Government body threatens to sue SHEILA MWANYIGAH over a RANDY advert.

Thursday, October 03, 2013 - Ever since the gorgeous Sheila Mwanyigah appeared in a Vaseline sponsored advert half-naked, many have found it offensive and now the Consumer Federation of Kenya (COFEK), a government body that checks on consumer product quality, threatens to sue Sheila for the randy advert.

The C.E.O of the body promises to give a comprehensive report after two weeks.

Here is the complaint and subsequent responsive by COFEK.

DECEPTIVE ADVERTISING: Consumer protest of Sheila Mwanyigha's Vaseline ad persist. #ConsumerBoycott ?? "At the outset, let me take this opportunity to commend you for the great work that you are doing for the consumers of this country. The purpose of my email is to inquire on whether you are in a position to intervene on behalf of consumers, in light of certain offensive Vaseline billboard advertisements. I am inclined to believe that I am not the only consumer who finds the said billboards to be obscene. Alternatively, I would be grateful if you could be kind enough and refer me to the relevant authorities. Thank you. Kind regards, Mbarak." 

Cofek Response - We are still consulting relevant agencies. Please give us two weeks to come up with a response on options including calling for a consumer boycott, court case, among other measures if the offensive ad is not pulled down.


12 comments for Government body threatens to sue SHEILA MWANYIGAH over a RANDY advert.

  1. fucking idlers and cofek isnt a government body.leave Sheila alone you bitches

  2. Primitive COFEK why dont they sue the naked ladies in K street, they show their pussies to every motorists even to us ladies before they realize its not a man behind the wheel

  3. Y can't they sue all these companies selling us mixed chemicals for natural juices?? Nktuseless!!! Leave Sheila alone!!!

  4. This AD is not Offensive atall

  5. its only offensive to those who are not as hot as sheila and alternatively their wives are also not as hot.vaseline big up for production of good lotion

  6. hi mind your own business whats wrong with that is it your body we consumers we have no problem

  7. kwani vaseline mtu ana paka nywele the concept is correct kudos sheila nys skin

  8. am not offended by the ad!

  9. why is it being a big deal i bet if she was slimmer no one would complain plus she looks great and times have changed plus the lotion is for the body


  11. But surely ata kama mafuta hupakwa kwa mwili she revealed too much.Vaseline style up

  12. honestly I cant see anything wrong with the advert on the other hand I like it..i wasn't using Vaseline bt now am using it just coz of the advert so some people should just shut the fuck en en get used to the advert.....ala!

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