Kenyans Support SHEILA MWANYIGAH’s randy advert…

Trust Kenyans to give their divergent views on a trending topic as witnessed in the recent drama where Sheila Mwanyigah posed half-naked in a Vaseline sponsored advert.

With sections of Kenyans condemning the ever gorgeous Mwanyigah for the act,others are applauding her and see nothing bad with posing half-naked in public.

Here is what some section of Kenyans had to say about the matter:

Lydia Matata
She looks beautiful...Hey sexist Kenya unfortunately this is not Saudi Arabia nor is it Pakistan, our bodies will not be used or torn down or illegalized to live up to ur male patriachical holier than thou bullshit. If u want u know stoning of women and cover ups hey...countries like those are just a plane ticket away. I support Consumers Federation of Kenya (Cofek) on must things but on this I say to the polished chauvinist who owns this outfit, f**k you. How comes you dont complain about the Axe add that basically disgraces women in sports or the lack of career women and only housewives in avertisin
David Osore ChapiaIts okay for guys to pose naked for cancer awareness but this is wrong...acheni hypocrisy...

Muthoni Gitahi:The Nivea ad with a mans torso bare... Why haven't you championed against that? Alcohol adverts won't those also lead to moral decadence? Let us stop being pretentious. Divert your energy to basic commodities that have become unaffordable for a majority of Kenyans. Or help in bringing Kenyans together at this very somber period in our lives

Aleksandr Ngaira:Oooh puh-lease .... raise your children ... moral fibre kitu gani?children aren NOT spoiled by billboards but by absentee parents ... a civilized grown up mind knows there is a line between modelled nudity and sexual nakedness .... is it pushing the envelope?sure it is .... so is good advertising .... let's have a debate on whether it suited her or not .... not sijui moral fibre ... oooh sijui next generation .... nonesense!

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  1. If you can't whine and go down and make your body touch the ground then this advert is not for you.

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