Surprisingly, he was accompanied by his wife and kids when he was unleashing this madness.

He cut the photos into two pieces and set them ablaze, claiming that he doesn’t believe in Jesus.

Here’s the video.


  1. Who photographed Jesus in the first place. Some worship those photos instead of spiritual Jesus. Is he called the photos names okay, but if he called Jesus names, that is where we differ. Jesus is God.

  2. That is not the photo of Jesus. Jesus never looked like that. God has said not to set up graven images to represent the deity. So he is right to burn those pictures and break down all those statues.

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