DUNIA ina MAMBO! A senior Govt employee exposed for watching P0R* with her daughters.

Sunday, 18 September 2016 - The world is really becoming crazy.

Just read this post and you will go down on your knees and pray for this rotten generation.

  1. Wewe, wacha kutembeatenbea kwa nyumba za watu kiholela, getting into people's homes unannounced.

    Now you are scandalizing your boss na hakukuita. The house is hers and she can do whatever she wants. The problem is if she was seeing the porn with your kid w/o your permission.

    You have already indicated your boss' kids are all grown up. So what is your problem.

    Kalisha matako kwako na uache kuenda kwa watu na kusambaza moshene! It seems you want to be going to her place kumpelekea moshene za watu wengine kwa ofisi, in anticipation of a promotion.

    Yes, so if your neighbour boss is living lavishly, shida yako iko wapi?

    Please keep your space. Keep to you Lane. Ati two expensive state-of-the-art cars? Mbona uzinunue yako?

    Guys, if someone talks to you about others, they are also talking to others about you! Imagine two junior staff back biting their boss in the office, and comparing notes on what they saw. Mlilazimishwa kuiona hio porn? Shameless!

    Then you are still shameless to tell us eti you had started getting wet! Kwani hio kuma yako insert tuu ikionyeshwa porn? Iiiiii! Choke!!!

    Next time ukiwa na kitu ya kuambia boss, mngoje ofisini. Never ever go to your boss' house unless they call you, or send yo u there. Don't mix business and leisure. Kwa raha zake!!

  2. This may not be true, but if it actually happened then this is quite sad. Watching porn itself is completely wrong and now watching with daughters.... God help us

  3. yeah man up boy!

  4. Anon 19:05 You talk too much, you have a lot of baseless accusations and nonsense counseling, but you have not answered the question that she asked.

    This is what she wants to know: Is it ok, (in YOUR opinion) for a parent to watch hard porn with their grown daughters?

    Answer that question or shut up, like the rest of us.

    Let me use your words here for a minute. It is not your business neither, if someone chooses to go to their boss house so stay away too from other people businesses too. Unless they ask you a question like in this case.

  5. Mimi hapa kukuna kichwa ya mboro tu.

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