OMG! Most of modern Nairobi CHURCHES are worse than NIGHT CLUBS….Cabu Gah EXPOSES..

Last Friday, I attended a Kesha. YES,A KESHA...

Now,for the uninitiated ones among us,a Kesha is an over-night church event that entails worship,praise and prayers.

I had been invited to the Kesha by some girl via inbox. And,after thinking hard about it,I honored her brave invite.

And so,I went. It was in a huge church along Ngong Road,whose name I wont mention.

I got there just a few minutes past 11pm. With two friends. And then texted my pal,told her, "Nimefika" and she came over to pick me up at the splendid church gate.

She walked us in. And,boy,oh,boy,THAT WAS Quite a church!

It was tastefully garlanded with state-of-the-art equipments,a stately podium,glimmering windows,a sound system that blared and blasted like a Brazil carnival,an imposing altar with a succulent green carpet and beautiful chairs arranged in the smartest rows ever.

There was a dizzying aroma in the air,the choir sang like Nightingales,belting out some of the most euphonious music ever sang.

The lights glimmered and shone with grandeur and the piano man,the drums man played those things like a deranged maniac in a mental asylum.

It was BOMBASTIC. It was Glorious. It was Disco-esque.

I sat at a corner. In the back. And sank into my seat.

Swiftly,I was served with a cute church brochure. And hugged by over 3 ushers...

I watched everything. And was awed. Totally awed.

It was now time for PRAISE . And God,that was something else.

I watched the young people dance and wiggle and boggle and gyrate like little imps!

And as we were dancing,a DJ walked in! The crowd went wild!

No pianos anymore. Or drums. Time for a DJ mix! JESUS!

Armed with the most lethal DJ artillery,the guy spinned the tracks like a zombie!

And the dancing got even crazier...and messier...

He played songs by Kris Eh Baba,Willy Paul,Juliani,Exodus,M.O.G,Kelele Takatifu,HopeKid...

And that was SUPPOSED to be PRAISE!

Dear Lord!

I sank in my little chair. Horrified.

He even utilized the "Ikibamba sana wapi Yesu Weuwee!" DJ drop. And the crowd would explode into deafening cheers.

And after the PRAISE segment,which lasted for over an hour,we were asked to sit. And,with sweat dripping from every single pore of our dreary bodies,we sat. Exhausted as grave-diggers.


And the Youth stepped forward. To "present". Or entertain Us. Or God. Or whatever.

Others sang. Most of them danced. But what shocked me most was a RAP BATTLE. Yes,a christian RAP BATTLE.

There were RAP groups who stepped forward and started free-styling and spitting rhymes. Competing with each other. Challenging each other. Intimidating each other. With RAP rhymes. Or whatever.

Right ON the church podium.

And the congregation cheered these teams on.

Time for the SERMON.

The "Man of God" had two silver blings,two ear-rings,burnt hair,a sharp suit and a cologne which wafted across the room.

He introduced himself as a Youth Pastor. And then preached. IN SHENG!


He read his verses from his SAMSUNG TABLET and translated them into SHENG.


The sermon lasted just about 28 minutes. And it was time to dance and "go crazy" again!


The DJ came on and started his thing. The lights guy now started utilizing multi-coloured lights to liven up the mood. It was like a disco-hall.

Now purple,red,neon,green and blue lights were shimmering down to us. Flickering and blinking. From corner to corner.

For a moment,I thought I was in Tribeca.


We were served with super-hot tea and muffins. And we were asked to use that time to socialize. And get to know each other.

But NO ONE SOCIALIZED. No one bothered knowing the other.

Everyone grabbed their tea and cakes,sank into their seat,whipped out their expensive phones and gadgets. And started "social-networking" like crazy.

Soft music played as the crowd was busy Facebooking,reading or replying comments,updating statuses,tweeting,re-tweeting. Or stuck in WhatsApp.

Everyone was buried in their phone. Smiling to themselves. Networking with virtual people. Or strangers.


What happened to simply PRAISING God the traditional way? What happened to the House of God?

Have we turned the House of the Lord into a "Christian Disco"?!

Why are we doing the SAME things being done in clubs? Why are we dancing like them? Behaving like them??

Did we go there to seek His Face or seek Entertainment?!

And why are we so hooked to our phones? And gadgets?

Cant we just stop facebooking and tweeting and whatsapping and get to ACTUALLY meet NEW People?? REAL People?!?

For Once??!

God Bless our Generation.

We are caught up.

In a confusion.

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  1. I agree. More like the lost generation but am not worried since Jesus is coming soon.

  2. @ anonymous ...What would Jesus do if He came back and decided to visit that church? Atachomoa nyaunyu and whip silly all those facebooking, tweeting or whatsupping telling them they have made His Father's House a clubbing house.

  3. Top anonymous, I agree. Jesus is coming back VERY soon, and we are living in the last days of the rule of man here on earth. Devil is aware of this and he is doing ALL to win many to himself. Kenya sadly is a place where devil has taken a real grip on. i think Kenya is the most dangerous country to live right now if you do not have a personal relationship with Jesus.

  4. Oh yeah! If I was an editor I would employ the writer of the story above. He knows how to report colour. Kenyan Post get this writer, quick. Mimi nimesema.

  5. Sure worship has being replaced by entertainment.

  6. This site is full of baloney!
    Whats the big deal about other people's sexuality or sexism? Only alcoholics and small minded journalists should care. There must be other better stories out there to report other than salaciousness.

  7. End of world.even somebody told me that SDA is boring.instead of hearing the word of God and salvation,people are occupied in their minds with dances and songs others even say that some churches have gals with swag other hot guys............mimi na nyumba nitamtumikia bwana.

  8. It may take years before Jesus comes back so be ready for more drama

  9. Am sure there was one two things positive that night, and since you have seen the problem first hand; make a date with the youth pastor huu

  10. Judges 2:10 “After that generation died, another generation grew up who did not acknowledge the Lord or remember the mighty things he had done…”

    This verse of Scripture is a prophetic picture describing the situation we find ourselves in today! It relates how LOST the emerging generation is… but also how “LOST” the church may be as well!


  12. Judges 2:10 “After that generation died, another generation grew up who did not acknowledge the Lord or remember the mighty things he had done…”

    This verse of Scripture is a prophetic picture describing the situation we find ourselves in today! It relates how LOST the emerging generation is… but also how “LOST” the church may be as well!

  13. This writer is a good orator I must admit. Well written piece.

    However, Christianity is not boring and it's moving with the times bro!

  14. Yes i agree. things ve really change in the way we worship and that os nt good at'll. Jesus is commin thos are among the sign fortold in the Bible.

  15. Satan and his imps is in control of the youth the world over. Oh! God of Israel, have mercy on the youth of today.

  16. Let the wheat and the chaff grow together, when the farmer comes to harvest he will separate the two. They are also know by their fruits.

  17. I agree with you.The devil has taken over some our our churches in the name of modernity and worship. But you forgot to tell us whether the Kupanda mbegu issue was raised. And I mean "sowing seeds" in its ful meaning because some so called churches are encouraging this.

  18. true i saw on facebook someone saying that they were in a kesha n it was late @ night time for prayer is time for prayer switch off the phone. Just pray and go home instead of telling the whole world.

  19. New believers may not see anything wrong with dressing anyhow until they start to see how others dress up in church.
    Its a slow process from accepting christ to becoming a saint.

  20. very sad on what is going inside the God's Holy Place,the youth esp the young women have forgotten to change their clubbing clothes before they come into the House of the LORD.The House of the Lord is a holy place that needs to be respected.

  21. nice observation

  22. Liar, this pic is more than two yrs old.

  23. Jesus will faint and collapse at the sight of these semi-nude followers !

  24. A good primary school compostion writer and a big liar.

  25. I want to believe that these are the people who the GOSPEL is searching for. The church is a school of sinners. The word of the Lord preached to such a congregation will not return to him in vain. If other preachers are too holy to preach to them let the bling bling preacher do it. They'll come before God naked and one day they will know how to dress properly. Adam and Eve came to God naked and he dressed them. Better attend a burial than a wedding. A Kesha is better for them than a night club, at least God's word is preached. John was sent to preach in the wilderness; this kesha is an encounter of spiritual wilderness, God must send preachers.

  26. Instead of taking the gospel to the world we are bringing the world into the church until there is no difference.
    The emerging church is so full of lies and deception all in the name trying to fit in.
    And we like sheep to the slaughter house just follow them blindly without caring to test them with the Word of God.
    Word faith gospel has brought all these, but don't worry all true believers and seekers of truth because there is a remnant of God and the true Church of Christ still stands amidst all this decadence.

  27. Stupid whores

  28. Great Piece here!!....but quite saddening for this to happen in the house of prayer

  29. ooooh my. dats strange but hope a day will come wen everyone will be judged according to the deeds he/she did

  30. Instead of going to drink in bars and having sex with random women, i would rather kesha here.

  31. Anon 19:56, if you dont find this post valuable, I wonder what you want in life. You must be one of thosewho are defiling the house of God. A day is coming and it is nigh. let us change our mentality and live according to the will of God. This way the devil will flee us.

  32. 01:21, you cannot mix God's ways with the world. You either serve one or the other.

  33. Churches have become devil worshippers meetings. Matters of God -worship, singing , prayer, dressing etc are done the way God Himself ordered. Most of music in churches today is satanic tho in church. The prechers and pastors in most churches are devil worshippers . what do you expect

  34. Look at the picture again, this is not in the church. And please daily post stop relating church of Gog with this.Thank you.

  35. The writer just does not understand.... sisi tuko next Friday Pasi!!


  37. They will reap whatever they are planting. That is not a church. people are using the church to get what they want, and what they are looking for is death. You cannot use the name of God in that manner, it is like committing suicide!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  38. God have mercy. It really is a lotten generation. Turn to God or perish. And if you think he's not real, you are a fool.

  39. You know back in the day, the old days of Christianity... churches were like your local mosque. But hey as soon as the Christians lost their way even a little bit, it was going to end like this in these satanic churches that were all about getting people through the door than giving the message. Unfortunately, as far as what the prophet said, the muslims will follow the example of Jews and Christians like a person chases a lizard down a hole in the end.

  40. Babylon is fallen, is fallen. GET OUT OF HER MY PEOPLE.

  41. mwisho wa dunia huo

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