Adelle Onyango @ADELLEO Sonko, Shebesh and Kidero have failed us, their employers. Yes, you pay taxes to fund slaps and insults!

Lorna Irungu @KuisanMacharia Waititu throws stones to deal with "landgrabbers"... Sonko insults Caroline its her fault. Shebesh "behaves" like a man Kidero slaps her..

Tap-Out @RobertAlai This line of "you don't hit a woman no matter what" is for sex-starved men or serial male whores. Don't storm my office #ShebeshSlapped.

Willis Raburu @WillisRaburu now Kidero says " i dont remember hitting anybody" hmm........ *hides behind Bill Clinton"

And this is what Kenyans had to say:

---> While inside Java they r selling COFFEE YA KUKUNYWA outside Java Hawkers a r selling DVDs called KOFI YA KIDERO #Slapthemlikekidero (By Dentist Kibogoyo @ShweatyBurnsen)

----> OFFICIAL: Kidero to act James Bond in a new Holywood movie Titled #Slapped #Slapthemlikekidero #KideroMeltdown (By Name Withheld @kuzko23 )

----> Kidero denying any memory of slapping Shebesh is the way a proud man says, "I am sorry" #KideroMeltdown #SlapThemLikeKidero (By FERDINAND OMONDI @FerdyOmondi )

-----> Hahaha ati kideros fav soap is La mujer de vibare #SlapThemLikeKidero #dead (By Mumbi Ndung'u G I C @Cobyi  ) 

--->Ati Kidero's fav artist is KOFFI Olomide. #kideromeltdown #SlapThemLikeKidero (By Mumbi Ndung'u G I C @Cobyi  )

---->i thought in #kidero and #sonko we had the next generation of "youth" leaders until #KideroMeltdown   #SonkoMeltdown and #SlapThemLikeKidero (By Jackes Bornblack @jbornblack )


2 comments for Kenyan CELEBS react to EVANS KIDERO slapping RACHAEL SHEBESH

  1. dioo! reo tunaogererea kuhusu kofi. kuna aina mingi ya kofi - yani kofi ya shai ya kukunywa yani coffee, kofi anan, kofi oromide - ashana na izo. leo nitaogererea kofi yani srap. kofi - kama vire kofi ya kidero! msichangae ni kwa nini shebesh ameshapwa kofi. mwanamke akireta kiberebere anakideroliwa - kwa kasi ya sianda marisa hii incha - shebesh ameshapwa kofi harafu? arama ya dukuduku!

  2. As county strike drags on and services are paralyzed to the county here are some fact.

    This strike is not really about a pay rise. Its root cause is the corruption cartels in the County Government fighting against the implementation of recommendations of an audit carried out by Governors instruction on ghost workers.

    Rachael Shebesh's father, Mr Mbugua was once the deputy mayor nairobi. During this time a large number of his relatives from Githunguri were employed at the council. Remnants of these relations and other corrupt individuals in County Government are behind the strike.

    The audit revealed thousands of ghost workers in the council. Some are just fake names, others are real individuals who do not actually work at council but receive a salary. Probably the way this works is some people in city hall have opened accounts in different names so get paid twice, others who do not actually work for council but are on payroll give some kickback to a facilitator.

    The governor is not averse to effecting the Collective bargaining agreement (CBA) agreed with the previous administration. His issue is there is no point of implementing it without dealing with the ghost workers who will also benefit from the increase but no benefit to County.

    In fact, he will be in effect endorsing the the ghost workers and County Government will be losing even more money. Every month tens of millions of shillings is lost in this way. It puts Governor in a position that should the strike go on, he gets blamed for failing to manage the County properly, yet by giving in and agreeing on the CBA, the County continues to be robbed.

    Thus the corrupt elements in the county who want status quo to remain are the ones supporting the strike and inciting their colleagues including one madame Shebesh.

    There is also the tribal card being played, (rivalry between CORD and Jubillee) in that City Hall has always been peopled by Kikuyu and more or less run by them alone. Governor is seen as a Luo and the fact that he is cracking the whip on corruption has not gone down well with the established City Hall/County Government cartels (including county reps)

    In a nutshell this is what caused Governor to lose it with Shebesh when she brought goons right to his office door, and used the fact that she is the womens rep (if anyone touched her the gender card would come into play) to bamboozle the security.

    These are the facts as I know them.

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