Boston University, US, urges RAILA ODINGA to stop playing POLITICS for the next 1 month he will be in the US (he is attending a course in the University)

Wednesday March 12, 2014 - Former Prime Minister, Raila Odinga, has been urged to stop politics for the next one month by Boston University’s management.

Raila who left for the US on Sunday night will be lecturing at Boston University for the next one month.

He is also attending a programme at Boston University for former African political leaders where it is conditional that they do not get actively involved in politics while studying.

On Tuesday, Raila told Kenyan journalists that Boston University invited him to the USA to attend the programme for former African leaders.

“This is fantastic opportunity to meet world leaders, tour the US and strengthen relations between Kenya and US,” Raila said.

During his stay in the US, Raila will speak about Africa’s political and economic developments at various venues throughout the United States.

Before his departure, Raila handed over the party to outgoing Secretary General, Prof Anyang’ Nyong’o who will the acting party leader for two months.


48 comments for Boston University, US, urges RAILA ODINGA to stop playing POLITICS for the next 1 month he will be in the US (he is attending a course in the University)

  1. kipii!!

  2. Riala, They are simply telling you that your politics are outdated. Try at least to be Digital. Funga hiyo ndomo yako sasa. Nimesema.

  3. Fuck him who cares,takataka jaluo.

  4. At last he would have real former students since we cannot find any in Kenya.

  5. You can die there and come back in a coffin !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. I wish you don't come back!! Obama will handover power to you, useless maggot

  7. Welcome back and take over Uhuru Ruto have failed to deliver good services to Kenyan, lectures on strike,laptop and rail scandals of corruption,pay cut and rise in cost of living and many many to come

  8. is there maranda high in germany

  9. Jalous be ready for a big party to celebrate the send off of master omieri raila soon,i understand you are good in eating non stop when one dies.Nyinyi watu for sure mko cursed the way u do your things in the name of tradition is a shocker,naona time is catching up na tumechoka na ujinga wenu and soon mtarudi kwenu sudan,we cant have group of people acting like wild dogs,ukimwi,ujinga,umaskini,urogi,umaraya,lazyness and the list goes on,u must leave our country we are working on that,wenye Kenye ok.

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  15. so bad that you will die first before he dies..Never wish evil to others.We know you're the devil worshipper from your writings/comments.
    I am sure you have never been to Boston.USA' UNVERSITIES AREN'T Kenyan univ...Freedom is everything.

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  20. he is going to be thought how to cook mandazi in kibera

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  22. Seems Boston University already considers RAO a FORMER African leader and not a FUTURE African leader. That says a lot.

  23. Raila has joined his counterparts, the former African leaders who belongs to the past and should remain in the past. They represent Analogue, old and tired, old-fashioned, outdated ideas. He should have been given the retirement package to go and live a quiet backstreet life in US.

  24. let him be detained there we dont want him back

  25. Its not abt lectures its abt his medical condition the guy is insane and the disease is also affecting his eye sight,doctors said he might turn blind within wks.

  26. Raila yuko US on invitation mpende msipende pia ninyi tafuteni invitation yenu acheni wivuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!! the door is open!!!!!!!!

  27. NIS should be wary of the evil acts by foreign powers who are likely to be planning a revlt in Kenya where civilians will be subjected to untold sufferings..... the evil workers are planning smthing

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  31. shetani za raila na jaluo zishndwe


  33. Key word is FORMER so stop politicking.

  34. Makau mutua arranged for him on pretense that he will be in the University. How many times has he lectured in Kenya? He is in the US to meet with bensuda as a witness. They went to organize means of either him testifying or couching one of the witnesses.

  35. Can America and its institutions stop this monkey games against our very sovereign state? Or America, tell us what value and virtue you see in Raila to perrenially try to force him down Kenyan throats as president. Tell us as well, his numerous serious clear and plain vices that you have chosen to close your eyes to so that you facilitate for Kenya having a most weak leader.
    We have Eyes. we can see you want to use him either way. While as a weak president, or as a disgruntled thing that will cause bloody revolutions here for no reason but your desires America. You will never make it in Kenya villainous 'power[

  36. Ati Kijaluo Raila kiko mahututi...kitamake...ama on way to hell

  37. Raila told journalists that Boston invited him to attend the program for "former African Despots!! FUCK ALL of them!!

  38. Oh, so he also knows he's a FORMER leader? That quite encouraging!!

  39. Remember this gospel song: Loooooser iiiiiiii,loooser, looooser iiiiiii, loooooooooooooser, Raila you are a looser, loooser, battle battle you lost for ever, loooser!!

  40. Did i hear someone say that A.L.I.A.R will be lecturing in Boston University. Ngai baba. As who???????????????????????????

  41. Raila u r ma hero! The best president kenya never had. we will miss you.

  42. Huyo Mujinga Muukavilondo ata hana degree yeyote, so ni lecture gani anaweza, hama ni BULL- SHIT lectures on vitendawilis na nusu mikates

  43. i bet these ass-holes calling raila names are just a few kikuyus and kalenjins...'the thieving few' we got the full backing of the US govt...not your useless,broke 'Kenya Govt.mchunge midomo yenu!! Uhuruto are on their way out...*mapinduzi yaja!

  44. Dawa ya mende dawa ya mede. This is what some stupid,greedy kisumu say on nairobi street

  45. Some idiot and good for nothing people are posting evil comments to our former hero honourable Raila Amolo Odinga.Am talking as a kenyan.Am surprised that even those who have never stepped even in Uganda are talking like fools who do not know where Kenya is heading.All those talking shit to RAILA,i say 'RAILA IS A HERO FOREVER..........;

  46. Raila is a the fucken kikuyu just hasher abuse on him

  47. You're fucked up mother fucker.

  48. How I wish Raila stayed in US and never came back. Everytime this guy is in Kenya, there is always unrest and chaos obvious or underneath. It is a pity that when Kenya is just settling down and to focus on development, he raises issues on the obvious. He talks of dialogue but I believe his interest is not dialogue at all, this is just the first step on initiating a plan meant to wreck the government and seek a way to power. Time will tell.

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