Woow!! This happened at Citizen TV’s SLIM POSSIBLE………How ROMANTIC

Monday, November 04, 2013 – Citizen TV’s Slim Possible season finale did not end without some drama. Despite losing the Sh. 1 million grand prize, Levi Kones from Eldoret left the show engaged.

Levi lost 34 kgs and during the season’s final episode at Boma Hotel he called his girlfriend Wangechi on stage and asked her the four magic words ‘Will You Marry Me’.

Amid tears Wangechi said ‘Yes’. The act left many women in tears and full of emotions as  they could not believe their eyes…...how romantic:


24 comments for Woow!! This happened at Citizen TV’s SLIM POSSIBLE………How ROMANTIC

  1. Levi ni mjaruo kwani? No okuyu man is that romantic.

  2. Ni kale si okuyu

  3. He is proud of his woman


  5. sasa naona huyu jamaa anatakikana na polisi! todays nation newspaper sisemi kitu!! its such a pity alichapa wife yake harafu akaenda kupropose

  6. Wish all kaleo men were like Levi.

  7. Kama wangechi ni wanyeri we utakiona cha mtema kuni coz ashajua weakness yako

  8. 11.03. weakness hiko wapi wacha ushamba. U just dont know how to luv or be loved. Kones & Wangechi. Congratulations

  9. ghai fafa

  10. I felt happy n emotional as if i were the 1, May they b happy alwz

  11. Congracts Levi nd Unice wacha mahaters wajinyonge

  12. Wishing u guys all the best..what a romantic way to say the three magic words,(i love u)and meaning them/proving them with the four words(will u marry me)

  13. Levi Kones is surely very romantic but wait a min guyz, just browse a little n u will discover that he is a married man n in that case wanted by the police bcz he abused his wife!!!!!


  15. Seems amekeliwa

  16. When u say wanted it means he's in hiding. Kwani th police dnt watch tv wamuone kwa slim possible. Stop spreading propaganda

  17. Where is the proof? Why is it that after the proposal is when some newspaper spreads such a story? Wivu ndio mumejaa nayo

  18. Levi Kones the niccah being sought by police for wife battery??? Iko kwa public domain. someni The Star

  19. Is he the same who has been charged of wife abuse??? in Eldoret on Mashujaa day??

  20. Jipeni shughuli. His fiancee is quiet but haters are the loudest being led by a newspaper. Kwani he proposed to u or your sis or daughter.

  21. i know levy from eldy am hapy for him coz he has really cut weight ope he will continue working out.Hizo propaganda zingine sijui

  22. Mbwa kibaisa ni wewe utapanua miguu kwa levi??? bullshit may the couple feel great happiness in their lives. Even if he is married he is an African and a kaleo for that matter!! he can propose to as many women as his capacity to provide can allow.

  23. Levi did a traditional marriage for all you guys information, he lived with his wife for 3 years even when in slimpossible he already paid dowery. Isnt that a marriage??? to add insult to injury, the ring he gave to the girl on TV belonged to his wife, he took it from her when he assaulted her.

  24. what traditional wedding are you talking about? Let me school you.Sabaots do their traditional weddings at the man's home.not the womans.When did faustine and her people go to levi's? how about some dates? And in those weddings when dowry is agreed on both parties have copies of the dowry negotiations. Where is yours?So he beat her with a microwave and had time to remove her ring? Do you know how stupid that sounds? As for how long they lived together, how about some proof? I know Levi left that chic last year, and she's so clingy and people like you are ashaming sabaot girls and making us all look sooo desperate. If she doen't want him, why is she the one trying so hard to prove she's married to him?And she is a fraudster by the way, those fake Ids are true and we know she has conned men before. Let me give you names.Didn't she con habel of 250k and was actually jailed in langata womens for a month in 05? Levi by the way, check this woman's criminal history, it would surprise you. These are the women who give ALL of us a bad name. shame shame. walk away you whiny bitch. that guy doesn't want you!

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