I LOVE RACHEL SHEBESH a lot….I would die for her……. MIKE SONKO

Friday, August 30, 2013 - Ever wondered why neither Mike Mbuvi Sonko nor Rachel Shebesh’s family has ever commented on their alleged love affair? Maybe they were waiting for Sonko to do what he has done today.

Well, Sonko has taken the first initiative and finally spoken about their “love affair”.

Speaking to a local daily, Sonko said that he loves Shebesh a lot and would even die for her but this love is just like that of a sister and he has never slept with her as always accused.

In his own words, Sonko said that people should stop spreading rumors of their love affair since they are just family friends who would do literally anything for each other. Shebesh is a married woman and so is Sonko.


10 comments for I LOVE RACHEL SHEBESH a lot….I would die for her……. MIKE SONKO

  1. but even if they fuck who cares? Doesnt Shebesh has a hole n doesn't Sonko has a dick.....he says he has not because he wants to clear the air....


  3. buda lakini tht one is too much if i were shebesh huby buda tunge kuwa tunaongelea mengine.. ati always together,kungara sare,etc.......si wife wangu man...and i wonder and wud like to see her huby........na ata wife wako sonko naye ako na roho tu sana.......

  4. the guilty are always afraid if you claim you are innocent thea is no need to clear up the air

  5. Nimesimika...haki...I magine Sonko amedunga Shebesh DOG STYLE ---Kumwaga haraka nayo....."I am jeolus and I bet I am not alone"....Karanja of K-Rep Githurai.

  6. Mungu bariki Shebesh!!!!!!!

  7. Sonko can u explain during the launch of jubilee in nakuru wat u were doing in her room the wee hours of the morng?

  8. Hata hivyo sonko na shebesh wanasuit sana so its not a big deal wateva they do.

  9. kamata kabisa

  10. i wld hate to b sonko's wife ryt now wah anaezalala kwa cauch for a whole yr nqt

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