Is this military training or abuse? If you have always wanted to join KDF, watch this VIDEO

Friday, September 16, 2016 - A video of army recruits during a training session has emerged online showing how they are ‘trained’ to be as tough as steel.

However, from a distance it looks like more of abuse than training because they are being flogged mercilessly raising questions on whether this is part of the training.

Apparently, this kind of ‘torture’ prepares them for scenarios such as where one is captured and taken as prisoner of war and the enemy forces try any means possible to break them down to obtain vital information.

Watch the video below.

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  1. THIS IS NIGERIA, NO WONDER BOKO HARAM DEFEATS THEM, instead of proper training, they v turned recruits to school children who are late for school in remote areas

  2. KDF trains harder,further and longer than these Naijo clowns...

  3. KDF is a highly organized military. It does not do such kind of baby - like kalongoos. Their success in Somalia is just but a one example. These are not military personnel but actors from the land of Enugu!

  4. unaona ka io uniform inakaa ya kenya ama lugha wanaongea!!!??? wacha kutubeba ufala

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