COLLYMORE needs to read this or else Safaricom will be dead soon! Do you relate to this?

  1. Two years ago Airtel drastically dropped their calls and data charges. Safaricom when to court and sent their cartel to the parliament house.

    Safaricom pretends to be a Kenyan owned brand and therefore convinces us that it is patriotic. Its not, they are just thieves who take Kenyans money and send it to their sister company Vodafone in United Kingdom.

    If you buy Kes 1000 of data, you cannot even finish reading a newspaper before they want more money from you.

    Kenyans call themselves DIGITAL and safaricom uses that to rob them.

    Worse is that the DIGITAL Government is in Safaricom's pocket. Common Jubilee, let's make internet more accessible by cutting down these inflated exaggerated charges.

  2. they are really stealing. i make sure my line has zero airtime cos they steal every coin at night plus buddles. tuhame safaricom jameni.

  3. They are nowadays sending unsolicited messages all the times from dubious business men.

  4. The same happened to me. I sambazad airtime to my bro one time and it multiplied the action by 6.We're it another person that credo wld have been gone.SOMETHING IS GOING ON WITH SAFARICOM AND IT'S WRONG.

  5. mie teyari nko na line mbili ya airtel na surfcom juu loina wizi wa digital kitambo lets buy two lines to see the difference..

  6. Hama peke yako.


  7. I bought 20 shillings data bundle and disappeared pronto. My phone has absolutely no subscription of those premium services yet it not even go past opening the google search 3 seconds. Why?

  8. The better option is to have orange Airtel and theirs...why would they steal frm poor pipo stlyle up man! And Why many fraudsters use their net work unlike others?????.

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