Two Maseno University LADIES fight in public over a SUGAR DADDY……

Thursday 19th September 2013 - There was drama in Maseno University yesterday evening after two second year Education students fought in public over a sugar daddy.

The two were dating a sugar daddy, a brother to a famous Luo politician when one of them busted the other romping with him in the hostels.

According to eye witnesses, the two were dating the man unaware of the other’s presence in the man’s life. Each one thought she was the only one and they would brag to friends of how they have connections with politicians just by the mere fact that they were dating the brother.

However, drama unfolded when word went round and reached one of the girls that the sugar daddy was somewhere within campus and definitely not with her. Quickly, the 22 year old girl hired bouncers to go beat up the girl who was messing up with the boyfriend.

They ambushed the two as they were romping in the lady’s room. Realizing that he was about to cause a huge scene, the brother to the politician bribed the bouncers who went missing leaving the two ladies to handle their issue.

They engaged in a fist fight tearing each other’s blouse and pulling their hair. They accused each other of stealing the man attracting other students who love such scenes. A caretaker however intervened bringing the drama to an abrupt end.


6 comments for Two Maseno University LADIES fight in public over a SUGAR DADDY……

  1. maseno gani na cjaskia haaya???

  2. hahahaha wat a bad show of some of campus girls

  3. admin wacha mshene....ama umekosa news??????

  4. It's a shame dat in dis 21st century ladies still fight over a man! Shame shame on u ladies, dis man doesn't lv u bt he's just using u. Kwani they went to learn or to luk 4 men? Men lyk women who respect themselves. Who will respect dis 2 ladies after dis? 1st Cor 6:18-20 "He who sins sexually sins against his own body. U were bought at a price so honour God wid ur body ".

  5. i don't image hiyo movie it smack down or so

  6. Don't tarnish the good reputation of college girls with creative stories. I'm there and nothing like that happened.

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