Two thugs GUNNED DOWN along River road, Nairobi

Thursday 18th July 2013 - Police shot dead two muggers today morning along River Road, Nairobi, as they tried to rob a passerby.

The trio attacked a technician who was heading to work in the wee hours of the morning. The technician raised an alarm during the 5am incident attracting police who were on patrol.

While confirming the incident, Nairobi police Chief, Benson Kibui, said that the thugs had robbed other several pedestrians in the morning incident and before the police were alerted. They managed to kill the two while one of their accomplices escaped on foot.

Kibui said that the police officers have beefed up security in the city because incidences of insecurity had been on the rise.

He noted that in the past one month more than 6 suspected thugs had been shot dead in the city centre.


7 comments for Two thugs GUNNED DOWN along River road, Nairobi

  1. Zuk
    Good Job but i just pray that this time they dont shoot early job goers and make us congratulate them for killing thugs!

  2. The two thugs gunned down for sure must be kikuyus,nkt.

  3. thief,thief.

  4. gud!gud work men in blue also target koja area pliz

  5. anon.22:18,am sure u know this jaluos from Kibra,Kudos makarao, MAITI jaluo mbili HE HE HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE !

  6. They are Kenyans.People should grow up and stop being tribalists.A thief is a thief irrespective of where he comes from.

  7. Is Kodiaga prison in Mt. Kenya region? It is full of hardcore criminals almost all of them luos.

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