WEIRD: 12 year old CIRCUMCISES buddy using a STONE in Bungoma

Wednesday 25th September 2013 - A 6 year old boy is fighting for his life at a Bungoma hospital after his friend chopped off his p*n!s using a stone.

The two friends were playing when the 12 year old boy suggested that he circumcises the friend using a stone. With little or no idea of what the process involved, John Gachangi willingly accepted.

He had not undergone the cut and after the friend convinced him that it was a painless five minutes procedure, he unzipped his trouser and exposed his genitalia. Using the sharp stone, the friend cut the upper part of the p*n!s off.

Speaking to the media at the hospital where John is admitted, his mother said that she was alerted by screams and dashed out to see what was going on. She was shocked to find John crying and bleeding profusely. The p*n!s was dangling, part of it had not been chopped of completely.

She rushed him to hospital where doctors had to complete the circumcision process. The doctors said that the friend cut the wrong vein causing him to lose a lot of blood.


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  1. surely....

  2. it was a good idea, coz even bible states that uncircumcised are children of devil and will not see kingdom of GOD ,thy will b locked out with dogs and SNAKES.

  3. Whichever way but he is a total man now.

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