Here is a PHOTO of the wealthy Nigerian Pastor EMMY KOSGEI is WEDDING

Monday, August 6, 2013 - Just a year after Nigerian tycoon head pastor of Revival Assembly Church, Apostle Anselm Madubuko’s wife passed on, he is planning to wed Kenyan gospel award winning artist, Emmy Kosgei.

The two are set to wed in a traditional marriage on Thursday, August 29th in Kenya and later on a church ceremony in Lagos at Revival Miracle Cathedral on Saturday August 31st. A wedding reception will follow later at Sheraton Hotel, Lagos.

Speaking about Emmy, the aged pastor said:

"The truth is that God brought her to me and it was just glare in my spirit. When my wife passed on, I was completely clueless and I began to pray. God showed her to me. She refused my advances initially but after some time through prophesies and so on, she said yes."


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  1. Another Akinyi in waiting.

  2. In all the 42 tribes in Kenya, alikosa bwana????

  3. He who has no money let him cast the first stone.

  4. Do not judge!

  5. Very handsome.

  6. Riches

  7. He who wants no money & good life let him /her cast the first stone.

  8. From Linus Kaikai to WSR(DP), and now Chinedus.... What a gold digger!!!

  9. nani hapendi pesa?wacha emmy aende azichune atuletee huku tuponde raha.


  11. hope she is not into this because of money

  12. Gold digger...pole sana dada.


  14. Emmy Enjoy!

  15. happy 4u gal

  16. They said love is blind so go on Emmie

  17. Go go go Emmy

  18. very ugly and old indeed,Emmy ni mjinga,hata afadhali Ruto sasa

  19. Off course she has money, probably she wants more than that...

  20. kupanda mat old school na mboko ni zapita.ku ji enjoy nayo?

  21. Its a match made in heaven so haters should keep off.i wish them all the happiness in the world.

  22. miaka je? no young men ni Kenya or Nigeria

  23. Wacha mushenee Dairy Post. Love is international!!

  24. Happy for you Emmy. be blessed as you serve God in te capacity of mama mchungaji.

  25. Faith Muchoki

    Congrats Emmie for finding Love! Do not pay attention to the negatives being thrown around.

  26. surely Emmy??? that's like being married as a co wife!!! The man is too old for u!!!....OGA oooohh!!

  27. so the WIFE DIED last year.... n GOD SHOWED HIM the lady to marry...come slowly pst..

  28. God showed him a lady to marry.. how soon since its LAST YEAR come slowly pst.

  29. God bless your marriage

  30. kenyans amuse me.....did you want her to get married to someone who is pennyless.......what is wrong with getting a hubby who God has blessed financially

  31. Oooops hoping we wount hear of other stories there after..wish them all the best.

  32. Let who is an English teacher say that money can't buy love

  33. All the best sister Emmy, he looks older though and not your age. I hope that prophecy thing is true....Good luck!

  34. Pesa is everything go for it Emmy ndio hata uachane na bwana wa wenyewe.

  35. cynthia rotich

    wish her a good luck

  36. "Initially she refused me...... but through prophecies..." Really Pastor, u used prophecies to win her over....thts a dirty trick in my book..... u should hv juz used the age old way of doing it..... "Love"

  37. chineke meeee, Oga, u didn't see any Amara in Nigeria to remarry? nway, all d best Emmy

  38. Hata kama ni mimi i could not hesitate.

  39. The guy is so handsome..go for him Emmy

  40. am not cursing but she will regret.......

  41. Never call one a Gold digger, if this is true love then pray for them. why do we Kenyan`s have a perception that the rich must marry from rich background. All the best EMMY, umetoka mbali but don't forget your origin.

  42. I wonder why some pple call this gold digging, does it mean a rich man can never marry a hustler??? Go EMMY all the best.

  43. God Bless their Union!!


  45. Some of you criticize her based on her past relationships na nyinyi mumekuwa na 20+ boy/girlfriends.If her previous relationships dint work it happens. All the best Emmy K.

  46. Ati thru prophecies? Another sacrifice on the line,be careful lady.

  47. the man is very handsome and rich,go on Emmy

  48. kude kude

  49. Money money money she knows herself and her God.
    Emmy don forget where God brought u from

  50. what killed the WIFE?

  51. Good for you Emmy. And those talking about money remember she has her own money. so she is marrying for love.

  52. let the God of riches be worshipped!

  53. No problem; they are both single



  56. Lucky Emmy. Have a blissful future.

  57. We are happy for you sister

  58. oh my he is sooo handsome at his age..Emmy ur one lucky mama.go on be happy and God bless u both

  59. kuddos Emmy, hope u'll continue with your talent of music,life is a choice and you have made it. lord be with you.

  60. Take that chance dia u look even like a Nigerian GOOD

  61. ulafi wa hela nayo,mbuyu wa ma foutyz gai emmy ume over stretch

  62. all the best.

  63. all the best.

  64. GOOD FOR YOU GAL......

  65. Do not judge, congrats Emmy, wataongea na bado the will of God will be.

  66. You both look soo goood, blessings!

  67. Heeeeeee! Emmy kipetun murenik ab kolenjin? Ochei kukon inegei, let me hook u up with my brother and leave this old man

  68. we complain when she is marrying a rich dude and we would still do the same if a poor dude was to take her.. so better shut the hell up! kwani...

  69. A wife is God given just as a husband so u ppl who are posting funny comments lack the knowledge. Emmy enjoy your marriage and God bless you abundantly.

  70. All the best Emmy. Make your husband happy. Guys, remember what God has put 2getha let no man put asunder. Fungate njema Emmy.

  71. May God bless your marriage. I am happy for you Emmy and Apostle Madubuko. Wacha watu waongee vibaya. Those are the ones who do not have the fear of the Lord in them.

  72. na mzee alikoxa smart kenyan

  73. Two worlds apart.

  74. God bless you Emmy.Close your ears gal! Dont listen to the jealous ones .Watahangaika wakitafuta but they cant get what you got !
    Follow your heart gal God has given you a bigger platform to serve Him in a bigger capacity so look ahead dont listen to the messengers of lucifer who are trying to prevent what is ahead in God's mind for you.

  75. all the best emmy.


  77. whom are you leaving wiliam ruto for?gold digger

  78. this guy must be a chain smoker!!!!!look at those lips!!!

  79. mwa !eka vekale!kweli haya ni mapenzi

  80. NONSENSE.You can't get a young guy to enjoy life with,after all,you need to go nigerian way,your life is doomed.Watch this space.

  81. Emmy, I wish you the best bus just realize that the old man has been eating his honey and might even be bored. As a fresh person in that world, you might feel deprived and resort to a side kick.

  82. Just marrying a man age of her father because of riches,a big shame to her. She is a smart gold digger. A SECOND WIFE indeed.

  83. Ati the aged pastor said? .. lol. I am not sure what has led to this but one thing is for sure, If it has been ordained by God no one will be able to stop it and they will live happily. On the other hand if it is not not Emmy ataitana! Therefore I will just sit and watch.

  84. Eeehehehhee Kenyans u will never lack something to say..,its her life ..,its her choice let her be. All the best Emmy

  85. What killed the wife mmmmmmh this Nigerian men i don't trust them al ol... Hope it wasn't sacrifice...Anyway ol the best gal...

  86. Girls should stop zero grazing and marry from outsiders who are their match. Remember the valley of the dry bones in the bible? Each bone was going to its partner. Go on Emmy.

  87. Those talking about the Pastor being OLD & NIGERIAN - pleeeeeeeeease!!! Clearly, the YOUNGER KENYAN guys should have proved they are worth their salt & your time and you'd be getting married to one of them right now. Now that none has - follow your heart girl. Happy for you!

  88. If Emmy married a poor kenyan man,people would have said "the guy has done it because Emmay has money". So people will not stop talking. Go Emmy Go!

  89. Wishing you Gods blessings. Wenye wivu wameze wembe.

  90. Nigerians love Kenyan ladies cos their ladies are not so beautiful. We see them!!!

  91. You haters stop your nonsense! Wish her well and leave the rest to God. Did you want her to seek for your approval or what? Your opinion is not needed here so stop finding reason to feel important for nothing. Mind your business.

  92. lol why do peole talk like judging if i was in her position to i wouldn't look back btwn all the years she has been single no 1 tried her chase no she's gone every1 is talking

  93. Hehe, Emmy go for it but remember manijo ni wale wale anataka status za kenya!!!

  94. those eyes tell everything: he looks like a devil worshiper willing to sacrifice another wife

  95. wife died last year? emmy mpimwe kwanza kabla hajaonja hixo vitu.

  96. he he hiyo port ni smart

  97. wacheni wivu,all the best Emmy.

  98. May God be with her...............

  99. Emmy go a head, No LOVE in Kenya, all Kenyan men are bullies,foolish and players, i think Nigerians men know how to love a woman Kenyan Men should learn the Nigerian way,as for women they are all pretending, if the pastor had proposed to them they will all jump at it, The pastor is handsome and very cute i wish i was the one he proposed to, wameze wembe ,wajinyonge, wanyue sumu, God has said.

  100. No comment.

  101. Gosgei, I and my family are prideful to celebrate your talents daily in US. It will be an bearable loss if your musical talents will be disrupted by your present life. Self-underestimation is crucial; it invades even a stair. People claim to know about what God's will is, but ultimately, they just stamped “God's Will" on whatever they want. Choices are personal. Consult God kindly and pursue your conviction it comes with a price. Lakos! May the Grace guide your steps? Pastor Paul Cherono USA

  102. Materialistic people never go far.

  103. The guy is turning 56 and Emmy is only 33 differnts of 23yrs bwaaaahhh!

  104. Whatever wealth has attracted let disappointment not put asunder!! Good luck if you are in it purely for love and if it is the will of God, but if it is the coins, then remember only thirty pieces created the unstoppable revolution called Christianity!! The History you know better!! If a gold digger then that tunnel from Kenya to Nigeria is damn very long and dark and there is likelihood of carving in of the tunnel!! Just wondering loudly how you never saw any Kenyan man nor any Kenyan man seen you the way you expose your upper part of the body.

  105. are kenyan ladies still going to naija, after what chinedu did to us, God forbid, twafaka!!!

  106. Afrocenema not real, i dont believe this!

  107. No wonder you got TOYOTA PRADO the other umeanza kuchuna, your music cannot buy that type of a vehicle. Wish you well, I would have done the same in your position

  108. I surport you 01:03 very true

  109. 01:03 I supportyou 100%

  110. 01:03 I support you 100%

  111. Emmy u can go 4 it let those saying he is old not discourage u.Furthermore old guys r more experienced n knows how to make gals love them more.

    Wawache waseme br Iwud like 2 tell u 2 use ua head don follow ua heart

  112. handsomeness nayo. he has that and more...emmy ukichoka naye hebu sambaza him very quickly. it doesnt also hurt that ni mdosi kinyama....

  113. WOREVA wakulane

  114. will she learn Nigerian Venacular?

  115. Emmy please reconsider. You will not enjoy sex for long from this mkogwe. it loose strength at that age. where your age mates with people of their age you will be regretting.

  116. Kumbe ata kaa Mzee Moi angpropose huyu mdame


    Pesa mbele mapenzi baadaye.

    Kitu gani ilimfanya bibi yake akufe??

    Hawa mapastor na wasichana,wanawahua mabibi kaa

    wametajirika ndiye waonekane na dogo dogo!

    Mungu saidia na umtume yesu aje haraka ndunia imewaka


  117. Wacha Emmy just leave this old pastor . you are too beutiful and youngto get married to this one . I say a big noooooooooo.

  118. Emmy, i wish you the best. Women have no tribal boundaries in marriage. A seed from any man anywhere can grow in them. Go ahead and love him and have children.

  119. The older the dick the sweeter and satisfying go get it gal don't listen to jelousyyyyy, any body can die including the fool talking about the death of this oga's wife. Iwish you well.

  120. hope you chose wisely and never regret. good luck

  121. if given a chance i will follow her steps.who doesnt want a good life.fabolous emmy


  123. While condemning Kosgei I challenge our young men who have left our girls to be married by old foreigners just because they churn responsibilities. There are so many beautiful Kenyan girls who have missed men to marry them. Men wake up and take up your responsibilities. Do not let our girls endanger their lives just because you are not there for them. We read so much about Nigeria, witchcraft, drugs etc., that I would be scared to let my daughter marry any one from there.

    However, I wish Kosgei all the best and happiness in her new found husband.

  124. Emmy don't mind the rumuors. Maneno kama haya tumeyazoea. Wat u nid 2, do pray God 2 always guide you. Hata Kenya devil worshippers wako. Good luck Emmy. Daily posters, try to think positivery not as somebody who is schmuck.

  125. Life is yours and you are aged enough to make proper and sound disjoin. Go on and marry oga. Those claim to be young don't perform in many ways
    All the best girl.

  126. Wishing them well wanaume wawache wivu

  127. always pple should stand for their deeds. its her live

  128. Emmy my dear sister am very happy for you may God bless your marriage.

  129. Ati "the aged pastor" I like that

  130. SHida yenu huwa?If she is gold a prophesy...nye nye HER life NOT yours.get a life people!

  131. Emmy listen to your heart not their words if ok 100% who matter's in this world is u the rest comes afta u

  132. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhha

  133. she didnt have to wait for prophesy,to know her husband,love is triggered by many things...God will never force two people into each others life...wish them happy marriage......age,money,background,citezenry, past,death has no place if they allow love to grow...gooo gal!!!

  134. Juu former b/f cum VP amekuwa too busy for her. Good he bought the big car. Money and fame. After dating Kenyan rich and famous now it's Nigeria, wonders shall never cease. This gal is just changing for the thrill of it, nothing much. Jienjoy mrembo za Kenyans zimekubore tena wemeingia serikalini sasa upaparazzi ni more. We hope it's not another Chinedu. Lakini chunga, ukijichanganya, na mambo ya church, utaumia, good luck.

  135. hope she had investigated the spiritual attacks on his late wife, because we are afraid ohh. too old but the girl is not that young,,....

  136. kosgei
    emmy,don't listen to people's words people can talk but God knows every thing what is wrong with a pastor the wife passed on that was God's will

  137. Most of the comments here are hate speech acheni emmy aolewe c life ni yake! whats the big deal she is over 18 and above 25. people should learn to mind their own business unless God tells u to warn her lets all shut up and pray for them.

  138. kudos emmy

  139. Love you Emmy and wish you well some of us totally support you. Kindly share the wedding photos and make sure wedding zote zote zitoke kwa wedding show wenye wivu wameze wembe

  140. emmy be careful not to loose your star and glory . it will be a great loss to GOD AND HIS KINGDOM. be sure God is in what you are doing. HOWEVER if this is the path ordained by God for you AND YOU ARE SURE ABOUT IT follow it to the end and fulfill your destiny.

  141. Hope u have heard the right voice from God.When people r not happy with ur decision,seek God my sister oooh.

  142. Hope u have heard the right voice from God.When people r not happy with ur decision,seek God my sister oooh.

  143. 70% bizna 30% spreading the word of GOD

  144. adultery i think u know more about the bible

  145. Why didn't kenyan boy marry her all these years, why are they making noise now. This lady has been single for thirty tree years and nobody from kenya noticed her all this while. Do you want her to remain single all her life. I am happy she married the bold man that asked her for marry. You all need to stop your busy mouth.

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