SHOCKER!!!! A UNIVERSITY Female Student Confesses to have infected more than 324 MEN in Nakuru with HIV … She targets 2000 before Year Ends!!!!!!!


This lady got the whole Kenya Scandals team shaken,she in boxed with her own Facebook page not a pseudo account,"i see you people exposing scandals i also have a big one to tell just dont expose my name" her opening clause to Kenya Scandals. After assuring of her identity protection she went ahead and burst her bubble,"im 19 and a 2nd year here at Kabarak Uni,i joined this college a virgin though ive had boyfriends before,my parents are strict so having sex was never on my mind. 

Sep 22nd 2013 is a day ill never forget,we went clubbing in town and got drunk with some senior students then went back hostels for party round 2,i rem less but i rem waking up naked to some guy called Javan with my P painful n new he had sex with me when drunk i only asked if he used a condom n he said yes,however when taking bath i noticed sperms down there,i wanted to commit suicide,i feared getting pregnant n HIV,took contras n hoped i was HIV free,in November i tested HIV posted,i felt like cutting off my neck,i confronted that guy and he insisted he was clean that i got it from somewhere,i was so depressed and took alcohol to die,i even bought poison,the pain was just unbearable how was i gone face the world,i let my parents down,i gave up on the world and just wanted to end my life" the lady narrates her story to Kenya Scandals and you can feel tears in her words.

Quickly goes to her FB profile to see her photos and take it from here,she is one fine piece of art,right features in the right places,a bad joke but Jesus would say OMG on spotting her,no man can resist this ladys charm,not even Jimmy Gathu,back to the confession and btw there's no a single clue from her photos that she could be infected,"something came up in my mind that i should revenge,i hated men and didn't want to be near any,my future had been ruined,somehow someone had to pay,after private therapies and sessions i gained strenght not even my parents,friends new of my conditions even up to now,my life would then take a turn and depend on ARVs. I accepted my fate and promised to make all men i come across suffer,i know im attractive and men both married n unmarried chases me left right and center,luckily my body has remained good and if anything my curves got better something you men like. 

I buried the good girl in me and became the bad girl,my goal was to infect as many as possible so far since Dec up to now i have infected 324 men and i make sure to note down there list which i secretly keeps when ill be on my death bed i will release it. I know i have nothing left to do on earth but wait for my death but before i do,men will get it. My target is over 2k by the end of the year,pregnancy is out of question im on contras so i just do raw which most men here love they dont even question,my looks and body works greatly for me,i give it good. Of the 324 about 156 are students here at the college,the ret are married men outside,lecturers,lawyers,some celebs and 3 politician. Not a day passes without me having sex,mostly 4 people per day" she continues to reveal her shocking confession exclusively to Kenya Scandals.

She goes to conclude,"i know this story will get people talking but nothing will stop me from accomplishing my mission by continuing to sleep around,you never know but maybe you have slept with me or your husband,boyfriend,brother,father or any has slept with me and i never allow condom go have HIV test and for those who haven't and here in Nakuru or outside,your day is coming,you men destroyed my life and i will make you and your people pay for it. I don't have any regrets at all,im gone for now,i have had one today and got two more men lined up to receive it" she daringly sums up her confession to Kenya Scandals.

Courtesy: Kenyan Scandals.

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  1. OMG wat a poor decision!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. OMG! I know this lady. I've done it with her more than thrice since jan this year! Lady, you didn't have to do this to me. Revenging on the wrong people is not fair. I'm lost n confused

  3. Who is the lady in the photo?

  4. having HIV,doesnt mean u r going to die any soon,stop yr revenge and seek help.

  5. thats not the solution,style up gal

  6. Nonsense

  7. Something Don add up. You had s*x in Sept 22 and tested Hiv+ in November? 8 days later?!

  8. That is a sham does she think that men are fools! wanaume watamkula na cd n they won't get the virus..... let her know that it is possible that she has only infected 4 out of the 324..... she is only being unfair to her self

  9. Ati they went back to the lie,guys are not allowed in female hostels in kabarak.This stupid bitch is tarnishing kabarak university's good name.Once a whore always a whore

  10. Revenge or not, the world is becoming the worst to live. am worried about future generation. OMG

  11. And she thinks she's gona win an oscar award for that?

  12. Never RIP But RIS. You will Rest in Shame.

  13. Hogwash, thats what this is, for one there are aspects of this story that have been recycled time after time e.g the number 324, the victims infected are always 324. Secondly, November is the month she went for testing hence lets even assume she started sleeping with everyone from 1st November 2013. Nov-Feb 2014=120 days not unless she sleeps with 3 men a day, the numbers just don't add up......

  14. wawawa!! eka picha ya huyu dem vizuri tumcheki, kabarak is so little na tutamjua tu...

  15. This is a lie in kabarak uni.ladies are not allowed in mens hostles!!

  16. ladies hostels are inaccessible to guys. the vice versa is true . something does'nt add up. 8 days later? this is a lie. this lady needs help. she is probably mentally sick.

  17. Dat nt answer

  18. hehe mi ni alumni bt hostel za Kabarak!?its fishy

  19. hehe mi ni alumni bt hostel za Kabarak!?its fishy

  20. hehe mi ni alumni bt hostel za Kabarak!?its fishy

  21. madam stop this stupid behavior,,jesus was betrayed by people he lived and ate with...he had powers to commad earth to burst and do away with them but he didnt do it..accept your sins and repent...God will have mercy on you..go to church and believe you will be healed...

  22. this can never be true,the story is not adding up

  23. we are living in a crazy world..poleni sana n u fellow lady,y drink up to point of blackout?u don't love your life,sorry

  24. Hahahaha ata sisi tulipewa na hatupeani hiyo design

  25. Just because you slept with all those men doesn't mean they all got "infected", in fact it is easier to infect a woman than a man due to their biological make up, unless they were all uncircumcised. It is quite hard to infect a circumcised male in one episode. Pole sana but u seem so shallow for a uni student. Jesus saves

  26. u looked 4 it n that is y u shud suffer 4 ua choice cz they hav consequences.How cn u get drunk 2 an extend of s*x na u cnt know worse u were avirgin n the way its painful wen u r avirgo.i wonder if its kabarak i know n mayb rules changed once u came as afirst yr.At no given moment cn 1 go 2 kabu wen drunk 2 an extend hujielewi,u cnt go 2 mens hostel nor ladies hostel at nyt 2 the extend of slipng with them.The gud part is that u think u r helping uaself of whch u r weakening ua body 2.I wish u the best as u rot n die in hell with ua intention of tarnshng kabaraks name.I dnt regret 4 ma stmt nkt!!

  27. Lady u ought to grow up! As much as ua revanging ...d worst will happen to u...kabu iz small gal a lady like u...pain exits ba thez tym to let go n live d short life ua left with ...btw ...rem one thng!!! HIYO SI SWAG!!!!!! dats bull shit!!!!

  28. Big contradiction..
    -no party at hostels at kabu
    -Boys not allowed at ladies hostel
    -HIV test lest than required duration
    -KABU education in biblical perspective
    anyway meza tembe, kula vizuri, piga tizi.

  29. ufala tupu...tarnishing Kabarak's good name

  30. she should be in prison for now

  31. be arrested

  32. This is totally rubbish..this lady is becoming a celeb for the wrong reasons. three years back, her nude photos were on the net with the subject title ( Miss USIU Nude pics). oozed sperms from her P*** were evident probably after a thorough banging session.Not sure whether its love gone sour or someone is out to tarnish her name and image. However, should this be true then men are really doomed as this particular girl truly HOT. Condomize pliz.

  33. Yet another SOCIALITE. Kumbaff!! After the valley arcade girl now it's you.
    I better create my own story to be a celeb.

  34. What you need maam is the Lord Jesus Christ.......why...because you are living a bitter life now and the one waiting for you in hell has nothing to compare with what happened to you. It will be very, very terrible. Repent and give your life to Jesus. Get saved...that is what you need, not revenge.

  35. ur the only one who is HIV positive,stupid woman u will die in shame.out of all the 324 men u have infected just one because God will never let you revenge with innocent up n start living positively u can live long than those not infected.

  36. Those are lies how many days does one to test HIV+ after infection

  37. Roger that!!!

  38. tafta wa rika yako wa kumdanganya kijana

  39. Young girl, u need Jesus but u r a useless bitch from hell. How many kids will b orphans just because u went partying n then some useless excuses. If that is surely ua target may God save our fathers, husbands n sons with their families n may u perish n rot in hell.

  40. Bitch kill yourself because ain't nobody got time for your nonsense!!!

  41. guys tunawapenda jichunge

  42. Hahaha this gal must be from Egerton university,they dont know that we dont by lies, repent and get saved and God will heal u because there's nothing he cant do. pole sana.that can never happen in kabarak ata kwa ndoto ama horro.

  43. why did you do these to me waiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii,,,am done.

  44. Yo...this is pure trash...she oughta see a psychatrist to help her issues with men...she is disturbed...

  45. you lack morals i blame your parents for this but anyway go ahead and have sex with as many men as possible thats your problem who cares you will die like a dog.

  46. Wah! this is how she wants to kill naxvegas? wah! woman evil. gosh. atowe hio list basi tutafutane tujuwe vile itakuwa. afta all, ni ugonjwa tu kama malaria. WE AINT SCARED BITCH!

  47. in Kabarak, Men are not allowed into ladies hostels and vice versa

  48. This is a fabricated story,full of lies just to catch the attention of readers.I am not surprised with it because its not the fast time am hearing such nonsense!!!



  51. that is not true in kabarak hostels are out of bounds my friend you made up the story to tarnish it.

  52. thats a lie,bt at the same time ma dear girl u r hopeless n th only thing u need as of now is God.he has ur solutions on all ths.its true it might be painful n better too bt do u sit there n die?No!!!! u need to take a step of faith u 4gv th man n who knows???? .....may be just may be,,,,our God has no limit sis.ur vision is stil vaild.4 more 0723971343

  53. I think this is some1 trying 2 tarnish this gal's name by reasons best known 2 him/her. i dnt think some1 in her right senses can write ol these nonsense about herself and even end up posting her own 4to all in the name of vengeance. so plz whoever it myt b, it doesnt work out this way. jst stop ruining this gal's reputation.

  54. haha pole madam..nxt time if u dont know how to fabricate stories kajipuli kwa choo...

  55. i have seen this photo somewhere.....just sign in to your fb account and search kuma za malaya wa Nairobi reloaded u will agree wit me....kenyan scandals mmepatikana


  57. OMG!!!!!,

  58. 324/22 players equals 14 matches!!!!.......

  59. i jst doubt the whol story...

  60. Daily Post needs to take cognizance of the fact that they are now partakers of an illegality, a crime. The legal implications are astronomical and they now have a duty to disclose the identity of the lady to the police. I dont think Daily Post can afford the cost of such an avalanche.

  61. wololololo fine but stupid bugger.i see many are infected cz of personality and lack of faithfullness.ARV ziogezwe kenya .hahahaha mi siko infect to unlimited std.

  62. anon 20:48 kwani your calendar does not have the month of October? 8 days my foot

  63. This is all propaganda trying to tarnish Kabaraks good reputation...and that photo you have downloaded it from a porn Kabarak ladies are not allowed in mens hostels n vice versa...Shame on you Daily post,just trying to get stories to sell your blog...we are filing a case on this.

  64. What you are doing is more of harm to you than to the pple you are doing with. for your information they got infected long before you meet them so every time you do it you get infected with new breed of the virus. You got a soul darling and if you cant protect your body then protect your soul. You can still live your life fully but only if you avoided the things you are doing now. Please accept counsel-ling and have your life back. Remember you can be of big help to those around you and more so to those children near you and the whole nation at large. One person you infect infects ten other Kenyans. Dont wipe out our good pple please

  65. messing na shule ya moi....continue digging your own graves

  66. The world.

  67. This is a cock and bull story,This is meant to make all men fear,she has a nice ass and a good pussy.kuishi ni bahati kukufa ni lazima .Bullshit

  68. This might be true,but for real God is not happy for what you are doing...the rest will be saved but you will die alone gal..before beg for forgiveness.

  69. madam things goes round. you will find one whom you claim to have infected him sleeping with your sister or share the same girlfriend with your brother.

  70. reveging is not worth it you should have left evrything to GOD.he sees everything and kiboko yake ina uchungu and some one can never forget it for as long as he/she lives you did something wrong this is not something to be proud off at all unajiletea tu laana

  71. This lady will not die any time soon guys,you gotta lock up your balls to be safe,remember,she's irresistible

  72. aaaah party part two at Kabarak Hostels,it has never happened cause the rules there are tight...just like high schools! thats a lie

  73. the lady is just devilish, on the contrary, having sex with a man without a condom even though you are positive does not mean that the man will automatically get the virus. this is a probability game. after all , getting HIV is not a condemnation to death. many people are living a healthy and productive life even though they are HIV positive. the lady needs alot of counselling and the best admin can do is to take the first step and help her. she is most likelly mixing the various HIV viruses and this will definatelly ruin her health completelly............................................................

  74. So sad, lacking words. I agree that men really do things but i believe that who ever is born to this earth has a positive reason to it no matter the circumstances they are in or find themselves in. Find something positive in life don't just make the negative of it whole. You are bright gal and that is why I know you can think out of the box.

  75. Stop making excuses ati oooh stuff doent add up blahblahblah....Bull Shit!!!zip up or use condoms damn it!!!its a lesson ushld e learning not making excuses.

  76. unless those men are crazy then 'they' can sleep with u without protection. anyway stories are created. success anyway.

  77. Pure hogwash

  78. hii ndo pang'ang'a kubwa ya mwaka sijawahi skia... walilala na javan mgani kwa hostel... kwanza mimi ndo chairman wa clubing n nmetafuta hiyo jina kwa list ya wasee tulirev nawo hiyo 22nd sep last year n that name doesnt belong to kabarak list of clubbing.... anafaa apewe oscar awards kwa kudanganya

  79. 2 months not 8dyz bna

  80. That photo can't be her coz I saw that picture 2009.does it mean she was 14 Kabarak,we used to be told she was a KU student....

  81. hiv kwani ni a mbuzi au ngombe c ni ya binadamu so we r nt afraid kabisa...

  82. That gal used to be in USIU So Stop the Fucking lies...she was caught with her pants down kitu 2008!!!

  83. what!

  84. Whoever you are, you are an agent of the devil. Your lies will not last forever. Kabarak university will remain standing tall. I am a parent in KABU. No drunk student is allowed in the campus. After 9 o'clock, no student is allowed in. No female student goes near the Male hostels or a male to the Female hostel. You may not be HIV positive, but watch out. Your confession may come to pass. Repent before that time. Stop spreading evil rumours! Total lies!

  85. those are lie kabu hostels are out of bounce.jst wanting kuharibu cv ya kabarak.vitishow baridi

  86. Things don't Add Up, Unless u had sex be4 and got infected 3-6 months be4?><?. When u use ARVs the rate of infection decreases so please don't lie to Ur self. men will use u and never Get Infected mama.... Style up and be responsible

  87. another upcoming socialite or super fucker


  89. bulshit of the year

  90. this is the worst lie have ever come across. its awkward and stupid. did u missed something else to do to sympathise with your situation. nonsense

  91. the facts remains that we in kabarak we are nt allowed in hostels of oposite sex bt hw come s u managed?
    u r just tryin to ruin the name of kabarak unpurposely

  92. This all lies,the story had came up 2012 but it was in UON not kabarak,

  93. attention seekers lol

  94. Its ubsurd.did all men you are infecting and targetting gave you the drinks so that you can have sex? stop the abit and revenge it to the person who infected you and nt all men,bt you wil die polepole tu

  95. 2k!!!hahaha they'll wreak ur pussy...wah!

  96. 2k!!!hahaha they'll wreak ur pussy...wah!

  97. In Kabarak main campus, men are banned from ladies hostels and if any man is found loitering around the ladies hostels then he or she would be suspended from school.

    So the part where she said that they went back to the hostels and had an after party after partying in Nakuru town is All FALSE.

    The person she named, Javan, has never been in this school. I am on my last semester of third year and I have never heard any person called Javan. Kabarak University is a small university and one would basically know everyone in the school so if nobody in the school has ever heard about this Javan then this is a scam.

    3. From September 22nd 2013 until November, why did she wait that long to test if she had gotten the HIV virus?

    December has 31 days, January has 31 days and February has 28 days. If you add up the days you will end up with 90 days exactly. And the lady said she has infected 324 men from December. Let’s do the math.

  98. Other than very poor English and grammar, this story does not add up. Something tells me it is FAKE story.

  99. this lady photo was in circulation in2007.she was then ciku of catholic university .now she is 19.then she was 23 and miss catholic university .whisc is which?admin up to you

  100. complete your mission dear.

  101. For those saying this story is a sham in the claims that from September to November was only 8 days... what counting system are you using??? Second, whether this story is true or not is very irrelevant because the truth is that there are people out there, both men and women who are KNOWINGLY passing HIV to others for one reason or another. That's the moral of the story as cases of HIV INFECTION continue!! Stop being promiscuous.

  102. I am her victim and also looking for her mother or sister to infect with the same virus.Lazima wapate!!!

  103. Madam,even though u lost the game for your own mistakes revenge is not the answer,you seem to be too naive. Your anger will not take you far. Instead embark on medication and join the campaign on fighting the menace.

  104. this is a hoax ..the story is so perfect


  106. akuje nimtombe ata mimi....

  107. Nakuru be careful

  108. madam try to be atleast a grown up a liitle bit .childish behaviour is what we dont what.we cannot be fuled wth that hoak of urs..nonsense

  109. Stop laying you cant make love 2 four men in a day without protection we are not that stupid to be blinded by your beauty

  110. God protect me and my family

  111. uwongo mtupu
    haimake sence

  112. call it media .. its a made up story to make you yap all the way...but there are such things in real life.. just be careful people.. n ladies just avoid alcohol

  113. It's true guys! true, true, maa. I know this gal and I could be one of the victims...mama yangu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What do I do now???

  114. this is what i call hogwash....i saw this photo in 2008 by then i was a second year in maseno....please dont feed people with bulshit....i wonder when kenyan media will get civilised....dont think you catch our eyes with downloaded images and created stories

  115. created story..........

  116. you must be responsible for your behavior,first you went clubbing till mid 9t right!then being foolish like it seems ur get drunk like nonsense then u xpect 2b safe come on!just carry your burden young lady n look 4 salvation sawa!

  117. bana iyo ni excess t was all ua drunkeness don blame men we r not afraid of HIV/AIDS if cancer was lyk dat better to wear iron boxers but iyo ni kawaida go on 4 ua target.

  118. those are just your manners dont blame any man.

  119. This is a big lie, those numbers can't be in the specified time frame! However contracts HIV in September may not have tested positive even by January. Even call girls cannot reach those numbers within that duration. Lies. Lies. Lies. Lies

  120. bloodyfucking....

  121. NAKED false though.u dont revenge bt u r impossing exra load to ua members.imgn am ua sisters byfrnd and u slept with me.its ok bt b more wiser(NDIVA)

  122. gimmy gate always on the spot light with sex scandles????

  123. DIE in peace rem am ua siz boyfie n u slept with me.thats nt a gud decision

  124. shetani wewe, ibilisi, lusifa, umelaaniwa kabisa. may the Holy Ghost Fire pursue you.... you are not going too far

  125. lies

  126. utaisha wewe sio eti ukiwa na mtu anapata utamalizwa na std

  127. Very shocking indeed....I advice u nt 2 fight back.remmber ua action en plan can land in any of ua relatives........ooooh!
    poor university students

  128. .......AND THE OSCAR GOES TO.............................................................................................................."LUPITA NYONGO"......"SCREAMS...WAAAAAAAAA"..LUPITA HAS DONE IT AGIN OH MY..WHAT A START LUPITA

  129. hehehe........cmbaya lakini
    hata ka nilikukula mimi ni anti-ukwimi..................

  130. the whole story isnt true....

  131. specify other name

  132. Be advised that you are re-infecting yourself not infecting men.Use your education you are a post graduate akili kichwani dada.


  134. Total lies, jst coz u had my attention,no lady can make to have 4 men each day as per ua maths(kwani ww ni kuku)
    mst men who sex witout condoms r mor mission to accomplish....
    Taking arvs decrease ua 8iral load n u can rarely infect men....failed mission

  135. am surprised by the reactions of different people!!!how are people getting to 8days?goodness ata calculation is a big problem here!!if she got infected in September its possible for the test to turn +ve in November...that aside people are still very ignorant and naïve out here..fact of the matter it is hard for a woman to pass the virus to a man but it is not is very possible. Prevention of hiv transmission should be each and everyone's responsibility...its very sad but I believe there are people who are maliciously spreading this virus and if this lady is one of them she needs a lot of counseling.


    Why do this?you are the one who allowed urself into it.Style up gal!

  137. wee wacheni uongo. that chic on the photo was a model at catholic uni like 6 years ago. picha zake kama amemangwa hadi akamwagiwa kwa uso did rounds in 2007 in jkuat. izo hips si zake ni photoshop. dont lie that she is giving pple HIV. SIkuwa nimejua daily post are such liars!!!!

  138. get the truth here...i am a student nd know what goes on thre.

  139. This ain't Kabarak, Wouldn't allow male student into their hostels and never allow one to go in at 2am... please get your story straight bitch.....

  140. Rubbish!! Just another piece of fake story.... That gals pix did the rounds some years back!! Nkt!!!

  141. she deserves Prison by doing this.

  142. Kuna hostel za kabu naks town inaitwa promise

  143. I know there are many evil men/women out there infecting others, but I don't buy a thing from this story. Its fictitious!

  144. shame on you woman. u just want to attract attention. we have janitors, how did u manage to get into the hostels at such a time? as if not enough how did u hold house parties with men with all that tight security. go to hell u evil minded woman stop destroying our mega kabarak name. come i give u work if u have nothing to do

  145. Four men a night since November 2013 does not equal to 324, its 480. Its seems you're as bad at maths as you're at lying....idiot. And is your thing robotic, that you have to make four men in a night? Arent there those super-gluing men who make u spend with them the entire night alone?

  146. If is true you have slept with 324, I'm sorry you are definitely re-infected probably with several different strains. Again, getting HIV infection currently is never a death sentence - you can live normal lifespan albeit on long term care. Chances of spreading HIV during an encounter is not 100% but will depend on many factors. For your on sake just chill and seek medical help and all will be well with you.

  147. Its true the pic is from a porn site on fb under the name Edith. This is wasting web space.

  148. I am a butcher in Ruai. My name is John Wanjau Kirima. I have slept with thgis woman ... so what?

  149. hello everybody, the lady there is me, this is totally untrue n a revenge mission from someone i know well, she has tried all 2 tarnish my name, i am negative n hv documents 2 prove it, i wl take legal action, same happened on the same blog about 19yrs old lady ameambukiza wanaume thts totally uncalled for, i am a christian n god lovi ng & i am clean

  150. total crap...that's not true ts a pure stupidity of the highest order

  151. having sex is good ,but for the married pple though nowadays even juniors are doing it much than the elders,this is the current society where morals are diminishing to an extend of gays and lesbians demonstrating ,honestly the world is not bad but we are the bad guys including this lady,ok it was unfortunate for her if i go by the story ,though it is not the remedy ,HIV nowadays ni homa tu ya kawaida ,let her proceed , the day of judgement will surely come and accounts will be open. Just for Men ,insist in using a condom at all time ,and ladies dont open up b4 a condom is loaded. take control .

  152. thats nonsense for sure.if this lady is tired of schooling then she should just defer her studiez and go home.why would someone defame kabarak university?????nkt. pliz guyz re-read the contents of paragraph 2 line 2 " i remember LESS but i REMEMBER waking up naked to a guy called Javan......."honestly this chick aint serious.if it's a traumatizing ordeal then she should stop her nonsense

  153. out of the 324 men 320 already had the virus so only 4men were infected

  154. She does not want her name to be known yet you put her photo here. Don't you think the friends in campus know her face. This is total bullshit your imagination is not that fertile and you lack the agility to conceal your lying tracks..sies...

  155. Kwani she has been having sex with how many men in a day, to have infected 324 since Nov 08?

  156. Pl gal don't waste your life. You are stil young and have a future, turn to God and use ARVs and you will c many years a head of you. Revenging is not the solution

  157. that is not a solution but instead an injustice to urself.u can be re-infected n ur health will deteriorate,infected guys will take advantage of u.dying early by weakening ur immunity,lowering ur dignity by sleeping with every Tom Dick n Hurry.
    Relax,God heals,time heals,do good,love urself n take gud care of urself...u will live longer n cn lead a woderful live u cannt believe.

    Pray every day,attend councelling sessions,not necessarily formal bt even interacting with those who r already infected n share experiences.get urself busy every day.Even if its a hoax,there r gals or men out there who r in this situation.

  158. dat photo is a chic from dar uni taken in 2007. fooling people

  159. nonesence

  160. nonsence beter fine something else to writ about!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  161. uongo

  162. tit for tat is not a fair game

  163. Too dangerous......for those who go for chips fuga

  164. Very sad how sexual pleasure can turn tragic....I don't blame the lady,Maybe if twas me I would have done something worse.Sex is good and its bad when its abused.No one should condemn the Lady I strongly stand for her and fully understand what she is feeling and going through.But Revenge is not the solution, I hope there will be a turning point in her action.

  165. The lady is messing up her life even more. Having HIV doesnt mean you are dying tomorrow. Live a clean and respectable life and you will will be able even to see your grandchildren. Remember there is life after death. So even if you think you are dying tomorrow, have you ever thought how you will answer during the judgement day for whatever sins you committing now. Repent and turn to Jesus Who is able to cure HIV

  166. kwani iyo disease ilikam kushika nani? c watu tu.............

  167. ladies u r very/2o destructive. ka uyu n mmoja wenu na, wenye wamesilent ni wagapi?

  168. just a scam from a lady who is being cheated on by the boyfriend Aids kitu gani ,,,,si ata wewe unaishi who is traumatized with Aids nwdays?stigma illiisha we gat pple doing very well with themselves and are hyv so kama ni umalaya umeamua sema usiwekelee ukimwi ,,brareee fool


  170. baby gal may our heavenly father restore you. may he wipe the tears in your mind, eyes, heart and soul. pliz do not give up coz God the father has already heard ua pains. stand up wipe ua dust, get back to the church. I pray that God manifests himself to you. it is not over, put a full stop in infecting others. Jesus came for the sake of sinners and we are all sinners. I will not condemn you, how I wish that I can reach you, talk to you, share with you and together we walk a journey that is full of hope. may God take care of you and clear ua pains.AMEN ua sister in Christ BECKY

  171. hey guys if this is a true story or not,let it be a lesson to u...av your own principles n respect! if u can respect yourself, who m i to respect u?takecare

  172. So sad...But REvenge aint a solution..But a good lesson to Men who like sleeping with women carelessly & without protection..


  174. rubbish shweezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  175. Am a nigerian, and i must admit this is terribly, i wont doubt he fact that you must av bin infected by someone, but taking out a 'foolish' revenge mission wont make any live better. instead i see it as means for u to accept your fate, and start living a better life, aspire for great things, accept christ into ur life, infact he works miracles and ur life wont be different, pls am begging u in the name of God to stop the madness, why should u die for nothing

  176. This is a criminal act and she should be prosecuted for deliberately going out on a mission to harm others. I am sure GBH will cover it.

  177. shame on your rotting pussy

  178. shame on your rotting pussy

  179. shame on youer rotting pussy


  181. You are just making it worse having sex continuously for a HIV+ person is very dangerous and remember that those men who usually like it without a condom are HIV+ so you are just catalyzing the virus in your body so that they can be active and kill you first. On the other hand, your vagina is now fully enlarged to an extent that it can't infect a man if that particular penis has no any crack. Please my dear just repent and ask those men to forgive you and lastly, this goes to men, Why must you date a girl at the university if there are good looking ladies with good morals at your home place? I am a comrade but I only make good friends with them. So stress yourself man

  182. She should be locked up for a looooooooooong time committing such crimes,

  183. Whether this is a true story or not, be warned. People are in a revenge mission. I call the suicide bombers. They die with you slowly. Pray for self control and wait for the right time and you will save yourself from many heartaches.

  184. If your story is true, all what she is doing is a crime punishable in a court of law.

  185. men this is silly ... n men are so lame !!!!!!!!!! you think its hard for a woman to sleep with more than 4 men a in a day and night???? how stupid of u !!!!!!!!! the moral of the story remains .. avoid unprotected sex no matter now drunk u night be.

  186. how long do u think a day and a night is for her not to have reached that number for the period stated !!! !!!!!!!!!!! men wake up !!!!!!!!! its so possible .. FYI that's how commercial sex workers acquire money!!!!!! ain't that obvious!!!

  187. I have had this picture of this lady plus many other still from her in my porn collection so admin wacha ujinga, henea andu anyu

  188. Devil is a liar, the God i praise will deal with her and will be judged for her selfishness, foolishness and stupidity. out of that number she might have infected 3 people only.

  189. 2k is quite a small no. why dont you make it to 10k if u are not ready to die alone

  190. Whether True or FAlse,
    Its the high time Youths understand what it means to hang out with their mates!!
    Our Universities today have too young students, even some are getting ID cards when there...
    We tell them to b mature but we are da foolish generation.
    Its the high time parents take initiative on how to handle their children as they proceed to campo esp LADIES!!
    Men will never stop treating women as Sex Objects!
    Jesus left da Legacy but there is No Generation Gap same to HIV..!!


  192. Hi All,

    Can anyone help to validate the above story? If its a genuine case, i can help the girl to cure her diseases and stop the mess she is doing. Thank you.

  193. Jesus Christ!. You need help sister. Go and find Jesus

  194. First: I feel like she should go to jail for initially attempting to murder 324+ men. She should have just tried to get justice for what happened to her, since she's saying on a technicality that she was rape...she clearly didn't consent to that if she was drunk and woke up asking questions.
    Second: The picture above is not her each time the story is shown it is shown with a different lady. Why protect her if she came out and confessed to this when they should be trying to protect future victim for her?
    Third and Final: Doesn't she know what she is doing is a sin, that will cause her to be judge negatively by the most high.

  195. I am sorry my dear for all the hurt one man has cause you please dont harm others for that pain. Imagine that you will not only be affected by the choices we make in this life but even in the life after. Please there is hope dont destroy others lives and homes as this individual did yours. He destroyed your life goals future plan and hopes but please hear if this story have any truth to it. Hurting people hurt others you are hurting your parents even more by doing this and bringing shame and disgrace to them I appeal to you stop now stop the vicious cycle seek help for there is help for you. You may not understand now and may not regret now but if you die now and fall sick now you will understand. You are only making it worst for you imagine if those people you infected should obtain medication and live and enjoy life but you life destroyed and no longer innocent the fact you hurt others. Please I plead with you do no more harm to yourself or others. If anyone know this young lady reach out to her as soon as possible reach her and May God that I serve reach and change her heart its not the way.

  196. too bad someone can be this evil. thonk of your siblings who may also get it.

  197. She said she sleeps WITH 4 MEN PER DAY

  198. U should murder this crazy whore or put her behind bars .....she killing these men and dnt care but its also up to u guys to protect yourselves and use condoms

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