SHOCK as Pastor orders LADIES to go to church without P@NT!£S and B&@S….for Christ to ‘enter’, Dandora

Tuesday 25th February 2014 - A pastor from a church in Dandora Phase 2 has ordered all female members to go to the church ‘free’- without br@s and panties for Christ to enter their lives!

Rev. Njohi of Lord's Propeller Redemption church has advised female worshippers from wearing any undergarments to the church terming them as ungodly. In a meeting chaired by him, a law was passed banning the wearing of inner wears. Njohi claims that when going to church, people need to be free in ‘body’ and ‘spirit’ to receive Christ.

He went ahead to warn members of dire consequences if they secretly put on their inner wears. A member of the church who sought anonymity said that in last Sunday’s service, ladies were ngothaless and br@less just as the pastor ordered.

Mothers were also advised to do the same and check their daughters when coming to church on Sundays so as to receive Christ too.

What is really happening to our pastors?


198 comments for SHOCK as Pastor orders LADIES to go to church without P@NT!£S and B&@S….for Christ to ‘enter’, Dandora

  1. Na anaitwa pastor 'Njohi'....huyo ni mlevi ya ukweli!

  2. haiya ana nia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ulimwengu umepasuka

  3. next thing nikutoa nguo.

  4. End tine no more no less

  5. Huyo anataka kunusa asikie ile ambayo haitoi harufu arambe ni mlevi wa kuma za wenyewe kubafu yeye pastor haramu.

  6. End of the world will not tell u am hia wonders will bury u every day.

  7. Na wamama wanatoa tu end times

  8. world has come to an end


  10. This is the reason we should be reading the word of God, to avoid being led astray and in order to understand how God wants us to live...

  11. People of God let us be prayerful

  12. God is not a respector of persons,what did he tell moses?move out of these rebels,i do away with them and make you a big nation.

  13. which bible is he using? which Christ is he talking abt? God have mercy on u "pastor"

  14. Its better to stay indoors reading your bible than to go to church nowadays.

  15. Literal Faith.

  16. ai bure sana

  17. watiwe vondole, kwa matako na ma-kuma!! mara hiyo hiyo!!

  18. I pitty all who are commenting on this bcos its Admin who is trying to play about with your brains.Pls stop these comments.The article is just to weigh your degree of thinking.

  19. @26 February 2014 00:31, you also commented you fool.

    Leave us alone.

  20. This what is demolic actions but it was prophetised

  21. That a nice church. What do the gents wear? Any idea how it feels when receiving Christ there? Njohi, that must be bar or brothel

  22. Na dunia imepasuka haki

  23. Why go ro that church anyway???those who goes there r just the same as their leader.people of God,why cant u be rooted in the word of God instead of man????buy ua own bible read it it will show u the way the right path.start from genesis to it like abook u will know the truth&the truth shall set u free.

  24. Ati nini.....these cherches are becoming crap....

  25. Pliz pastor dont use d bible to pursue ua own interest.Ka mmeshindwa kueneza Injili jinsi ipasavyo juz let it b. Msipoteze wenzennu TAFADHALIIIIIIII......

  26. Just note that hii sect inaitwa Propeller shaft, that is not a church but a spare part!!
    The ignorant will continue being wali wa Njohi, kwani ukitolea Njohi ngotha, what else do you expect surely?

  27. havent you heard of pastor allen parker? Everyone there goes stark naked. Even the pastor, i mean stark naked.

  28. they will close their and receive the holy spirit from the pastor

  29. anon are making alot of sense. i will also not comment..lets all not comment....

  30. Its called lack of understanding of the word of God

  31. Devilosh;//

  32. Whats happening with pastors nowadays. These r the end times. Am shocked.

  33. And how will the men go to church???Naked also??? Sodom and Gomorrah is here

  34. Whose fault? between a robber and a guy who allows a robber to steal his house by leaving the door open by stupidity.

  35. Okuyu in action???????

  36. pliz GOD 4give them

  37. Anon.06.26,Although sarcastic, you've made my day.B'cos anon.00.44 is the admin. himself, who hits an eye opener.

  38. pastor anataka kuona nini?

  39. wanawake mnanini kudanganywa eti kwa jina la yesu wakenya jamani shida ni nini hata majambazi wana makanisa na wamama na wasichana mwafuata tu . saas mtaambiwa mwombe mkijitia vidole hadharani kataka jina la yesu. kama kweli kwenda mbinguni ni kupitia hayo basi na wakenya wanawake wataangia weng ,shenzi Kenya women

  40. anaitwa Pasor Njohi.....craaaazyyyy

  41. why only female. kwani si hata men wako na inner wears. si watoe pia.

  42. It's been the end times since forever.Why don't u guys give us this
    Armageddon already and be done with it?


  44. pliz give me the churchs direction,i want to be a mshirika there

  45. sasa huyu ni mlevi wa bangi na usherati, and this women who still go their must also be lost sheep

  46. Ati wamama to check their daughters? and they are ok with that.Donnt blame Njohi there is concencous.Njohi is the HOLY spirit.Enter them.

  47. That crazy, y only ladies.mambo bado.

  48. pumbavu

  49. tonia ike ejeye

    These are not pastors but agents of satan sent to discredit the real church and pastors and hinder people from giving their lives to Christ. Christians need to pray.

  50. What is this world tuning to now? God have mercy.

  51. Wow so I just want to know if the men are going with out their under garments as well......This man isn't a pastor he's a pervert!

  52. This is as crazy as our snake handling preachers here in the States. Read your Bibles, don't listen to corrupt men!

  53. This is as crazy as the snake handling preachers here in the States! Read your Bibles, don't listen to corrupt, demonically -inspired men! The Bible will never steer you wrong, it is the First and Last Authority!

  54. This is as crazy as the snake handling preachers here in the States! Read your Bibles, don't listen to corrupt, demonically -inspired men! The Bible will never steer you wrong, it is the First and Last Authority!

  55. Nothing about Christianity in that church. It is sacrilege what churches are presuming to do in the name of God, but most of them are doing it in the name of the devil. A Christian is Christlike, not the opposite or counterfeit.

  56. Time to remove him from the pulpit ....and put him out of the church till he sincerely repents ...

  57. Time to remove him from the pulpit ....and put him out of the church till he sincerely repents ...

  58. not sure which is worse, a pastor so perverse, or a congregation that would listen to him...people use your brain and read what the Bible says

  59. Amen!

  60. Honestly I don't want to be like Tomas in the bible , but if this is true the bible says someone who miss leads people of God will be wheeped with a very painful wheep and I can see them already weeping.God resque this innocent people.God open their eyes wide.

  61. And the women were foolish enough to do it??!!! The most important thing is to obey God not the enemy.

  62. The pastor obviously has a serious problem in his personal life. He should have his pastoral credentials removed ... IMMEDIATELY!!!

  63. How dare they dishonour God this way. This is shocking! The Bible is God's Word, authority and it is clear and direct. God is not perverse and neither is His Word.

    This clearly shows that the women who participated follow and obey a perverted and lustful man rather than the true, lovely and sinless Almighty God!

    May the Holy Spirit work ever so diligently on their hearts so that they clearly see the errors of their ways to bring them to true repentence to enjoy life in joy and fullness to live, worship and honour God in reverance, in spirit and in truth.

  64. this so called pastor is stupid and he should be put to death for his stupidity

  65. you dumb and stupid man which scripture what verse says that and you stupid ass people to hell with you all dam africans is not a child of god anyways

  66. let a so called pastor try this shit in america

  67. Hungry for the TRUTH? If you are, God will play His part to lead you into the right Place of worship and the right stages to obtain Salvation to your soul(sin-forgiveness). Salvation of your soul will help you live for Him here on earth and help you gain glorious Eternity with Him at last. `Ye shall know the Truth, and the Truth(the Word of God) shall make you free(from SIN)' Ask God for the desire to know Him more, and to do His Pleasure. For more enlightenment, visit our website:

  68. This report if true is demonic. Thank God for making the Bible accessible to everyone who desires to have it otherwise this could have been mild to what our heavily opinionated generation will be witnessing.

  69. how about Nicholas Parsons?

  70. eeeiiii as for this diee u cant laught part 20-100, how is it when they wear undies, let alone no undies, eeiii my ribsooooo, i just cant stop laughing... n that ODD fellow of a pastor claims it applies only to females(women, girls, daughters etc), eeiiiii wahala paaa on the move, so men dont wear undies??? such a LIER!!!! WOMEN BEWARE OF THE DEVIL HIMSELF...HE WANTS TO ABUSE YOU WITH EASE!!!

  71. Lord help us, spaff on their chebs

  72. this is just a joke.

  73. "You shall make for them linen undergarments to cover their naked flesh; they shall reach from the hips to the thighs; Aaron and his sons shall wear them when they go into the tent of meeting, or when they come near the altar..." ~ Exodus 28:42-43

  74. My name is das but and I suck cocks.

  75. People who go to church are weak minded, don't have self confident all the so called christians should google dr. ray hagins for the real truth. Dont let these con pastors brainwash you.

  76. May the merciful God deliver the ignorant and deceived captives in that demonic shrine, definitely not the church of the Holy God !

  77. Look at all them sexy busty,big buns black mommas
    Getting a stiffy just looking at that pic

  78. Ushetani mtupu.... hakuna ukweli wowote hapo. Hata kwa ustaarabu wa kawaida tu huwezi kufanya hivyo.... wanahitaji kumjua MUNGU wote.... yaani Pastor na waumini wake.

  79. He isn't a pastor who is the devil? The devil makes u do sinful things they should ban this man out of the church

  80. The Word tells u that false prophets r coming so I believe that this Pastor is one . I agree maby we should stay home and praise God from the Bible .

  81. This is right now all REV; isn't for the LORD AMEN.

  82. The devil is a liiiiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeee!!!!!!!!

  83. I agree with you

  84. The Bible say that false Prophets r going to b here he is one .If people r that dumb to do as that man told them well sinful , no where in the Bible does it say any thing about not wearing bra or panties to worshipe I would stop going there and pray at hone .

  85. Smh I don't know what kind of God he has bt our God we don't do dat n we danm sure don't need for us girls to be pantiless and braless to have Christ in our life we can have Christ in our by goin to church havin worship and by gettin Baptized

  86. That is terrible ,false prophet not a man of God . No where in the Bible does it say to do that . Sinful !!

  87. Sexy…. Yet Horrible…. Attractive; Yet Corrosive and Degrading… He is Not a Man of God (Jesus) anymore; if He ever was…. in The First Place….
    #ThisIsNotGodly #ThisIsNotofGod #JesusDoesNotApproveOfThis #GodDoesNotApproveOfThis #TheHolySpiritDoesNotApproveOfThis. . . :( :O(

  88. Beloved, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits to see whether they are from God, for many false prophets have gone out into the world.

  89. Very very true

  90. hawa ni malaya they have nothing to offer for the good of the society,tutawatumia the go back to our precios wives....mapaja na matako baada ya kuwa tomba hua short sheteni wa ngono hua ameshindwa.Poleni sana malaya mta zeeka mkijiuza

  91. I think that they are putting us on, I know people that love to go comando and wouldn't be disrespectful to God that's how I know He didn't tell the women in his congregation not to wear undergarments to church on Sundays. This is bogus.

  92. This pervert is PROOF that religion was invented when the first fool met the first charlatan.

  93. Show me in God's word where it is ungodly to wear undergarments.

  94. Show me in God's word where it says its ungodly to wear undergarments!!!!!!

  95. Ok i hope that not here in the US . wow. what is dis world coming to next he gone u got to have sex with him just to get in heaven

  96. am joining that church

  97. It's time for God to unleash His wrath to kenyans! Kenyans needs a taste of God's judgement.

  98. Kenya mimi sirudi.

  99. God said beware of wolves in sheep's clothing. People that don't read their bibles are led astray.

  100. It's the robber you still know right from wrong

  101. True. Yo know your bible.

  102. After looking at the picture Im sure there will be more people in that church next sunday especialy more men..Whats the address''let me put it in my GPS lol...

  103. tii mamlaka katika jina la yesu, ladies with weak mind take care avoid this fake pastor ,this is how pastor confuse faithfuls kisha kuwatomba wanawake moja baada ya mwingine, you will all be fucked,fingered,and get aids as your gifts

  104. Just as the Bible says, there are many fake ministers, claiming to represent the word of God. What is worse than what the pastor is mandating is the fact that these women don't have enough common sense to realize that is just wrong and inappropriate. You can't just blindly do whatever any pastor says, just because he's a pastor. Time to find a new church, ladies.

  105. yes, this is ridiculous I would be scared as a women let alone my child whether a boy or girl. Wow is all I can say

  106. This Pastor is crazy!Let him come out clearly on his intentions in the church

  107. Seems kuna foreplay. Kwani the spirit will enter through the p***y. Fucked up pastors.

  108. judgement will start in d house of God

  109. Admin here has become such a BIG liar. playing with peoples minds and always trying to keep people commenting on his false articles. Admin, in the next life....I will be in heaven watching you burn in hell and I will remind you of the many false articles you made people read in your daily post.

  110. To be pant-less and bra-less to be ever ready for the Pastors untamable and insatiable indulgences or what!!!!?????
    Blame utter ignorance for the Faithfuls behaviors of allowing the Pastors to be Lording over their Faith. Ignorant Fanatics are worse than atheists.

  111. Not every building and gathering is worthy the name the house or people of God.

  112. ati mungu aingilie wapi?????????????????????????

  113. Qustion is what are the followers thinking!!!!

  114. uongo, if its true then ni siku za mwisho

  115. Its more easy for Pastor's Pennis to enter ladies's vagina without underwear

  116. any kesha soon? I should attend

  117. ME TOO

  118. blasphemous and in false teaching

  119. many false teachers will come,lovers of money and themselves,blasphemous,they will lead many astray.

  120. Might be this will help men to get out of gay relationship. A bit of exposure will show the homos what they are missing.

  121. Daaam! Look what happened when Eve came wearing nothin! Adam found the bulls eye and the rest is history!

  122. mbule mavi ya kuku

  123. I wish grace should be over now!

  124. AMEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  125. AMEN!

  126. he is a sick man he need to reread word come as you are

  127. Sounds good to me jobe walk naked for three years for god.

  128. God told jobe to walk naked through the streets I don't ever recall him telling anyone to put on clothes. Adam and eve covered themselves for their own shame not gods command.

  129. God told jobe to walk naked through the streets I don't ever recall him telling anyone to put on clothes. Adam and eve covered themselves for their own shame not gods command.

  130. King James Bible
    And the LORD said, Like as my servant Isaiah hath walked naked and barefoot three years for a sign and wonder upon Egypt and upon Ethiopia

  131. pasterinthe nalla kaalam

  132. Men and Women of God be carefull wolf in sheep's clothing God is a God of order and will not be mocked

  133. Know the truth for yourself

  134. This guy is way off base

  135. Where is the scripture that supports this?

  136. You comment was the only one up here that made any sense...

  137. May God our Lord forgive them for they know not what they do!

  138. Kwni ni ule wa Embu

  139. religion is have all been robbed of your lands through Christ...... now your panties and bra's...

  140. Africa do not fall to these false churches and stay within real Protestant-Christendom. You have a history of defending the faith, keep it.

  141. He needs to read his word again....and the congregation needs to read their word!! Don't be mislead by an Wolf in Sheep's clothing.... False Prophets are Running Around in all kinds of Countries....

  142. I don't agree with not going to church. If you read your bible it tells us to fail not to assemble ourselves together. Every preacher is not of God but if you are in Christ you can try their spirit by the spirit of Christ in you. Plan and simple... know the word of God for yourself and by all means know him (God) for yourself. Much prayer and supplication helps you to gain spiritual connections with God. Get in the spirit of God and read and know the word. O Lord Thy word have I hid in my heart that I may not sin against thee

  143. I don't agree with not going to church. The book of Hebrews 10:25 tells us to forsake not to come together. Everyone that wears the title pastor, aren't all called by God. We must study our word and hide it in our heart that we won't sin against God. If we be truly of God We can try the spirit by the spirit of God. Know who you are in Christ and whose you are. And be lead and driven by the spirit of the true and living God.

  144. Devil on the pulpit.

  145. This is satanic and it should be condemned

  146. My People Perish due to lack of Knowledge. Please ladies avoid this Pastor at all costs

  147. Roho mtakatifu au Roho mtakavitu

  148. forgive them lord my God coz they don't know what they are doing

  149. wanajiita wao pastors, wanataka tuwabudu kama wao ndio mungu, chochote wanachosema watu wakubali, hivi karibuni utasikia hata watu wabandirishane mabibi, mapenzi yafanyike ndani ya kanisani. SHAME ON YOU , THEY RESEMBLE THEIR FATHER DEVIL LIAR.

  150. Devil in action

  151. PERVERT! Are all women so gullible.

  152. true devil worship.

  153. hahah seems this is the place to be

  154. Matthew 18:6 - "But whoever causes one of these little ones who believe in me to sin, it would be better for him if a millstone were hung around his neck, and he were drowned in the depth of the sea." This is what should be done to anyone who deceives the believers in the name of God. This man is really evil and his mind is rotten. He does not read the true Christian Bible and his motive is to mislead believers. Curse on him.

  155. This story cannot be taken serious until otherwise corroborated by other media outfits in Kenya. Let the electronic media do the story for hearers and viewers. bring it to public knowledge for such a thing is definitely not from our Holy God but from the pit of hell that has paraded itself as a church in order to deceive people into hell. The end time is fast approaching but the believers must stand up for the truth and do not allow the unsuspecting to fall into devil's snare.

  156. This is bullshit!!! This Pastor himself is a scoundrel, pornlover, savage, dictator, devil and unholy man. How can he create such a foolish concept. It is also funny to hear the members following the orders foolishly...... If I had been one of his members in the Church, I'll kick his rotten ass for sure.

  157. Who is this idiot? Next thing you know, he's gonna be declaring himself to be Christ so he can do as much "entering in" as he wants to? C'mon ladies....start reading your bibles for yourselves so you can learn what God requires of you and not what man wants from you. So let me ask this what do the brothers have to do so Christ can enter in?

  158. A mere joke! No sound minded woman can listen to this nonsense. But those on sale yes. But don't call that a church. Or did U want to say paso anawauma kondoo ndo hakuna haja ya kutembea na shields?

  159. gosh weuwe ni shetani tu amekuingia khai

  160. tutenda church sasa

  161. I'm sure something else entered their bodies before!

  162. My kinda church! I don't have to ASK to look or see anything of any lady in the congregation! now how awesome is that! A perverts DREAM!

  163. Being African American, I would love to get in touch with my African roots. However, after reading this stuff, I'm sooooo glad that do not live on that continent. This is the beginning of a new cult. Next, they will tell the women that the only way God can enter them is through some man's penis.

  164. Being African American, I would love to get in touch with my African roots. However, after reading this stuff, I'm sooooo glad that do not live on that continent. This is the beginning of a new cult. Next, they will tell the women that the only way God can enter them is through some man's penis.

  165. Huyu postor namjua.

  166. Yani siku hizi christ inaingia through pusy

  167. Amen!!

  168. rev pastor njohi bar n restrant bed n break fast

  169. Christians are idiots.

  170. if you are trully worshipping the living GOD you can't follow what the pastor is saying. this is all nonsence.

  171. It shows that people can abuse the word of God, and lead others into their lustrous and foolish ways. It also shows that these "pastors" don't respect God, because they do not really believe in Him. They are just plain sick, and need to be thrown off the church board, and ousted by the congregation. Nowhere in the Bible does it says that women must take off their underwear. The pastor wants to stare at them while lying to the people.

    ATI..........kwani siku hizi CHRIST anaingia through PUSSY !!!!!!!!!

  173. nitafika io church niwatombe hao gud lokin teeenz

  174. Aende Dubai anunue artificial pussy instead ya kudanganya watu apa......ama akufe aache kuharibu kanisa. umbwa kabisa

  175. i wanted 2 get married 2 a passy bt nmechange mind coz wooii... !!!

  176. aambie wife yake pekee aende ivo shame on those wenye walienda bila.

  177. Too much FAT!!!!i feel like am staring at the cooking fat shelf in a supermarket......

  178. You will know them by their fruits.

  179. mandole kuruka ndani ya church

  180. enyewe huyo pastor apigwe transfer kwa club

  181. huyo pastor apewe transfer kwa club

  182. The women who obeyed are fools. They don't know why they are going to church. Shame on the women and the Devil they nick named 'Pastor'

  183. Kwani women wa nbi mko chip ivyo? pastor pengine amemalizana na wao in wholesale

  184. mkiskia kesha kwa hiyo church mniambie

  185. I pity the devilish pastor whos luring the people of God.And the members too,,you must search the scriptures to confirm if what you are being tought is true just as the churcjh of Antioch in Acts 2:4.
    May the Lord help His Church.

  186. hahhahaha...I bet he named his penis 'Spirit of Christ'. :)

  187. He is not a christian at all, is a man of devil

  188. Has anyone been able to confirm this from any other source?

  189. How do you know

  190. Sounds like a good way to save on one's wardrobe & prevent yeast infections. We are all too much slaves the fashion business. Historically speaking bras are a relatively recent invention & panties might as well never have been imposed in the first place in recent times. Hurrah for being natural!

  191. M'dingey unbongo, jantimbee!

  192. Sasa wewe? When will you mature? This is what you've been posting for the last 2 yrs! Your brain isn't developing at all. Post facts not rumours. Myself am fed up.

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