MUTAHI NGUNYI says RAILA ODINGA will lose referendum badly- He wants to cause CONFUSION in the country

Sunday September 1, 2013 - Renowned political analyst, Mutahi Ngunyi, has sensationally stated that former Prime Minister, Raila Odinga, will receive another humiliating defeat if he continues with his quest for a referendum.

On his Twitter account last week, Mutahi, who is one of the most celebrated political scientists in Africa said, Raila is only interested in reviving his already dead political career and he will again receive a thrashing from Jubilee supremos.

Mutahi, who is famous for his wizardly hypothesis dubbed “Tyranny of Numbers” which saw President Uhuru  Kenyatta and his Deputy William Ruto clinch the Presidency on March 4th, said Raila’s aim of  calling a referendum is to revive  his dreams of a run –off which he didn’t have after he lost the March 4th elections adding  that he wants to confuse Kenyans bearing the fact that President Uhuru Kenyatta and his Deputy William Ruto are due to attend trials at the International Criminal Court (ICC).

Mutahi said Raila will win the argument on the referendum but he will lose the fight the way he lost the March 4th elections.

Here is Mutahi’s Ngunyi tweet

Mutahi Ngunyi #Referendum is the run-off that Raila didn't have. It is meant to coincide with ICC confusion. He will win the argument, but lose the fight.


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  1. i hope he looses the argument as well

  2. RAO should behave like a statesman. He is allover but not providing leadership. His friend Morgan Tsangirai lost because instead of showing alternatives he kept on commenting and reacting on what ZANU PF was doing, he lost. It is a matter of time and RAO will be gone too. He commends on this on that etc, this funeral here, this funeral there, land title deeds, etc.RAO you will find yourself where Morgan and Bissigye are, irrelevancy!

  3. Truth be told.

  4. All Luo leaders have failed to deal seriously with Kikuyus!where are the strategically comatoze Luo Proffessors to knock Kikuyus with a political Nockout and floor them to the ground!Luo elites should wake-up from collective Amnesia and stop being cheap nuts !who can be bought easily and cheaply like Monkeys!

  5. Raila will end nowhere at last, do something profitable for kenyans Bwana Raila!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Black him (Raila) from news media ... Miguna wa Miguna was very correct about this guy. What he says & do no normal & Thinking Lou person can identify with him.

  7. Am a complete cord with no regrets but i miss that day when Odingaism shall be swept out.Odinga means no good for this country and to the larger Luo community.A president that never was,i agree with Mudavadi,you cannot be a complainant forever.RAO,are you listening?i know you a poor listener but the sooner you change your style the better for you.

    Please pass the button honourably.

  8. Mutahi is not celebrated, but hated guy for talking nonsense. Only stupid tribal kikuyu celebrate this bagger.

  9. Kikuyu nonsense....why don't you just say you will steal the referendum the way you stole the election.

  10. The Best place 4 him(rao) is KUZIMU!!

  11. RAILA is such an old dog. He knows only how to bark at his owner and not the thief.

    The land scandal at LAMU and Orengo's sitting on thousands of title deeds for political millage have exposed him. SOUR LOSER!!!

  12. The Profetess in a two P- suit has made Raila her GOD. One line of arguement since we have known the quark. Get a life! Doesn't the profetess have to appease , the small god of mt kenya,
    the owner of all beaches at the coast,
    the owner of all lands.
    the owner of all petrol that the Chinese uses to build roads in Kenya,
    the owner of our roads and who decides which traffic rules to follow,
    the owner of Central bank,
    one who decides the color of notes …
    The One who decides what the the likes of Raila should say...

  13. Kenyans needs tangible benefits, a bread on the table, something that will add "more sufurias of ugali", Kenyan are tired of elections, referendrum etc. We want an improved economy, more jobs, better standard of lives. Watch Uhuru and title deed saga, that is tangible these people can build permanent houses, build their lives and get financed, watch Ruto and reviving of sugar industries in Western, that is tangible, more jobs, improvement of lifestyle in Western. Wake up bwana Raila, Kenyans want to know what you have done so far, what you are doing now and what you will do in future to improve our lifestyles. Might be you can try something as simple as sanitary towels, following the sensitization of the issue on citizen or in your various visit invite some investors to boost our economy. Do anything to make Kenya better, remember "Wangari wa Mathai" and her version of a small bird that try to put off fire in a forest by carrying water with its small wings.

  14. I agree with the MP who said last week that RAO is a spy and everything he does he has been told to do by the west. He is no longer in control of what he does.

  15. hihihi message from poltical analyst ;kikuyus will run the precidency 4 a hundred years

  16. Raila should remember the words of his own father who warned him sternly of his character that he might walk the length&bredth of this country and return at sunset with nothing to show of it. For sure his political character and behavior is wanting!! i bet his father knew what he was saying.

  17. tyrany of numbers says tuko wengi kwa mortury ni sisi wengi kwa njela na still in govnmt let them dare try to gather the one m signature we gather 3 m agaisnt it

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