SHAME: Cabinet Secretary, RAYCHELLE OMAMO, busted watching P0RŇ in her office – Should UHURU sack her immediately!!

Thursday December 19, 2012-The internet and social media have diversity of material and many people especially young people always do anything unnoticed, but things could go against your wishes when you accidentally push the share button and your secret activities are beamed to your Facebook or Twitter followers.

Cabinet Secretary in charge of Defence, Rachael Omamo, on Tuesday became one of the latest victims of glancing at adult material after she was busted watching p0r* in her office in Nairobi.

Raychelle who is among President Kenyatta’s Senior Security Advisors, was searching on “How to have s3x” and “How to satisfy a man” but unknowingly she pressed the wrong button and shared the page to her Twitter followers who busted her.

Having realized the mistake she did, she quickly deleted the post that exposed her secret screen activity but it was already too late, the screenshots of the post had already been taken into the e-gallery.

Rachael’s behavior has shocked many Kenyans who accused her of being too idle and engaging in unethical activity.

Kenyans have urged President Uhuru Kenyatta to sack her immediately or they evict her from the office.


77 comments for SHAME: Cabinet Secretary, RAYCHELLE OMAMO, busted watching P0RŇ in her office – Should UHURU sack her immediately!!

  1. Let the complainers be the fast people to pelt her with stones.

  2. Thats normal for everyone with internet on phone.Let ye without sin cast the first stone!wat she was googling was of much help 2 her n her life


  4. Watching porn is not bad.

  5. tulikuwa tumepumzika saaaana kuona na kusoma the stupid post from u daily post nkt. tena mumeanza? jinga nyinyi..jipeni shughuli

  6. looks like kenya is so full of saints.

  7. kwani she still does sex?? oh my God!!!! with who??? that must be a real desperado.

  8. What is wrong in wanting to know how to satisfy a man or to have sex. She is a normal human being after all.


  10. Even Uhuru watches porn, Mama ngina kenyatta watches porn. My mum watches porn and even my pastor.Retard this isn't news.How did you know the word might have watched it too.

  11. She ve made me proud, she was learning on how to keep her man satisfied. Im also doing same every day. thats how im a pro

  12. akuje anisatisfy


  14. Why sack her, for what?whoever dost fuck, let you be the first to throw a stone to her,watching porn or fucking is normal. Heko Raychelle,I wish we were watching together----- Ningekutia usikie utamu.

  15. Kenyans are hypocrites...

  16. Stupid silly daily nonsense. You Admin must be idle and crazy prowling and stalking leaders.

  17. So daily post, where/when did you do the search to know the exact meaning of porn so that you classified it as a evil act...coz it seems you are sooo angelic that even the word doesn't exist in your vocabulary.

  18. next time your pastor preaches to you how bad the internet is, full of explicit ponographic material, ask him how he came to know that. So now you want to sack a grown up for watching porn? get real!

  19. she is human being, wat wrong with dat?

  20. Next people will call for someones sacking because he had sex with his wife or her husband

  21. Nothing bad. After all 'how to have s3x' is not porn & porn is entertainment like any other

  22. No problem with that...........the problem with Kenyan women is that most of them are hypocrites. They say men are dogs.bla bla bla yet still look for them.

  23. and who the complainants, why have you not
    named them?

  24. I do not think she did an extra ordinary thing from all of us. Many does it and now are just seeing her. Furthermore, knowing how to satisfy your partner is not warranting your bustling. Did you expect her to come and ask you about the issue? You empty minded creator.nkt

  25. oh common! she can do whatever she want! Everyone does! if she wants to know how to have sex and how to satisfy a man, Let her be!

  26. wacha ajibambe

  27. is she under 18??? need browsing lessons.

  28. needs to know how to satisfy a kikuyu...

  29. She can see whatever she want. She s also a human being. Don t worry. Let them shout soon or later they will cool down.

  30. kumbafu nyinyi kwani ni yeye wa kwanza kuona porn nuguu ino

  31. inakuhusu nini? thats normal. she is also human n she have to satisfy her man. Admin you are so ideal

  32. To all of you morons who are saying she can do/watch/search whatever she wants, i totally agree but NOT AT MY EXPENSE!!!! She can do that in her house but not in the office and at the office hours while the security in the country is deteriorating. No wonder because instead of doing the job we employed her to do she is busy thinking about sex. You can support her all you want as it is clear most of you are ready to pay someone who is not delivering but am not. I WORK VERY HARD TO EARN WHAT AM BEING TAXED TO PAY HER!!


  34. Wewe mungiki is that porn really?

  35. Amakosa mtu wa kumfinya vizuri ndo maana,sawa den take my no. tupatane

  36. Remember her title ni "Ms" not "Mrs" wacha apunguze baridi yawah

  37. Sio mbaya ilekitu anafanya. Lakini angeona Rachel Shebesh. She is a very resourceful politician in dat field. Alisaidia wanaume wengi.

  38. Thats not porn, nowonder you guyz fuck goats dogs cows hens

  39. Sio mbaya ilekitu anafanya. Lakini angeona Rachel Shebesh. She is a very resourceful politician in dat field. Alisaidia wanaume wengi.

  40. A role model?

  41. Rachel Omamo started behaving strangely when she joined Jubilee coalition. blame it on bad company

  42. These are the elements Jubilee inherited from CORD.....Nothing comes as a surprise

  43. Am a pastor and i watch porn it relaxes mind.even bill clinton aliangusha mtu kwa ofisi.let rachel enjoy herself defence docket is boring.

  44. Washeni Wivu!!!! you think Rachel has no feelings? I wish Rachel can accept my night out.....I always wish.....that night will make my life

  45. i think you wrote content she not an adult????

  46. Admin u r so does that photo relate 2 watchin porno.

  47. All u dream of are kikuyus. Poor you...

  48. Nyege nayo!

  49. these aldies called RACHEL wanamambo

  50. PEOPLE give us a break. Its not that watching porn is bad its the timing, and place that is unethical. Am so mad.. Firstly she was at work wasting time and my taxes throu internet, 2ndly no wonder we are being clobbered right left and centre by al shabaab. This people are not strategising how to overcome the enemy and tighten our borders, or recall KDF from Kismayu, They are very very iddle!!! Just last week a mat was bombed, but all Rachel wants is to satisfy a man when the sun is noon. Am half her age and i already know how to, how comes at her age she doesnt, was she a nun in her previous life?... Let her be sacked now!!!! she is incompetent. Jaluo na sex. Nkt

  51. ahhhhh Big momma

  52. Wanjaluo wanapenda $-X sana. Ata wengine wanaifanyia kwa ofisi
    Boss yangu Opi- - alikua anaendesha gari all the way kutoka Mombasa mpaka Voi kuja kutomba bibi wa mtu

  53. what crime has she commited anyway wewe admin u always watch porn i know u .. wewe ni besty yangu n u love porn so much.

  54. Sack her why and dispenses her work effectively?

  55. all in all I realise here in daily post people are sooo idle on talks

  56. luos ladies are known for that alover the world they steal peoples husband for sex uselesss

  57. that docket is not fit for this jaluo slat

  58. jaluos are a shackle of dooom nowonder there is insecurity give him another docket

  59. jalous are husbands thieves

  60. shameless jaluo

  61. luos only think of sex and omieri nothing else and that is why nyanza is the poooorest county useeeeeeeeeeeeeeelesssssssssssssssssss

  62. he who does not sin, let them be the first to cast a stone…… Who doesn't watch porn… Just because you have not been busted does not mean that you are more ethical or a person of integrity…

  63. Kwendeni huko!! Let him without sin cast the first stones....If she is married, it explains why she would be interested in such things. Wachaneni na Raychell... The kenyan society never ceases to amaze me..fanya kitu kidogo and they start baying for your blood! Who is idle now?

  64. It is not criminal for an adult to watch porn, but morally - societywise - wrong!!! But which society, you may ask. I bet even admin does the same under the cover of privacy, untill you do a similar blunder like her's.
    If this is what you kenyans are screaming about, what will you do about what happens 'between the sheets nktiest!!

  65. am watching porn right now is there anything wrong?

  66. 3RD WORLD ECONOMY, with idle ministers?????? am shocked. We require aggressive, dictatorial administrators, who will work with zeal, driven by patriotism, to fight corruption, laziness, idleness, watching porn in a public office, mediocre attitude, negative energy in govt offices, to be rooted out of this nation never to return!!!!! Am burning with rage, i hate her. My taxes????

  67. she is human yu know kitu kidogo mnapiga kelele who is idle now? mshindwe watch it more Rychelle be satisfied!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  68. hahaha i wish to believe it but oh no not this trend.

  69. Romance is god for everyone! I dont mind getting tactics from her!

  70. She is lucky to be in employment of a third world govt. /administration. Surfing porn sites will get you fired even with Kenyan A class companies with internet policy. In most cases those sites are blocked.

  71. why can you be sacked, while watching porn what is wrong?

  72. hata mimi i am watching porn in the office, kumanyoko wewe admin

  73. The picture used is of a respectable officer, Colonel Mutambo Kasiri, an officer whose conduct is beyond reproach and cannot be involved in this kind of trash, kindly spare him he has a family which look up to him for guidance. This Photoshop is totally unacceptable

  74. and who are these kenyans you and politicians always talk of?? am a kenyan and i dont see the need of her getting sacked


  76. Leave Rachel alone, for heavens sake. I am glad you say she was reading about sex and satisfying a man with no intention of sharing. Sex is one of the healthiest things on earth. What makes sex pornographic is the illicit desire to take it to the public - that which negates our sense of decency. Plus Rachel is a normal human being with urge to learn about a lot of things!. Lets respect people! Should one want to judge Rachel about her work then there are various ways of doing it.....

  77. everybody loves dick

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