Is VERA SIDIKA HIV POSITIVE? See the indisputable EVIDENCE below.

Thursday, September 26, 2013 - Being in the world of fame comes with a price and sometimes, things can get really nasty. Recently, somebody came up with a rumour that Vera Sidika was HIV positive and that she was admitted in hospital.

 The rumours spread fast and this made the mother of all booties take a bold step and take a test. She then displayed the results for all haters to see.

Look at her medical reports from Nairobi Women’s Hospital.

“Y'all don't know how much it affects someone, especially when it involves their health. I just had to put an end to this!”

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12 comments for Is VERA SIDIKA HIV POSITIVE? See the indisputable EVIDENCE below.

  1. Hiv is no longer a death sentence no need to worry

  2. Hiyo barua imechongwa....

  3. i looov ur booty vera

  4. i loooove ur booty vera

  5. Forged...HIV test is not called HIV..its refered to as Elisa test..
    No medic can write ati,"investigation - HIV"....
    N do we really need to know your status? its important to you not us.

  6. hata ukiwa positive nitakumanga kavu tu vera juu wewe ni msupa

  7. Only a prostitute like this one would post her results like this.. Who cares? Your customers?

  8. More than 400 million people living with Herpes in the world. Most of them suffer from the sickness and loneliness. A safe and private social channel, such as ===, is essential for people living with STDs to meet friends, find someone in the same situation to talk and seek soul mate.

  9. Vera, we dont expect you to admit it even if you are positive

  10. I observe the results actually indicate-NEGATIVE!

  11. Mmmmm eti booty matako ya ukimwi mtupu.utatuambukizia mabwana thoooo ushindwe

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