First Lady, MARGARET KENYATTA is the most ACTIVE First Lady in Kenya’s history - LUCY KIBAKI and Mama IDA ODINGA did nothing! – LENAH MOI was even nowhere

Tuesday March 11, 2014 - Since President Uhuru Kenyatta took over the country’s leadership last year, Kenyans have honestly felt the impact of the First Lady’s office like never before, with Margaret Kenyatta unlike her predecessors, making it more visible.

The ever smiling First Lady has organised a series of campaigns against wildlife poaching, jigger infestation and recently the Beyond Zero campaign whose goal is to improve maternal health care and to buy mobile clinics to ensure many Kenyans have access to important health facilities.

She also organized a marathon which attracted over 5,000 participants including President Uhuru Kenyatta, Nairobi Governor, Dr Evans Kidero, and Speaker of the National Assembly, Justin Muturi.

During her announcement for the marathon early last week this is what she said

We run for the elimination of HIV/AIDS transmission from mother to child; we run because we want to keep newborns alive; we run for mothers to be able to hold their babies and celebrate their many birthdays after; we want to see every mother and child receive quality healthcare; every step you took in this marathon brought the dream of quality and affordable healthcare closer!!”

If we compare the work of Margaret Kenyatta with her predecessors who include Lenah Moi, Mama Lucy Kibaki and Mama Ida Odinga, the three will just look like zombies, because they did nothing to help the society when they occupied the position.


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  3. Kudos malaika 1 !!! Malaika 2 is also doing a lot for kenyans unlike RAOs half who only moved around shopping and having traffic stopped for her as she goes for her foreign trips at taxpayers expense!

  4. ida ni malaya si first lady, na hatakuwa labbda in hell.

  5. Shame on u Admin !!who told in Kenya n History that ida rao has ever been First lady,sometimes use ur guts b4 publish anything!! Hongera Our Beloved Active Digital Sound Minded First Lady Mama Margaret Kenyatta.

  6. ya kubalika mama endelea vivyo hivyo

  7. She deserves to be presented with a medal from the STATE. Those ones like CBS,OBS, etc. One of those.

  8. Uhuru Kenyatta deserves a better woman who is respectable responsible, beatiful tall with lovely battocks educated elite, not a short (pigmy) mlato whose loyalty is questionable(suspect) there are many women which fits a President as a first lady not this one >look how she is looking Kenyatta with forlon eyes?

  9. usless old lady populist gastures like her husband

  10. I had no idea IDA was a first lady.....these kikuyus are too shallow for words.

  11. Someome please jog my memory........when was Ida a first lady

  12. Anon 0950 when your ass was being baptized by a long thick cock

  13. Kudos mrs uhuru

  14. You dey crazz or what????.Go marry that woman in your description.Leave maggie alone and her husband.Goat!!!!!!.

  15. Kabibi kafupi kenye kakuma . Serikali tafuta bibi mwenye heshima mrefu mitako kumbwa misomi saidi phd in zoology she can take care of bushbabies , what's wrong with Uhuru&Ruto >Tu-bibi ?

  16. Ida was a first lady. In her dreams; that is.

  17. US child porn teacher sentenced (read it again &again just stop paedophiling kenya children)Mr President paedophilia!
    A former US teacher who hid a camera in an air freshener to secretly record children is sentenced to 25 years in prison for child pornography.

  18. Why you people insult your own sister? You all are a bunch of backwards tribalstic fools pls dont come to usa lol

  19. Go out and Demonstrate Mass -Action Now Support University Mass-Action Strikes tear everything for change! let nairobi stand still!Close CDB stop matatus on the road: let Mass-Action Begin! Support University Mass-Action: Go Out !Show Solidarity with University Students_Mass Action Demos Now!

  20. That was a well done job maggy! you lead others follow.! pls pardon me admin.....Ida first lady????????? that's the joke of the century, never ever in her dreams.

  21. plz.............why insult the first lady, what has she done to you???grow up and learn to respect women, go and marry that tall woman you are talking about and let mama be,she is beautiful inside and outside with a big heart.shame on you what have you done for this country yourself?may God have mercy on you.

  22. She is areal lady mrs uhuru

  23. anonymous 8:44 your mother never taught you good manners. you should go back to the village coz I am sure you live in one of the towns in Kenya and sit at the feet of your elders and be taught good manners. Respect your elders no matter how they are, despite their tribes, education standard etc.

  24. What of Wambui who was "erected othaya mp and crimbed over men"

  25. let Ida rest in peace.

  26. shame on u daily post...has mama iddi ever been a first lady??????

  27. Let us respect God's image in the first lady and the choice of our H.E. Just accept the exemplary work of the current occupants of State House. Kudos Maggie keep on moving usijali hicho ni kelele cha chura

  28. margy first lady and rachael second lady congragulation keep it up haters luos wameze wembe

  29. i don't see the need of you guys throwing words to each other the fact is that the first lady just for an year only has got an impact more than any other who was in that position,mama lucy was there for 10 good years but i have nothing to comprehend her for, keep up the good work mama jomo

  30. beautiful lady well done, you shall forever be Mrs uhuru kenyatta, nyinyi jitafutieni hao mnatafuta.

  31. short, no buttocks, is she yours? beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.

  32. It is true Ida was the wife of Prime Minister (Wasnt it said that RAO ran the gava with Kibaki)? - she did nothing except eating ugali na omena na udaku mingi na showing off kijaluo kabisa

  33. I was also wondering when was ida the first lady??? Maybe first lady wa ODM!

  34. anony 5.08 aaaaa first lady wa ODM. ODM gani yenye mwenye chama ametorokea USA for two months. Hiyo joto alisikia on 28th February he will never ever forget.

  35. mama first lady and our second Rachel Ruto you have made us proud,dont listen to the haters. God in heaven knows that you are doing what you can for this country,our Two mama,s may the lord bless the work of your hands.

  36. Maggie kanajifanya ni kipenzi sana.
    Ona vile kanalegezea macho uhuru hadharani bila haya.



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