HOT Citizen TV news anchor ….. moves to KENYA AIRWAYS

Tuesday, October 29, 2013 - Although Citizen TV’s business news anchor Alice Odera came and disappeared from Kenyan screens on a flash, her beauty and business grip seemed to have gone along with her.

Odera has now been appointed as the new Corporate Communications Manager at Kenya Airways.

News of her appointment was received well by her friends who bombarded her with congratulatory messages. Her employer also sent her a heartwarming message welcoming her to their team of professionals.

Congratulations are in order!


16 comments for HOT Citizen TV news anchor ….. moves to KENYA AIRWAYS

  1. She is not hot at all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Panua miguu kazi upate

  3. Other than the ass she seems pretty ordinary which isn't a bad thing by the way!

  4. This woman is hottttt!She is smart!She got personality and grace.She is business minded.You haters on this forum must have jealousy or something be wrong with your eyes.I love her skin tone,she is not like those bleached wanna-be with fake everything..fake eyelashes,fake boobs,fake butts,fake hair,fake brain Good lawd what else might be fake.I love this sista.I would not mind to make her wifey

  5. Congratulations. Watu wamecomment hapa juu yangu waache upuzi. give credit where it's due. Wambui.

  6. Looking for a job for my nephew who was orphaned when he was in Std. 4. Since you were lucky, can you assist an orphan

  7. I pitty the gal Naikuni ni kuni tuu!! He does not keep managers who dont play his way.... But nw its time for him to give way.

  8. She is the only anchor who knows how to dress and bring out the African beauty...............congratulations girl and I wish you well though nitakumiss kwa screen

  9. u r that jealous kids????

  10. congratulations gal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Alice is okey,n professional,Kenyans when someone is blessed,acheni kulalia milango wazi coz you cant take her blessings

  12. very much talented and cute

  13. I hear amefutwa for lying about her education? Pwahaha

  14. this girl is a fraud,she lived with a friend of mine when she came to the states she was 7 months pregnant,and then one day she and this frien of hers decided to go to the butcher house and she got an abortion,which nearly killed her,he r so called friend called me freaking out coz alice was in the hospital icu,but anyway somehow she ended up living with me and my family and this girl stoloe my social security number and started using it and before i knew it she became me,and she got a job pretnding to be me,an the worst is that she opened credit cards in my name,she stole my sisters NYuniversity ID and and her degree and somehow she inserted all her info,and basically she became me and my sister all at the same time,and then one sunday morning a stranger from local pharmacy called asking to speak to me and asking me why i have not shown up to work,and i was so confused,and so i went in to inquire what they were talking about and then they showed me a picture of her with my names on it and that is when my nightmare began.........for four years this girl put me through alot trying to convince the reditors that my identity was stolen,and finally one day i met her with some nigerian guys and before long she was going in and out of the states with alot of money,and i cought up with her when she was cought with drugs different identifications and was deported back to kenya but he mother still insists that she left for kenya voluntarily,but then again her mother is the same lady who was arrested for claiming to be related to president obama and extorting money from people...... so there you go..... if you know her just ask her about her abortion and see what her reaction is gonna be,one thing you gotta give to her is that she is smart,she is very inteligent she just uses it in the wrong way,she likes fast money.

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