I have 2 daughters but am NOT MARRIED …. Kiss TV’s GRACE MSALAME says … SINGLE men what an opportunity!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, December 02, 2013 - S3xy and bootylicious Kiss TV’s presenter, Grace Msalame, is a blessed mother with two adorable daughters. Unlike other celebrities who keep their children out of the public limelight, Grace has often let the world see her amazing siblings who closely resemble each other.

Recently, a local blog reported that Grace is married and even introduced his husband.

This was after the sassy screen siren was spotted enjoying some good time with a man together with her daughters during a school function. But the hippy presenter has rubbished the reports saying that the man in the photo is her daughter’s uncle.

Grace now says that she is not yet off the market and all single Kenyan men can breathe a sigh of relief.

Here is Grace Msalame enjoying some good moments with her close family members at a school function. What an amazing family!

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31 comments for I have 2 daughters but am NOT MARRIED …. Kiss TV’s GRACE MSALAME says … SINGLE men what an opportunity!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. Pass, i cant marry a woman who already has kids!

  2. where is the father of those girls?

  3. where is the father of those girls?

  4. i like her boldness its not a crime to be a single mum. fyi it is a blessing. how many single ladies have aborted or even leave their children with their mothers back at the village to come and lure men that they are single with no children. keep of grace n be the best mum to your children n dont hook up with a man who will separate you from your adorable daughters your daughter are more precious than that man who will bring shit in your life. all the best grace


  6. Expired!...

  7. At least you have tasted the stick since your two beauties didi not come through osmosis

  8. OK ..... you not married....sawa basi......but then who fucked you for you to get those twin daughters......and do not tell us it is manas from heaven........someone must have fucked that dirty smelly pussy between your hips

  9. so what?

  10. let her take care of her young ones.

  11. At this time and age looks like men dont want to marry a woman with two kids, ama niaji?

  12. not interested

  13. Give me ur conduct.

  14. congrats Grace,the girls are lovely and you'not denied them.of course they ve a father and let those asking of his where about come out clear if they re interested in fathering them

  15. kuna baba watoto,uktaka kumjua hookup wid da lady

  16. 2 many single mom's lately i spot, the lining of the family fabric is slowly dying.
    Blame it on our parents more so fathers those of us who grew up with dad's from the colonial era know what i mean* u knw the kind of dad's who would come home and the kids scatter to various other alternative spaces within the house*the kind that came home with a newspaper en not bread* the kind that beat your mum infront of you eh!*the kind that smiled at strangers and growled at you and snarled..
    Those are whom that failed our women and made em nt trust us

  17. Are they from different fathers?if so then you have a problem.

  18. She is STILL Hot Looking, Babe u deserve some Nice real Fuck to keep you YOUNG n Sexy

  19. U mean contact??? Ok, its 0722gofuckurself!

  20. They are twins.



  23. I hope she didn't choose to have kids without a father in their lives, coz its the trend with our "educated and independent women", if you are a woman and you had a dad in your life, your kid will never forgive you if you deny them the same opportunity, it is their God given right

  24. pliz connect me 2 her,she looks beautyful and down 2earth my email evanaskas.maruti@yahoo.com

  25. I still wouldn't mind eating her without a CD but NEVER keeping her as my wife

  26. Hahahahaha

  27. 2 fatherless kids? She is a whore.

  28. Most men here are just mad they didn't bag her first. Even with 2 kids she is still a banger

  29. 2 kids is too much, huyu amechapa

  30. Spent cartridge.Twins?

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