How MUTUA responded when GITHU asked him if he recognizes UHURU as President

Githu Muigai: Can you call Uhuru Kenyatta- President Uhuru Kenyatta, or will you forever stick to your normal Mr Uhuru Kenyatta?

Makau Mutua: I believe Uhuru Kenyatta's gender is male. That's why I address him as Mr Kenyatta. I don't call him Uhuru or Kenyatta, but Mr Kenyatta, which is what proper educated protocol requires.

I have never disputed that the IEBC declared Mr Kenyatta President of the Republic of Kenya, a declaration that was affirmed by the Supreme Court.

In that sense, Mr Kenyatta was declared by those two bodies the de jure and de facto the President of the Republic of Kenya.

I publicly stated and tweeted after those declarations that "As a matter of freedom of conscience and thought, I can't accept Uhuru Kenyatta as…

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  1. Babu endelea kula kwa macho kiti imekaliwa na watu hawana haraka ya kuondoka.SAWA!

  2. This man Makau had sworn to commit suicide if Uhuru was declared the President of the republic of Kenya. God forbid he could be given the chance of being the CJ; he might not wish well for President Uhuru.

  3. Hahahaha @ anonymous 7:56...... Eleza baaba

  4. Anon 00:35 Instead of celebrating ask your self why hospitals hazina dawa, public funds are being looted, land grabbing etc

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