RAILA ODINGA’s new book REVEALS MORE ……… Why I hate President MUSEVENI with a passion.

Saturday October 5, 2013 - Former Prime Minister, Raila Odinga, has said he does not trust Uganda’s President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni.

In his new book Raila Odinga, The Flame of Freedom, Raila says he did not trust President Museveni to broker a truce during the 2007-08 post election violence because he believed the Ugandan leader was “part of the problem,”

Raila says him and his supporters were surprised when President Museveni telephoned Mwai Kibaki on January 2, 2008, to congratulate him only two days after he had been controversially declared winner of the disputed election and hurriedly sworn in.

Raila says the more President Museveni became involved in trying to resolve the standoff, the more suspicious Odinga and his close officials became of the Ugandan leader.

The former PM, who is also the CORD leader, says when former UN Secretary General Kofi Annan was appointed mediator, President Museveni advised him and former President Kibaki to institute a judicial commission of inquiry instead, and sent a document to both parties on how this should be done.

But Raila, who is known to be a good political schemer, told Annan what he thought of President Museveni’s role.

“He is part of the problem and therefore cannot be part of the solution. There are stories of Ugandan soldiers in the country, and the public’s perception is that he’s leaning to the other side. He is the only one who has congratulated Kibaki. People would like us to ignore that suggestion.” Raila says in his new book which will be launched on Sunday at KICC.

Raila says the presence of Museveni in the peace deal did not bear fruits because he was always on the side of former President Kibaki.

More serialization of the book to continue…..


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  1. RAILA,Why didn't you speak out then or even reject anything to do with Museveni involvement.Looks like you were hanging on the fence and couldn't make a fundamental decision on your feet.Its too late now we cant turn the clock back


  3. The thereafter of an event that you thought of and never applied or did not work does not count here.
    Kenya government has to watch Raila VERY KEENLY for what happened in 1982 is in the offing. The security apparatus should be apportioned separately - the alshabab and the clandistine movement from Raila side that is looking to take advantage (if not part of the ploy of alshaba to disorient security forces)not be mixed up with the alshabab. This is an ALERT!

  4. There is a force that is within the opposition government of Kenya to looking to overthrow the government. The practice of the shabaab activity in the recent times is just but a litmus. All the security apparatus within the government has to be heightened. Changes within security circles has to be looked at and changes effected immediately if warranted. Treat this infor as not a thread but a security concern froma good source of a concern individual.

  5. Raila was in Kampala before the elections visting Museveni n asking for his support, so when did he decide that he doesn't like him? Raila is such a snake in the grass

  6. You could never trust what raila says .. just keep away from him.

  7. Wasted opportunities. For RAO, the glass is forever half empty. 1997 Moi made him KANU Sec General and Minister for Energy. He undertook to undermine Moi and Uhuru (now in The Hague). 2002, went into partnership with Kibaki, saw nothing but MOU. Pent years undermining him. Glass was half empty. 2007 Grand Coalition, saw nothing but mkate nusu. Spent more years undermining Kibaki. Day of reckoning was 2013 when he lost elections. And now this book as a poscript.

  8. Kwani wewe ni mungu? you must be those stupid kikuyu who think like kids. Just wait and see what icc will do to your people.

  9. Raila Ojinga is always paranoid

  10. Raila Odinga , are you not the one who invited Museveni to your Bondo home without respect to any kind of protocol? At least Museveni is not a primary school drop out, some of us respect him for his education among other things

  11. It is Museveni who does not like you. He has told you on your face before.

  12. kuweka grudge nae. Raila is like a toddler.

  13. Would a nobody attract such a reaction, this guy really controls many people's thought process. A nobody would not attract any attention. Please leave your lives and RAo alone. Looks like people do not understand what the book is all abouit or why people write books of this nature, ignorance kibao...

  14. Fuck you!

  15. You write a biography to launch a political career or to reminisce one that just ended-AhmednassirLaw...or to further whine to maintain relevance

  16. Always full of Bitterness, Hate and Revenge. the 3 things that God hate most no wonder he can never get the presidency

  17. I ever wonder u!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. toeni Uhuru na Ruto hague ndio muongee

  19. this thing rao calls biography is nothing but full of shit Museven never supported u in 2007 elections even thou u tried to hard to be on his clean sheet by going to Uganda to show ur support in his campaign. come 2012 he was on Uhurutoz side n stil nt yoz uv always been a looser Odinga u r a reciepy fo disater n the sweetest thing abt all this is that u will never taste the seat even fo 2min.IDIOT

  20. So Koffi Anan was working on the advice of Raila. That's why Koffi Anan removed Raila name his name from the waki envelope.

  21. This book could have been entitled flames of propaganda and bloodshed

  22. That 'lebu' guy insulting kikuyus, kwani wewe ulizaliwa na shetani na mama kahaba? when a single fellow insult you,why do you drag the whole community in?

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