Wednesday September 4, 2013 - The Kenyan DAILY POST can now reveal that Mojos Lounge, a popular food joint in the City Centre opposite Nation Centre, near Tribeka, is selling stale food to their customers.

According to a customer who narrated the shocking story to us, she bought a stale Samosa last week and when she complained, she was beaten badly by angry bouncers who claimed that she had refused to pay for the meal.

She said a friend of hers who accompanied her during the ordeal tried to take a video of the incident but once they noticed that she had a camera, they confiscated it and gave her a dog’s beating before throwing her outside the hotel.

She said she is nursing injuries at her home after bouncers colluding with the rude hotel management threatened her with death if she makes it known to public.

Another customer who also requested anonymity said the restaurant cooks food using sewage water which is usually brought by a sewer tanker at late hours of the night.

So if you are Nairobian and you are taking lunch or dinner at Mojos, know that you are putting your life in danger and this evening we have called public health officials and asked them to look at this specific bar. They promised to close such hotels which are endangering lives of Kenyans!


40 comments for WARNING to NAIROBIANS: MOJOS Restaurant, near TRIBEKA, selling STALE FOOD

  1. I c business rivarly,there is no way it can be a popular food joint yet sells stale n sewer food.munataka kuharibu jina ya mojo 4 ua selfish gains

  2. Mashetani nyinyi watu wa Dp, how many people that frequent that hotel do you think read this stupid blog!

  3. The only stale thing is this gutter press

  4. Unfortunately, everyone has a price... So do the health officials...TIK-this is Kenya..

  5. Mashetani nyinyi watu wa Dp, how many people that frequent that hotel do you think read this stupid blog!

  6. Bouncers r puppets protecting there salo, fuck mojo jojo guys ..... next time I will shit on ur menu.

  7. Heard of foetus used to make samosa's and sausages? Avoid Mojos at all costs

  8. abit exaggerated there "...using sewage water which is usually brought by a sewer tanker"...in any case i go there for the alcohol :)

  9. thank God I eat not nor will ever at Mojos - spread the word

  10. thank God I eat not nor will ever at Mojos - spread the word

  11. From now on, that place will be a no go zone. Useless Mojos

  12. This is a white lie and you should look for others things to tell people.Am a customer there stop defaming other people's business.

  13. Admin I was there at that particular time and no one hit that lady who was so high and issuing threats of 'do you know who I am?so these are pure lies and malice

  14. When did our media sink to such petty propaganda? No publicity is bad publicity... :)

  15. Mojos is not a restaurant...get your facts right.

  16. the only places tou eat fast food is these fancy 'american named' joints like tennesse, nirvana, etc ... they sell food 24hrs a day so getting bad food is unexpected ... but buyin food in a bar ... you need to question

  17. i know that particular place.the bouncers are usually rude and the toilets haziletangi bidii but hio story ya kuchapwa is a bit of an exaggeration.

  18. This purpotedly battered customer, where on earth did they report the asault?... as you stoop dont get beneath the sink gutter fellows.

  19. Anony 00.01
    tell the truth what was the lady complaining about if u r there as u claim.
    Call a spade a spade not a big spoon, when ple are told the truth they say its lies, tell them lies then, they will believe it. the water may not be sewer but some clean water tankers are used to remove sewer at night what about that u think its still rumours.

  20. Nonsense being reported here

  21. Its more xpensive to transport sewer water than clean water..stop malice

  22. If I was Mojos.. I would sue this gutter press to the last cent that it is worth.

  23. sure it's true, there foods are always in bad smell,

  24. Bouncers nao wamejifunza tabia mbaya...ingekuwa dada yao wangeskia vipi?
    N it is not mojos alone...

  25. na photo ni ya Tribeka

  26. Those are lies mi think you should get facts right before tarnishing some else business.

  27. kama hawapiki pombe then no biggie

  28. stale food in a bar is possible!!!after all a drunk kenyan smells not stale or fresh!!its possible!nimehama!!

  29. tribeka bouncer wezi wa simu colluding with waiters and pick pockets ad rather mojos.

  30. Using sewage water to cook! Do you know the meaning of sewage? That is the water coming from flashing toilets, washing machines, sinks and drainage water from the streets. You are really going over the top!

  31. Kenyan should know how to do business, this is lame it doesnt take a genius to know that after nonini started an African nite at Mojos Tribeka went running for Willy M tuva mseto to also start an African night, then again even the unfortunate members of the society in Mathare cant use Seweage water cook if there is any with that mind, i personally enjoy Fridays there and their services are very good especially fish fingers

  32. Gutter utter rubbish press!!!

  33. Why is tribeka being dragged into mojos serving bad food?

  34. Why is tribeka photo being dragged in into mojos serving bad food

  35. If mojos was really such a landmark ,why keep referring to tribeka.like mojos dont have a sign board.
    My rave is tribeka and it doesnt matter whether they bring willy tuva or not.
    Love reggae thursday with ghetto radio

  36. Ati what ? I am beaten up beacause of a stale samosa worth kshs 50.?
    Kwani how cheap is this club? I dont know this mojos iko? Opposite tribeka?

  37. Let the ladies growup n think twice b4 tarnishing peoples businesses na shame on them 4 failing to pay samosas worth 50Ksh each.

  38. I was in that club mojos NA BOUNCER AKANIFUKUZA KAMA MBWA?

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