OMG! MOHAMMED ALI of Jicho Pevu is an AL-SHABAAB agent. Find out why?

Thursday, October 24, 2013 - After Mohammed Ali’s expose on the alleged KDF looting at the besieged West gate mall, his investigative piece aired on KTN has elicited mixed reactions.

Inspector General of Police David Kimaiyo has even issued threats of arrest for the fearless journalist so that he can prove the authenticity of his CCTV footage.

One of Kenya’s leading bloggers, Mugo wa Wairimu affiliated to TNA has also rubbished Mohammed Ali’s investigative piece and termed him an Al-Shabaab agent.

Here is what he had to say;


'MATYR' BODY DISPLAY: This is one of the key methods used by Jihadists and their preferred media outlets.

-In Late August Mohammed Ali broke ALL Journalistic Rules by PUBLICLY displaying the Bodies of Aboud Rogo and three other slain clerics.

-That was not just a bad editorial judgement- but a properly timed activity in any Islamic Fundamentalists schemes.

-Ask yourself these hard questions

a) Why would anyone want to display for more than ten minutes badly mutilated bleeding bodies of "three Martyrs" at 7 pm?

b) What purpose does the display of "Martyrs" serve? This is meant to act as a signal to other "Martyrs".

Fundamentalist Islam teaches that Martyrs bodies have special powers.

If you believe that there is no connection between the Jicho Pevu Display of Mutilated Bodies and the Westgate Attack three weeks later, then you must be very wrong.

The Middle East Media Research Institute has details of previous tactics: Check them out in this link

2. Demonizing KDF/MILITARY: In order to encourage more Jihadists, the Islamic Fundamentalists have a well tested tactic of making the opposing FORCE look terrible and foolish

This tactic has worked well in Iraq and Afghanistan. Buy any preaching tape by Rogo and you will discover that Rogo and his fellow preachers at the Masjid Musa Mosque had been Demonizing KDF in all their preachings.

This is done in order to lift the spirits of new recruits, and fire them up against the "terrible" enemy.

I have checked, and rechecked the section that claims that KDF looted- but some things just do not add up: Before you join the mob justice of judging our forces- consider this

1) Looting would have seen them carrying different goodies, of different sizes and colours:

The images I have seen just show seven men carrying similar sized paperbags.

Nowhere do I see any till being broken into, nowhere do I see any soldier picking anything from any shelf.

Before we jump into the mob justice against our soldiers- consider this: Al shabaab has manufactured several defamatory stories against Ugandan Forces. The only difference is that Museveni will shut down any irresponsible media house that airs anything that tarnishes UPDF without proof.

JICHO PEVU has depicted/portrayed KDF as a bunch of clueless nincompoops.

First, by claiming that 200 men were not able to capture 4 "Fighters"

Second, by sensationally claiming that the 4"Fighters" mysteriously escaped(without showing how and through what route).

The fact that cameras only captured 4 men does not mean that there were only four.

Westgate has several shops and we cannot conclude that they were only four, when we only have CCTV footage of three sections of the mall that has hundreds of sections.

This fits well in the Islamic Fundamentalists system of Demonizing the opposing force.

Why Cant ALI use his 'investigative' skills to get to the bottom of those that funded the attackers?

Why cant he use his skills to expose the preachers that have been recruiting young men to fight against Kenya and kill Christians?

Why Cant Jicho Pevu give us the network that hosted these killers? Truth is: ALi is not willing to expose them; Reason?

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  1. You can call or give any name to what KDF was carrying but leave Islam out of your propaganda.

  2. I have being thinking the same even before the mall..some videos he showed recorded in somalia the al shabab training grounds,to him it sounded like they were heroes .another thing and most,how many reporters get to record this terrorists training and do an interview with there trainer.?HE NEED TO BE INVESTIGATED..he could alse be al shabab spy.

  3. Pis of crap.shit

  4. They just targeting him because he is Muslim... All Moha showed in his show was already shown in CNN, do that mean CNN is also alshabaab ?
    Cut the crap please and stop your discrimination against moha.

  5. u have nothing 2 tel us? Jinga ii

  6. we r aware dat cctv went off on monday how cames cctv got those soldiers leaving with the goods

  7. The journalist is simply informing us of the occurence and that is his job. You seem to habour alot of hate against islam and that will be counter productive. Islam is bigger than any group of nations branding and peddling propaganda of hatred against it. Alshabaab are a militant group with a political agenda and they use islam only to advance their agenda. We are not party to their criminal and inhuman activities. Our religion is sacred and pliz muslims are kenyans and are here to stay whether anybody likes or not. We have noted with alot of concern some stupid stereotype of branding any competent muslim professional as an alshabaab sympathiser. This is being stupid! We are not in Eorope or America. We are at home and demand our space and respect we accord our fellow kenyans of other faiths!

  8. A sell out of his own country. Should have been investigated like yesterday for aiding an enemy. which journalist in a situation of war will speak ill of his security organs and raise the spirits of an enemy by reporting its triumph and success and to make matters worse using clips? Looking for fame but let him know that majority will not buy his personalized ideas

  9. 'the fact that cameras only captured 4 men does not mean they were only four' Your words- good. Plz go ahead and believe this too, 'the images i have seen only show 7 men carrying similar sized paperbags-also good. This will also raise the question as to where and what the other hundreds of soldiers were and doing respectively.At least get things logically my friend....even if your are TNA.

  10. Islam is terrorism!!!

  11. This column is SPOT ON. There is something 'evil' cooking in Jicho Pevu exposee sometimes.

  12. There is nothing to do with religion in this when one prompts killers (Al Shababs) in the name of religious fundamentalism and demonizes their defenders ( KDF ). If you unable to show any respect for your country's(any) Armed Forces respect (e.g KDF in this case, whether a journalist of an ordinary citizen, then you are doing yourself a lot of deservice by not immigrating from such a particular state. Even if we want money so much, you cannot justify this lust by writing such garb bordering on sedition (if it is not already) to country's populace. What is the intended purpose for such gutter write-ups/editions? If we may swallow the hook and the bait and accept that our "God-Given" are guilty as charged, then what do we do when the Al Shababs coming knocking on our doors? We run away as refugee to Somalia?????!!!!!!!!. This is as good as allowing somebody to abuse you parents in front of you while you have already become of age.......... There is nothing like press freedom here..... It must come to a stop!!!!!!! We have lost too many lives, too much property, so much peace. This is to add insult to injury. Al Shababs stop becoming moslem the moment they start planning murder and destruction and become terrorists, just as anyone of us in any religion would. PERIOD !!!!!!! CONCERNED LAY PERSON

  13. No matter how sweet the story may look like.striping off our forces while at war is un acceptable.Kenyans should not forget that we are still at war.All al shaabab sympathiser should be arrested and charged with treason.

  14. Mugo's emotional and imbalanced article is full of nonsense. Is John also Al-shabaab? The expose was done in both English and Swahili. Are their bosses al-shabaab? He had to get clearance from KTN team of bosses in order for the Rogo and Wesgate articles to be aired. Lets be open minded pls. Gagging the media (as has Museveni) will take us back to the dark Moi era. I am surprised that this man can even refer to the Museveni repressive autocracy. Hidding facts of what truly transpired will not lead to an improvement of service delivery. The system has now been put on the spot and we are seeing positive change. If KDF botched the operation, then our security organ has to find a way of working on this for improved protection of the people of Kenya. Another point which Mugo ought to remember is that Islam in NOT al-shabab. This is a militant group which hides behind Islam. Islam is a peaceful religion and a true muslim is a peaceful person.

  15. i agree it is high time jicho pevu also go for these preacher recruiting youths, and show us the truth from both ends.....

  16. De best of Crap!only adull person wil believe ur john alen nabu not being part of dis team of investigators?why target moha?is it not because he is muslim?whom ever dis author is terrorisst itself and need to be arrested.dis is pure religious incitement.dnt turn kenya to nigeria.


  18. Well said. The daily post is a joke.

  19. Yes agent he is what about eye witness who saw man change cloths,where is clip,why nkmat only ,insurance claim ama vipi .state should not accept any claim in compen as this is aim

  20. A piece of stupid crap. Kikuyus never thinks beyond tribal lines

  21. Fuck you

  22. Bulkshit & crap

  23. Leave Moha alone,,,,this is shit


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