OSUJI warns RUTO over making media statement regarding the ICC - You will be ARRESTED and DETAINED!

Saturday October 26,2013 - Trial Chamber V(a) Presiding Judge , Chile Eboe Osuji on Friday cautioned Deputy President, William Ruto, against discussing his ICC case in the media when he returns into the country for three days, to sit in for President Uhuru Kenyatta who is visiting Rwanda.

The judge said Ruto had done it before and the chamber had accepted his lawyer’s apology over the matter.

“The first time this happened his counsel apologized and said it was a mistake,” Osuji who is a Nigerian national said.

Two weeks ago Ruto addressed the media at The Hague where he accused the Office of the Prosecutor of conducting shoddy investigations.

Last week, speaking to CNN, Ruto still attacked the ICC saying the court relies too much on falsehoods rather than relying on naked truth.

The Prosecution led by Fatou Bensouda wrote to the Trial Chamber V judges saying Ruto addressed matters before the court outside the court room.

But on Friday, Osuji said if Ruto repeats the mistake again, he will be arrested and detained at The Hague.


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  1. Weh, I never felt so humiliated in my entire life, why should this court keep lecturing our leaders as if they are small kids? We should seriously look for ways to redeem ourselves.....this is not good at all. OH GOD PLEASE ANSWER OUR LAST PRAYERS CONCERNING THESE MATTERS AND MAKE THIS COURT TO SCATTER INTO SEVEN WAYS THROUGH JESUS CHRIST I PRAY AND I BELIEVE. AMEN

  2. Hapo chacha!

  3. Try to arrest him. we will take you out one by one. mafia style.

  4. Its very disturbing to read that our leaders are being warned and threatened around while all we know as Kenyans is that the prosecution is driving cooked lairs. I can now feel what to be colonised means; its been a fairy tale buts now more real.

  5. We are tired of this monkey trial of our leaders. DP come back home and never go back to be humiliated by those masters of evil schemes, Presso don't go to that court. You people Never Killed, those who did should carry their own Cross. Remain at home and take up your leadership positions and stir the country to prosperity.Our leaders, stop, think and behave as leaders. Our country has go through a lot, our people just hate one another because of the poison they get from bad leadership. Greed by some makes it even more worse for all. Think Kenya, live Kenya, Eat Kenya, and for the love of God stop being masters of the evil thing..US, UK and the like headed leadership should not think that we will just sit there and watch them tire our country apart. You are mistaken people. Take care of your problems and stop dictating to us. We are no ones babies. We will deal with our problems the African Way. we don't need your advise. Bravo China for coming to our Rescue....don't you dare crow those silly brains like the ones who hate us with passion. Together we shall grow to prosperity. For we in togetherness we stand out from the rest. Forgiveness is Honorable, if you have wronged, seek God and ask for forgiveness. Long Live Kenya. Maskwembe.....jibeni shukuli...wacheni usembe....


  7. And why is Bensouda always on the media? This is total bullshit. Ruto should not be scared and should abscond going there. Fuck ICC

  8. Glad to see the law being enforced on the Kenyan "powerful and untouchable"


  10. Call it payback or karma....

    Just like Kimaiyo and Matiangi gagging Kenyans from knowing the truth about westgate attack... the shop operators rebuked from asking about their looted cash and stock..... Our selfish and corrupt leaders are also being gagged from asking questions about the fairness of the ICC trials.

    I voted for Uhuru hoping that he will stop corruption but he has disappointed me thus far and for that reason, I dont care if they are detained at the fox river prison!

    ICC is heaven sent!

  11. The AU told you not to coperate, now you see ? You have no fallback plan. And these people will find you guilty on flimsy grounds or arrest you for one nuanse or another.

  12. fuck i.c.c. you are good at giving stupid warnings and yet the prosecutor and her so called witnesses are all fake....i thought you have done better than this.....kangaroo court indeed...

  13. This so called presiding judge comes from Nigeria where sorry to tell you but they have NOTHING other than the good man of God called Prophet T B Joshua. Other than that SERIOUSLY the whole place is a ridiculous mess: No roads to talk about, no traffic lights, no order at all and then ironically they buy the latest American cars (never mind the roads are nowhere close to even a dirt road). Now this Nigerian man with his Gambian sister Bensouda are tasked with humiliating African leaders and they do with a passion. The Lord God help us break this curse over Africa! The judge and Bensouda are sell-outs like Koffi Annan and Raila who enjoy being the soles of wazungu shoes. And also why is Bensouda in the media all the time vomitting about these wretched case and Ruto is scolded like a child. When will Kenya stand up and say ENOUGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If Bensouda and her slave brother tried any of these nonsense on a Western Vice President, they would be at Guatanamo. Yet you see apes here from Africa ululating at how their leaders are being humiliated. SHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMMMMMMMMMMMME on these foolish ICC nonsense!!!!!

  14. Osuji fuck off, keep ur Kangaroo Court, house nigger, u do not scare us .Why don`t u arrest those witnesses who r telling lies all the time?Shame Shame to u n Benfunda. Go to hell our Presso won`t come to Hague come whay may.Arrest Bush n Blair first.

  15. Osuji you are corrupt i know the dirty job you used to do in London..Why dont you arrest Ruto instead of making empty threats. Ousi you are gay i must tell all kenyans you are gay thats why you have red lipstick on this picture!!

  16. @02:32 AMEN! I totally agree! FUCK ICC!

  17. Ni ajaribu na atajua ni kwanini tunakunywa chiego. Mimi nimesema.

  18. Loud and clear, you open your mouth and you will be locked up. That is called " fanya fujo uone"...

  19. Why is it a new vocaburaly for primitive Kenya niggers that A Nigger President like Uhuru& Ruto are not equal to EU/USA president (Both Ruto & Uhuru Kenyatta are )Scavangers who should & must wipe Msungus asshole after visiting pit-latrin toilet in Kenya!

  20. @anon 23:31 your mama is aproduct of a nigger father

  21. Whats wrong with Anus thinking Uhuru&Ruto Cowards who shit under their pants when UK/USA ambassador Roars to them like a Lion>?For heaven's sake. The normal culprits get jobs when hustlers still hustle. Kaguthi??? What did he do with NACADA?? After another 5 year term then we form another body and appoint the same 'reputable leaders' to head them. Naikuni, CEO KQ, Chancellor SEKU University, do we not have other capable Kenyans?? I am guessing all the other names stated are of eminent Kenyans. How do you become 'reputable' when you are not given the opportunity?? For Mr. President, I am not too particular about appointments as long as the persons who are assigned the positions are effective, we voted for you because we thought you would walk away from the recycle business. Some of these recycled guys do not have the energy or time to put in 100%. End result, some junior officers issuing IDs illegally. The hustler's jury is out and come 4 years from now, we return a verdict!!

  22. Ruto usrudi hague

  23. Usuji should use his position to arrest the boko haram murderers in Nigeria. The number of deaths caused by boko haram is more than in the Kenyan case.

  24. UHuru declare Carfew in Kenya !!!!!!!Deport All, EU/UKUSA France, Canada, Australia,Russia, Ambassadors Hence China is behind You !Kenya is no Syria ??????????Uhuru has made Kenya a Chinese Protectorate! Oh communist chinese ass!Dear Comrade Uhuru ! Will Kenyans now.Speak,and Learn Chinese!????????

  25. UHuru declare Carfew in Kenya !!!!!!!Deport All, EU/UKUSA France, Canada, Australia,Russia, Ambassadors Hence China is behind You !Kenya is no Syria ??????????Uhuru has made Kenya a Chinese Protectorate! Oh communist chinese ass!Dear Comrade Uhuru ! Will Kenyans now.Speak,and Learn Chinese!????????

  26. Uk has taken the Lock (Gibrattafrom the powerful) Spain Malvinas(falklandsIsland) from Argentina !Why Monkeys like UHURU&RUTO breaching Tullow Oil&gas Contracts) this is British Intrests in Kenya !UK must change the Soft Language and Swicht to the Language Nigger Understands>UK cannot allow a Nigger to rape Murder his masters wife and daughter then goes on to hang his masters dog and to burn his masters house/Villa this will not be allowed or even torelatednot by Imperial British and her Armed forces Fire Power!arrest Uhuru&Ruto Lock them & bring in new Regime that respects Rule of Law & human Rights >Ukhas only few Kikuyu fanatical supporters!Uhuru Holding western Europeans at Ramsom>Another False Flag Operations >Here Turkanas allowed to block oil drillings without IG Kimaiyo sending his trygger-happy killing Police Riot Squads of Kwekwe>Up to you Western sleeping Giants>Teach Uhuru&ruto a Lesson for him to respect Contracts>FEARS OF SAFETY

    Demonstrators blocked all roads leading to drilling sites at Kalapata, Lokichar, Lochor Emoit, Kaalmorog, Kakongu in Turkana South and Nakukulas and Lokichada in Turkana East and vowed not to back down until their demands are met.NOTE >The Answer is to Change and to replace the Rogue Regime>>>Regime change is the solution!

    On Sunday, the British oil firm, through its public relations firm, Africa Practice, said it had suspended all drilling operations and expressed fears for the safety of its staff, especially expatriates.

    “Tullow confirms that there have been a number of demonstrations at Tullow operated sites in Northern Kenya today (Saturday, October 26) regarding local concerns around employment. We are working with the central and county government to bring these demonstrations to a peaceful and orderly close as soon as possible. We have temporarily suspended our operations across Block 10BB and Block 13T in Turkana East and Turkana South sub-counties. The priority at the moment is to ensure the safety and security of our staff,” Tullow said in a statement.

    The closure could cost Tullow millions of shillings in lost time as this will further delay its exploration and drilling programme.

  27. it's surprising the extent to which these Africans are going just because of some payslips at the ICC while the court is well known to be ant-African

  28. Anon 11:33 Yes they will all leave, US, UK, FRANCE, BRITIAN, GERMANY, and HOLLAND FUCK THEM ALL!!!!!!!!!!...Our fathers ate, drunk, and slept after the white man left and so we will

  29. Guys the plan for US, UK, Holland, Germany, France is for ICC to lock Uhuru and Ruto so that Raila becomes president and then he can cancel China out and welcome these hypocrites in....Uhuru dont try to go to Hague!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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