Monkey surprises passengers! It was seated like everyone else but see what it did (VIDEO)

Monday, September 12, 2016 - This heart-warming video shows that animals are smart and can learn by watching and imitating.

It also confirms that animals have feelings and are able to show compassion and kindness.

From the video we see a monkey sitting on the bus dressed up in human clothing.

When an elderly couple gets on the bus, a young man gives up his seat for the elderly man.

Watching this, the intelligent primate surprises passengers by...

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  1. monkeys are clever than kikuyus

  2. monkeys are clever than kikuyus, who are you stupid hellow, whom do you think you are, how can you compare kki with monkeys, mbwa wewe where did you studied, ama hujaaienda shule, nugu wewe.

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