SHOCKER: Man RAPES 18 year old epileptic woman in Embu

Thursday 31st October 2013 - A convict serving a 30 year jail term for rape charges has had his appeal thrown out by the High Court in Embu.

Simon Mutuku Musyoka raped an 18 year old epileptic woman at Mbondoni village of Mbeere South District. The woman had fallen down with seizure when the accused worsened her situation by raping her without caring for her condition.

Musyoka appeared before an Embu Court asking the sentence to be quashed claiming that the prosecution witnesses did not corroborate their evidence.

However, Justice David Majanja ignored his request stating that Musyoka took advantage of the woman’s seizure to sexually molest her "in broad daylight". Majanja added that the woman regained consciousness following the exercise and found Musyoka on top of her.

She pleaded with him to stop but he insisted that he had to finish the process. With that, the judge ruled that the convict was sentenced properly and that he should serve the jail term.


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  3. That's what we call justice. Thanks to the state. The judge and the prosecutor.

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