I am not corrupt, neither am I a land grabber, it is my opponents fabricating lies - RUTO

..... his achievements in life because he came from nowhere, with little known parents, to become the country’s second most powerful man under the new constitution.

“I understand why some people have a problem with a son of peasant getting this far because it normally does not happen.”

“But they should wake up to a new reality that this is Kenya in which every child irrespective of their background  or where they come from - that it does not matter the status of their parents whether poor or not, we must have all equal chance,”  he said.

Ruto is a wealthy politician with a substantial stake in insurance and real estate, among other investments.

He is associated with Amaco Insurance Company, the Weston Hotel and rental houses in Nairobi and Eldoret.


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  1. Second most powerfull kenyan courtesy of the new constitution which he did not want.

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