Woman MURDERED, husband severely INJURED in an attack in Kirinyaga

Wednesday 21st August 2013 - Fear and anxiety has gripped Miringa Iri Estate in Kirinyaga County following yester night’s attack which left a 30-year-old woman dead and her husband seriously injured.

The unknown number of thugs climbed the perimeter wall in the 1am incident and broke a window pane before unlocking the door latch using a hooked wire. At that time, the couple was asleep. The thugs woke them up and demanded for money and other valuables.

Shocked and terrified, the deceased, Perpetua Waguthi tried to raise an alarm but was hit on the head with a blunt object sending her unconscious on the floor. The husband intervened pleading with the thugs to spare his wife only to receive a panga cut that slashed his left cheek off.

While confirming the incident, Kirinyaga Central District Administration Police boss Zakayo Mbugua who was among the first to arrive at the scene said that the motive of the killing is still not yet clear. He said that the men went away with a television set despite the fact that the couple had other electronics and expensive phones.

The man was rushed to Kerugoya District Hospital where he is still recuperating after he underwent an emergency operation.

The body of the deceased was taken to Kibugi Funeral Home.


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  4. Today is Kenyatta's death day.....hahahahaha!!!! the untold reality of the Mungiki problem in the Agikuyu community.....a real threat than alshabab --enjoy it our dear Gikuyus..

  5. this must be the Njando family thieves, anyone from that village knows them but no one ever raises a finger because they will come for you the next day. remember the story of the 5 out of 7 guys in one family who have been killed coz they are jambazis... that's them. only 2 remaining and they're the most notorious!!!!

  6. Who are the Njando family thieves?

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