SHOCKER! All these TOP RAPPERS are HIV POSITIVE …. Sad! LADIES take care…

Gucci Mane
Gucci claims he smashed Tyga’s wife Blac Chyna. Tyga claps back and claims Gucci has HIV…which would mean….yea. Clearly Tyga didn’t think that tweet through and it soon vanished from his Twitter page.

Wiz Khalifa
Before he was happily-married to thicky thick snow bunny Amber Rose, he was reportedly smashing attention-thirsty groupies and spreading HIV. Yikes.

The once relevant Philly rapper was accused of infecting a groupie with HIV after numerous encounters in seedy NJ hotels. He laughed off these claims via Twitter.

Shawty Lo
The fertile rapper currently suffers from Diabetes but was embroiled in nasty AIDS rumors fueled by his, uh, reckless bed-hopping + condom-allergies.

Slim Thug
According to anonymous sources, Thugga was smashing filthy groupies across Texas and spreading the monster. He eventually denied these rumors years later.

Vybz Kartel
The dark-skinned Dancehall artist-turned-light-skinned Dancehall artist was caught up in HIV rumors based on groupie claims. He denied them.

Nicki Minaj
There’s nothing funny about an HIV internet hoax but it happened to Nicki via fake press release and escalated quickly. After a few hours, there were thousands of #PrayForNicki tweets from her obsessive Barbz.

Trick Daddy
Ricky Ross alleged that the beloved Miami rapper has AIDS, not Lupus on “Valley of Death” (“Deeper Than Rap”) and faced backlash for being messy. Trick fired back and denied the allegations but Rawse stood by his lyrics based on inside info he received.

HIV rumors have haunted the freak nasty rapstress her entire career and probably won’t die.

Mike Jones
Mike…Jones? WHO? Yea, that Mike Jones lost over 100 pounds after falling off and rumors swirled that he had “the package.”

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  1. Rappers are illuminati puppets. And as a puppet one of the requirement is gay sex whether you are straight or not. Homosexuality and drug abuse is very RIFE in music industry, they are part of initiation.
    Devil do not have a free gift, he will give you fame and fortunes but you will pay dearly.

  2. hiv doesnt mean death?????????so whats the big deal

  3. HIV + or - peple should chaste lives

  4. U must have it to,..

  5. Everyone on that fucking list is nasty you guys need to stick with one person no matter What you do everybody gets ass and dick thrown there way it's up to you to make the right choice use a fuck'in condom

  6. You guys should know better quit acting like you guys don't know better

  7. Lol I was thinking the same thing

  8. A friend of mine has it she got it at 17 and that's her fav line it's not a big deal it is tho


  10. It's sad that to want happiness you'd rather sell your soul to the devil, then rather earn it righteously. I am not judging, I just simply hope that GOD has MERCY on their souls.

  11. Scientists are very close to not just curing hiv. But killing the whole virus God bless all..

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