CRIME: Hardcore criminals ESCAPE from prison in Eldoret

Wednesday 6th November 2013 - Two hardcore criminals on Tuesday afternoon made a mysterious escape from the Eldoret cells in unclear circumstances.

Police officers are trying to figure out how the escape was possible considering the fact that the cells are tightly secured. The two robbers confined at the Eldoret G.K prison had appeared at the Eldoret court on Tuesday for the hearing of their case when they escaped.

A police officer who spoke to the media on condition of anonymity said that the suspects, Christopher Kibet Ng’elechei alias Pastor, 37, and 29 -year-old Titus Njoroge escaped between 3pm and 4pm on Tuesday afternoon.

Sources revealed that the suspects used a sharp metal tool to cut the heavy door hinges and made their way out.

But who gave them the metallic object?

Eldoret West OCPD, Ndung’u Wa Ikonya, who confirmed the incident said that the suspects escaped through a broken door and passed through a court room that was not in session before driving off in a taxi that was waiting.

Ikonya added that the CCTV footage disclosed every move and the police are sure to catch up on them soon. He urged members of the public to volunteer any vital information regarding the case since the criminals are dangerous and armed.


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  2. Generally insecurity imekuwa noma in ELdoret and entire Uasin-Gishu county at large.Police are reluctant in combating crime in the area.I want to believe that the police and criminals are together. reason being that recently a Robber criminal was cornered and mentioned where their ring leader is located near Keringet Hotel Eldoret selling the stolen Items but Lo.......! since the robber was burnt to death the obvious excuse was no evidence. How do we trust the police officers with their lame excuses? Its only high time Eldoret and Entire Uasin-gishu residence to embrace community policing let alone nyumba kumi because,e.g thugs from Huruma or Langas go to different areas where they cannot be easily identified and they strike in the middle of the night. when police are called they come three hours later. GOVERNOR MANDAGO Where are you? TUTAMKIMBILIA NANI? TUOMBE MUNGU ATUSAIDIE.

  3. How is Shebesh doing?

  4. shares jail with Europe’s condemned Murderers, Child molestersTHIS JAIL WILL BE UHURU KENYATTA'S LAST TEMPLE!
    SHOCK: CHARLES TAYLOR shares jail with Europe’s condemned Murderers, Child molesters
    Posted in: News|November 7, 2013 34 1 0 0 0
    DURHAM – The notorious body of Africa’s abysmal winners known as presidents and heads of governments will not contest the conviction of one of their former club officials, President Charles Taylor who has begun serving half a century jail term in Britain.

    Taylor, notorious for chopping off limbs of defenceless citizens was convicted by a ‘kangaroo’ court based at the Hague and sentenced to 50 years away from the civilised humanity. His new society at HMP Frankland, a maximum security in Britain, includes notorious murderers, terrorists, psychopaths and paedophiles.

    Paedophiles are those hapless savages who rape children. Psychopaths are those whose nihilistic members of the human species whose mental disposition manufactures violence like Brukenge.

    Terrorists you all know because they forced our soldiers to loot Westgate the other day. Murderers are bad people. . .very bad people who kill others. Charles Taylor, former president of a sovereign African state, and member of the African Union, is condemned among these people.

    Three years ago at HMP Frankland, a double child-murderer, Ian Huntley, had his throat slit by other inmates!

    You see, even the condemned have conscience amongst them and if someone dare sneaks in that Blood Diamonds movie for the inmates, the AU should consider their former esteemed official a dead meat.

    Taylor’s whereabouts after leaving the Hague was first revealed by his wife, Victoria Addison Taylor (she had a child with him while at the Hague) who called the prison as the abode of ‘high-risk criminals’.

    “He is being incarcerated in Frankland prison,” Taylor’s wife Victoria Addison Taylor told AFP.

    “They took him to this prison where high (risk) criminals, terrorists and other common British criminals are kept and he is being classified as a high risk prisoner…He is going through humiliation and you cannot treat a former head of state that way,” she added.

    The Liberian civil war, where Taylor’s Sierra Leone rebels and his Liberian soldiers committed some of the most gruesome acts of modern warfare is seen as one of the most brutal wars of the 20th century. It is such incomprehensible human fatalities, committed to retain political power, that the ICC was established to mitigate.

    Frankland is the largest of five high security prisons in England and Wales. Among the late alumni of the prison is Harold Shipman, one of the most prolific serial killers in recorded history, blamed for up to 250 murders, who hanged himself in HMP Wakefield in January 2004.

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