The REAL TRUTH about this LADY who is leading Nairobi MEN to their graves – REVEALING the old Mzungu husband and the LIES (PHOTOs)

Last Friday, we published an article of a charming Nairobi lady who is having sex with different men including high profile celebrities.

Her real name is Vanessa Cheruto Chettle and she is alleged to have had unprotected sex with Kiss 100's Shaffie Weru, Nick Mutuma and Effy - former Tahidi High actor now a model.

Vanessa, 19 (although some sources say she is 16 or 17 because last year when she was dating Shaffie, she said she is 16), is currently living with an 80-year old mzungu named Robert Foulser, despite spreading lies on social media that she is living with her family at Valley Arcade (the place she lives with Robert).

How did she meet with this Mzungu of Jewish Origin?

According to sources, Vanessa met this 80 year-old man on social media last year.
The source said this Mzungu advertised her status on social media that he needs to help a girl who is HIV+ positive.

“I wanna help girl with H I V...inbox me" Foulser advertised in his social media account.

On Jan 24, 2013 Robert Foulser wrote again "I need a beautiful girl about 19 to 35 inbox me if you want,"

Today, Vanessa Chettle works at Robert Foulser and Associates as a Sales Consultant. (Coincidence?? NO)

Even before the dust settles on this shocking love life of this young lass of loose morals, Vanessa went ahead and sent a message to the Kenyan DAILY POST rubbishing the above revelations with a cock and bull story which left the writer baffled.

The lady claimed that the US Government has imposed a travel ban on her due to the revelations, even warning American marines who are on their mission in Afghanistan against visiting Kenya. Is she an Al-Qaeda or Al Shaabab? (When we contacted our source at the US Embassy in Gigiri, she was baffled and asked whether this kid knows what she is talking about.)

Vanessa Chettle is a loose lady on the prowl and men be warned, you must avoid her like plague if you want to be separated from your grave till the right time!

Here is a good photo of her and the old Mzungu husband ......

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  1. You guys need to properly vet whatever you post before you do as most of your stories are pure lies.

  2. I know Robert for many years as a management consultant and can't understand this story Who is messing his name?

  3. Robert Foulser is my friend/ Trainer....even though she admitted to me to have a soft spot about ladies........

  4. This guy does not look 80years ma haters.

  5. is this rober guy a she?why are some gerald kanyoro and the admin him/herself addressing him as a she?

  6. Its very painful to see a post of a loved one that people have known for very many years and all they talk it trash about him! Daily Post really need to get a life and a little hang about there stories before they post stuff! Embarrasing! Nkt!

  7. Check your grammer nigga!

  8. Please daily post right things that are true,robert is not 80yrs,i personally know him.

  9. Malaya ni Malaya tu

  10. investigate this old fella coz we all know whiteys come to africa, set up some fake charities/conservations and do all manner of illegal things. if he's innocent and a genuine investor, he's welcome. but if he turns out to be fake like most of them, sent him back to whenever he comes from on the 1st flight.

  11. I know him too. He has trained our company in Public relations courses. A well respected gentleman.(unless he has changed) but no, you dont just change. Please cut him some slack. And as for having a soft spot for ladies, which man dosent....

  12. i know the mzungu guy and am doubting your story......ata najua wea his offices are n have never seen this vanessa......wil do my research

  13. This man Robert is based in Sarit centre where he runs his consultancy job unless he moved...

  14. seriously

  15. Robert is definitely not 80 years as claimed

  16. Vannesa just like the embu's deputy govn. Deffended her self n i give her da benefit of doubt. Admin hi ni uongo toka hapo.

  17. I feel bad for his daughters who are all older than this girl.

  18. Daily Post these are innocent Kenyans living their lives peacefully, why are you messing up their names for no good reason.

  19. Robert Foulser divorced his African wife .They used to have office in sarit center.

  20. He fucked the Anus of Gerald Kanyoro. He is jeolus!!! Kanyoro wacha kuuza Mkundu. Mavi ya kuku...Okuyu.

  21. Is Robert a lady why keep calling him she..get your grammar right


  23. What is wrong with this adult man having a good time with an adult woman? Wacheni wivu. How many men/women are doing it with sugar mummies/daddies? Sioni shida hapa.

  24. Hiv is not new,especially to the showbizz industry.Salim Jemedari a.k.a Donslim a musician in msa is hiv+,Josiah Otupa lites is also infected and many mo..Wether you believe me or not,ask them to accompany you to the nearest vct if you think am lying!

  25. Somebody should sue these idiots!

  26. I met robert fousler. he is a Rotarian. if true story then so sad.

  27. Robert foulser is a dirty pervert and dis gal vanessa is a whore! BELIEVE!

  28. That guy is 80 cjui watu wanaona wapi. This story ni ukweli mtupu tho vanessa hawezi kubali. N that guy pia huwa anatafuta madem kwa social media. Story ya AIDS ndio sijajua bado

  29. this is some sad shit....the pussy is very better know where you stick your dick in.

  30. This man is over 80

  31. Some way's are too crapped up to start being a socialist

  32. nyini yote stupid, which sales girls ako na flat ya 60k rent na swimming pool na gari and stay with this old white dude.she earns a living from the limelight and posting everything on social media,she cant have it both ways,even her stupid fake apology on ghafla she ws still promoting her page,you thick people dont realise this is all a scam for her publicity,she has slept her way to the top from eldoret lions school paka nai,good for her but let her not pretend she aint a whore,she is alwys avail at VIP areas in clubs and to chag she charges highly,

  33. Who forced them to have it unprotected??

  34. that signet ring on the right hand is worn by freemasons...

  35. You guys (Daily Post) get serious and grow up. Why are you messing up peoples names. I know Robert from early 2000s - he trained our organisation in 2003 while as a partner in a leading consulting firm. Why destroy people's character for heavens sake. Somebody should sue this Daily Post I demand.

  36. ways of making a socialite!


  38. who is this man and who does he work for?why are young ladies easily cheated into cheap stuff?where is he getting his money and who allowed him in the country? ladies please close your legs and open your brains!#Goats

  39. Well are you interested with this lady. Be man enough approach her and tell her what u want stop going through the back door like the rabbit after being unable to reach the fruits on the tall tree when it declared after all they are rotten and not edible.

  40. african girls gods bless you

  41. Kizungu imewalemea kweli kweli.

  42. u know her p.... aint soap ati itaisha if she shares it out . neither will it diminish . if it was a man it wudnt even be an issue why demonize her and call her a slut.. so wat she fucks celebrities (though shaffie sijui ni celeb wa wapi ) kila mtu ako na taste . personally as a guy id say if she is legal n its out of her own will she can sleep with whoever she chooses. come on guys weve done worse .... mwacheni mtoto aenjoy maisha yake !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  43. If this Robert is 80years, then there is no reason to fear old age.

  44. This comment has been removed by the author.

  45. Thanks God this time round it is none of our Kenyan tribes otherwise people would be throwing vitriol about tribe this or that! Tribal readers on this your primitive energy into putting our politicians in check, that way we will have a country of law and order where resources are enjoyed by all. And one more thing.....matters below the belt should take minimal of our time.

  46. Gosh Daily Post if this is not Shaffies anticts of Rubishing this young lady sijui coz alikataliwa and you you yes you Daily post why do you help people solve theit Grudges and Malign other people please stay highly aware that the world is a globe by the way what economic Gain is this for you.
    Alweays Ask yourself 3 things.
    1. Does it Feed me.
    2. is it economical.
    3. will it save the world or come up with a cure of cancer Hell No so Nincompoop Trashy Reporters like you Embaras this proffesion.

  47. All you need is salvation. Jesus Son of God loves you all. God have mercy on us

  48. Shoddy photo shop. And you guys, whats the composition of your brain cells... muc*s or m*d?

  49. she is pretty ....!

  50. A good one,hahahaha

  51. What do you gain in tarnishing her name

  52. its not a photoshop,,theyre even friends in facebook,,this story is sooo real

  53. I know this Robert, and honestly he's not a straight man, and yes he's over 80.

  54. mapua kama ngumi...she can actually box you with it .

  55. People are ignorant. First of all Robert is not 80. Secondly he is a decent bloke. hird that signet Ring is not a Mason ring but was a gift from his mother. He's lived in Kenya for over 20 years and didn't come to Kenya to look for black girls. He's a professional trainer and very good at what he does. Yes he's dated a young girl. He's single and she's an adult so please lets stop acting like saints here. Holier than thou. I don't know Vanessa but I know Robert. He may have a colourful life but on a personal level he is a decent human being. Live your own lives and quit digging into people's lives. Have you nothing better to do? Kenyans can be such hypocrites. 80% of you likely are cheating on your spouses or partners in secret. Let Robert date whoever he wants. As for Vanessa if there's any shred of truth then it's unfortunate. But please let just stop casting stones and remove the speck in our own eye. .. tafadhali

  56. Leave this girl alone you hypocrites

  57. Leave this girl alone you hypocrites

  58. Please just get your facts right before you put any information in this is really unfair that people have to go through so much because of lies that are put here....Let people live their lives,who are we to judge?is it that we have no sins or mistakes???...Admin,next time it might be your son,daughter,friend or relative in such a human and think of what these people go through each time they see or hear such things...What goes around,comes back around double!

  59. i hate the fucker who owns this site

    I was just communicating to you bro. That's not a threat but as far as i can see, its not so hard to find out who is behind this site. Take care, and keep your real identity as far away from this site as possible.

  60. dude...u criasly need to grow some balls n mature up...if u hve nothing better to post u can as well shut this site down instead of posting bullshit

  61. I know and have grown up with Vanessa .. Admin please find out the truth before you post such shit .. Th old mzungu is also an innocent guy.. Stop tarnishinp poles names

  62. let her live her life..she is way better looking and has a nice, manageable body than vera advice dont screw for free , make them give then serious cash:) ..leah

  63. true or not true you are not affected neither infected.



  66. admin seems ulitaka ukanyimwa.. tulia wachana naye

  67. this is the end of the world.....................

  68. this is the end of the world, i petty the ka lady,

  69. Malaya wa Nairobi. Kasia

  70. The fake admin is at it crappy propaganda...give us good stuff or shut this blog down!! BS!

  71. this is very serious btw, because I have known this chic for some time now

  72. Only God can judge. Donno when people started throwing stones at others...

  73. Having been a victim of this blog, I highly doubt the authenticity of the story. I easily bought stories posted by these guys until they featured me. Truth be told, this is a syndicate of black mailers.

    This is how they operate:

    Someone out to ruin your name sends the bloggers your photos and a fake story. The bloggers then post the story/photos and wait for the victims response. The first response is to get the photos and story pulled down as early as possible before much damage is caused so they contact the admin and request that the post be pulled down. The bloggers ask for a fee to do that. If you refuse to pay, the post is shared on other blogs owned by Kenya Daily Post. These blogs include: Nairobi Exposed, African posts and Uhondo. The main idea is to pressure you to pay up.

    Don't be quick to believe everything posted by this blog, if their articles had any credibility the authors will quote their sources or at least display some had proof evidence. Any responsible blogger would include their names along ride the story, these guys don't, a clear characteristic of black mailers.

    Take heart Vanessa, the storm will eventually pass.

    To Kenya Daily Post. Life always has a way to make us pay for our mistakes. While you hide behind your screen typing a damaging story, remember that's someone's life you are ruining. Your actions will one day catch up with you, I'm sure of that.

  74. lmao seriously i just wasted 2 min of my life...urghhhhhh the writer of this post needs to get shot


  76. VAnessa used to date MC RUMAZ,the hiphop artst...i know her

  77. This, if true, is just a tip of the iceberg!! come to North or S. Coast n watch it live!!

  78. "If you want to be separated from your grave till the right time". Which is the right time asshole.don't write stuff like a toddler dummy!

  79. I know Robert, I met him at a hotel I was working with as an atachee,he was training a certain company. He gave me his card, said he can help me secure a job once I clear college.

    I went to his office after school,left my cv with him and for sure he was trying to get people jobs.The few times I went to follow up on jobs I found other people dropping their papers there.
    He later started texting me and calling me not about the job but asking me to be his wife and some very dirty texts. I stopped communicating with him.

    His divorced wife used to work in the firm with him,they had 2 kids together.

  80. that is so unfortunate,bt pia daily post hamfanyi poa kutaja majina ya watu waliohusika

  81. Admin, What is your interest in this story. If Vanessa is HIV +VE, is she the only only in Kenya, nay Nairobi in that status? If at all your story is what you want people to believe, is she the only Africa, nay Kneya lady dating an old Mzungu?
    Go to Mombasa admin, post all the old wazungus with African ladies here and leave Vanessa to live her life.

    We hate this page because of the baseless, unresearched reports that are full of marlice. One day someone will get you fixed in a court of law. Wait in a not a too far date

  82. its bullshit,whether the guy is 80yrs,100yrs,or 20yrs is none of your damn business that young girls' private life does not affect this retarded unreasonable writer at all, unless you are interested with her,,how many people are living with AIDS??,,and do you personally know your status,,,or that person you have sex with,,???? look for something better to write

  83. *grammar

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