Kenya ambassador to South Korea, NGOVI KITAU should be SACKED! - He is an ICC mole - Wants UHURU/ RUTO jailed

Thursday October 31, 2013 - The Kenyan DAILY POST can now reveals that Kenya’s ambassador to South Korea, Ngovi Kitau, is an International Criminal Court (ICC) mole, who has been pushing for the imprisonment of President Uhuru Kenyatta and his Deputy William Ruto at The Hague based court.

According to Kenyans living in South Korea, the envoy and Former Vice President Kalonzo Musyoka have been holding secret meetings with ICC top officials in the city of Seoul where they have been wooing the ICC and United Nations Security Council to reject the deferral of Uhuru and Ruto’s ICC cases, arguing that it is miscarriage of justice.

Both the UN and the ICC are headed by South Korean nationals, Ban Ki-Moon the UN Secretary General and Sang-Hyun Song, the ICC President.

Kalonzo and Kitau have been communicating with the two global leaders (Moon and Sang) urging them to convince other countries in the Security Council to reject the deferral.

This new revelation may cement the assertion by Machakos Senator, Johnstone Muthama on Tuesday, that the Kamba community is supporting ICC Prosecutor, Fatou Bensouda, in detaining and jailing President Uhuru Kenyatta and his Deputy William Ruto.


22 comments for Kenya ambassador to South Korea, NGOVI KITAU should be SACKED! - He is an ICC mole - Wants UHURU/ RUTO jailed

  1. He won't get far ....

  2. Shame on u, he gets sacked coz of his views? oh dear be civilised!!

  3. Mkamba mjinga,kumbaf

  4. Anon 5:17 these are not views. He is actively selling out his boss. If he has been encouraging the UN and ICC to lock up the president and his deputy those are not 'just views'. It is amazing how many sell outs this country has.

  5. Get civilized my foot...he should be sacked.

  6. The word of God has never been popular throughout the ages! God said the Kenyan icc cases will fail but most pple don't seem to believe it, or maybe they never heard it in the first place. Hata bensuuda amekubali hakuna mahali zinaelekea. Just wait and see, in the meantime, aombewe apate a safe, honourable way of exiting or dissolving them altogether.

  7. What a silly man, how can he undermine the same government he represent and work with the opposition just because of where he comes from?

  8. After selling so many africans to Arab traders to become slaves, the modern day kambas are at it again. from waki to mutula. now muthama and ngovi.

  9. Insurbodination!

  10. water melon x water melon

  11. This is to humiliate African, and to make look as dark continent as they always think we have to depend on other for survival

  12. Nickbrian Kirui.

    Stupidity...! hiyo ni hali ya wakamba tey r always water melon even 2 their wives. Yani unaingilia prezo na ni yeye ndiye amekusustain in job, u r lyk a person cuting a branch of a tree yenye amekalia, 'Utaanguka jini mbaya mbovu!'. . . . Hata prezo na deputy wakifungwa ni faida utaget n yet water melons can never lead Kenya.

  13. Uhuru Kenyatta can fuck mr mkamba ambassador's black coal asshole!Uhuru will always have sleepless nights Money is not everything Uhuru & ruto will defenitely go to the wolves February is very soon

  14. Kafupi kama Mavi ya Tumkikuyu asubuhi! haka ka Dwarf will be jailed for inciting Kales to kill Kikuyus throug Kass FM! Very soon everything will be laid on the table at the ICC remember what is in store with the OTP! satelite photos/communications btw State-house/phone calls SMS/Fax (NSC (CIA/FBI/USA Embassy/EU/embassies has been monitoring Kenya security & State-House (You guys are a joke to Bensouda) The Woman is tough she gonna make Uhuru to Vomit & diarhear Mharo Mtura!

  15. Anon 15:08, pride goes before a fall. If the Icc prosecutor could use coached witness that means she also can have fake evidence.

  16. like!!!!


  18. shame on him betrayer hata mandevu hiko white and unkempt.

  19. I read mischief here. Somebody wants his job badly, so he results to dirty politics. No other ambassador has worked as hard aa this man, I have witnessed that.

  20. This is completely untrue. People are just there to spoil other peoples names. This gentleman works so well and its because the Kenyans out there want favours from him which he cannot they want to spoil his name. I know him well and HE HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THAT. their phones are tapped even for those who work in embassies.

  21. I am a Kenyan living in Seoul, South Korea and trust me all these allegations are fallacious , ill-willed and utterly preposterous . Any sound minded individual will be quick to notice that the allegations are aimed at pinning Mr.Gitau : who is a very honest and hardworking fellow . Anyone who has ever spent a minute with Mr. Ambassador knows his passion about Kenya's development and how he delineates this from politics. He always urges us to invest in institutions and not political systems. The writer of the article should also desist from generalizing "Kenyans in South Korea " and give us the names of the individuals engineering this fallacies . As if spreading rumors was not enough , the writer of the article decided to inject tribalism to appeal to the flock of sheep which is quick to jump to imprudent conclusions . If we are to move forward as a country ,we need to eliminate such individuals(the writer of this article) . The society needs more Mr.Gitau's to progress.

  22. may justice be done

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