EXPOSED: The S3X SCANDALS in the Gospel Music industry .. Willy Paul, Jimmy Gait and other top gospel artists in the list. (courtesy of Kenya Scandals).


Today being a Sunday lets keep is straight, clean and no vulgarity atleast i'll try. First its worthy noting that over the years the Kenyan gospel industry has grown from being a church mouse broke industry to filthy rich platform. People are migrating from secular industry like the wildbeast migration.

Remember that guy who sang "Narudi ocha" well alishindwa secular,ocha pia ngumu he converted to gospel. It has been said that many are into gospel coz of money but the artists argues otherwise,some of the artists who have crossed the floor includes: Size8(her body language still so secular),Bamboo(grandy just cant see the time is up to hang up the boots)DNA,DNG these two Ds tried n quickly went secular again. We will keep ot clean today.

Music videos in Kenya have revolutionised from one scene videos to multi,super graphics,spectacular transitions,amazing extras,good props,excellent quality a good thing to the industry's growth. Gone are the days when you watched a gospel video made by Mwaniki productions River road, all the artist did was stand behind a curtain, they shoot then some funny graphics fused to give different scenes, how fake.

Gone are the days where people use to stand n just swing together left right center like a pendulum in gospel music videos,people have gone berserk,twerking and stuff in videos. Kenya Gospel have been accused of putting so much sex and worldly things into their videos and spending a fortune to make these videos, Jimmy Gait recently spent 2M,Gloria 2M and many are throwing in major mullah into this thing. Talking of sex, artists have taken direction of making the videos sexy by using sexy video vixens and "irrelevant" props. Props in this context means things used in the video other than the artist to create scenes and beautify, eg cars. Was watching Solomon Mkubwa's Mfalme Wa Amani music video,so simple,ninja just stood infront of a curtain swinging with his other ninjas and that was it,you bet the vid cost less than 10k *pun*

Willy Paul,victim of sex scandals in the industry,recently went skyscraper with his video to Missi. This video was shot in a bar,had alcohol,Kenya Scandals establishes that the artist downs the bottle,had sexy ladies and intimate scenes. The video is so dirty many Gospel DJs threatened to boycott playing it on their shows calling it ungospel,ninja went from Sitolia,got himself some Pendo(you understand this) to now making sex, alcohol filled videos,Pendo really Effed him,literally. Oh my bad,had promised to keep it clean,ooops.

Jimmy Gait,Jesus Christ have you watched that new video to Makeke? If you play that video with sound mute,you can see LilWayne talking of Lollipop,i mean apart from being filmed in S.A the video was with video vixens,history made,i mean video vixens for a gospel video? Okay for starters video vixens are models,mostly women who are hired to feature in a video doing nothing but shaking their behinds like propeler(have you watched Jamaican videos) acting with artists, includes kissing scenes and all. So in Jimmy Gait song they kinda kept it clean,the ladies dressed in respectable dresses,away from bikini n body tight pants in other videos,ninja as Kenya Scandals learns,took some whores from S.A streets,gave them cinderela dresses and came the video,if you look closely,youll notice them twerking on the low. The video had lavish stuff, from Bentleys to all.

Praising n worshipping wealth. He could have just used normal church girls but since sex sells n he wanted video to sell, he hired some sexy women and heavy cars. The list of such is so long. For now that’s where we end before things get out of hands. Too much sex and mind corruption no doubt some of the gospel artists have been linked to illuminati. Jesus if you reading this, leave whatever you doing and come down, your disciples are effing up......

Is it okay for the Gospel videos to be "sexy"?

Kenya Scandals

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  1. jimmy gayit looks like a fucking pimp in that makeke song.with the red dressed pimpets

  2. i dont really see anything wrong with these videos,stop hating!

  3. mungu atajudge

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