Two “chokoras” who plucked vehicle side mirrors GUNNED DOWN in Nairobi

Tuesday 9th July 2013 - Two suspected gangsters were yesterday night shot dead at the Central Business District, Nairobi while trying to steal vehicle parts.

The first thug was shot dead at the Globe Cinema Roundabout by undercover police as he was trying to pluck off a side mirror from a vehicle that was stuck in a jam.

The roundabout is well known for mugging as thieves take the opportunity to pluck off vehicle parts taking advantage of the usual snarl up. The second gangster was ambushed at the Old Nation Roundabout after he had also plucked off a side mirror of another car.

While confirming the incident, Nairobi County Police commander, Benson Kibui, said that they had received many complaints from motorists hence came up with the undercover mission.

He added that more police officers have been deployed to other hot spots where motorists usually suffer a similar fate to reduce cases of mugging.

The stolen vehicle parts were recovered at the scene.


33 comments for Two “chokoras” who plucked vehicle side mirrors GUNNED DOWN in Nairobi

  1. Kudos to our police! this chokoras have troubled us for a while now, kill them all

  2. Globe Cinema roundabout is notorious for these dirty looking fellas, they target mostly women stuck on jam and even peep to see how many people ur carring...ili iwe funzo kwao na kwa wengine....good riddance

  3. piga risasi, tena ya kichwa.

  4. The should be deployed at the newly constructed bridge used by parkroad primary and nairobi technical students to cross the road, it has become a norm for muggers who are armed with crude weapons and attach passersby at the wee hours of the morning and evenings.

  5. Is shooting the only remedy really? I believe the police can do better than just shooting. Reforming is better than blood shed


  7. 0233, when you own a car, you will be able to understand the world, for now i forgive you!

  8. idiots reaping wea thy neva sow!thy deserve the bullets!so much insecurity in nairobi!

  9. this killings by de police is becoming too much...i believe u cn try to shoot their legs or something.

  10. mwamaka
    02;33-I just think teacher Kibebe would have described you as an IDIOT! Just volunteer and go to their abounds to teach them reform and you will soon find out why only bullets can reform the ones not yet killed!

  11. Anonymous 02:33 must be working for these funny NGOs that keep on complaining that cops are too harsh! Fala wewe!! Wat do u expect?! They go and beg them (thieves) to stop doing it?! U steal, U die! wait n u see just how fast that vice will disappear in that area!

  12. Ben keep intensify the fight on these crooks.

  13. anny2:33 You can call of them and keep them in your house so that they wont be shot

  14. they are just slum boys disguised as chokoras..shoot them all down na pia westlands phone snatchers who hide behind those maasai curio shops and dukas just after the round about at the mall those vibandas ought to be demolished all its so dangerous at night.we should have a citizen reward program for the cop who kills most thugs.

  15. ooh yes asifunzwa na mamake hufunzwa na ulimwengu

  16. conglatz officers for tha gud work, mkiona wao jst kill them. ....

  17. Mwamaka

    Good Sir IG-Kimaiyo,Sir Kibue...and the actual undercover guys.The famous Hammurrambi law is just about that! Those so called chokoras are great robbers and murderers in training! Just ask or read Kiriamitis 'My life in crime'.just like our wise President is looking into a first world in our future kENYA by arming todlers with IT knowledge at their fisrt day in school which stupit teachers are objecting and wopuld rather EAT that money,also prepare us for a secure kenya !Move also to Dandora and kill all those rapists!!!!!!!

  18. with all honesty, did it have to take over 10 years to enforce deterrent measures?

  19. shame on you adults who have commended the police for killing the poorest of poor kids in our society. this kids have no one on earth to help them, instead of adults killing them they should have arrested them take them to approved schools.only black people who would be this evil worse than animals

  20. 06.24 you r soo foolish.we dont need them. police kill them the vehicle n know how we feel.


  22. i believe shooting them will bring deterrence!!! shoot them all!! na wale wezi wa simu wa hapo khoja, and along that road running from odeon to kampala coach

  23. 06:24, you should also be shot and killed immediately for being an idiot! Ati they are poor kids in our society! In fact you are reasoning like a stupid hyena! So if they are poor children they should steal side mirrors from innocent Kenyans and just be left? They should be killed and you should be buried alive with them! Idiot!

  24. Doesn't sound very Christian to me: A life for a side mirror?

    Is (almost) everybody who comments and the police in the roundabout comfortable with being Police, Prosecutor, Judge and Executor in one? Would it not be safer if the police arrested, prosecutors charged, judges judged and yet again someone else incarcerate or execute? Just as a precaution against - oh, I do not know, post election violence, land grabbing politicians, corrupt governors, IECB procurement officers ...

  25. No, NO, No, No. This is making life very cheap!!! No wonder then you could also be killed for a mobile phone or a laptop. Life is SACRED regardless of the status of the person.

    I think something is terrible wrong with you Kenyans, you need psychiatrists attention to get back you dead souls.

  26. For once we have been unanimous in agreeing that a Thief is a thief,no Excuse.
    You arrest a thief and the next minute hes free. Shoot them all plus 06;24 and 16;45 for supporting thief s. If you know that if you steal a side mirror you will be shot dead you wont steal. Dawa ya moto ni Moto mingi.

  27. watu wamezaana mpaka mashamba ya kulima hawana "wizi"

  28. Did those kids pose a threat to the cops or resist arrest? Those would have been the only valid reasons for the cops to shoot them.

    Applauding cops for shooting to kill is very short sighted and part of kenyan mob mentality. Wait until the day a cop fancies your girlfriend/wife then shoots you dead and plants a gun on you......yeah I know you wont applaud. You will cry out for justice and even if the cop is tried for murder that won't resurrect you will it?

  29. les find a way, plz killing alone wont help, alot needed in rehabilitation

  30. life is sacred????Thats hogwash...this is my policy live by the sword die by the sword...ama u expected them to get shiny medals...this pple mug n rape women...washindwe sana!!!kwani there have bn no sucess stories of chokoras bkaming good n responsible citizens????

  31. who told them to still?they deserve bullets.

  32. I am not judging anyone or something, but for all those you are siding with the petty thieves; be on the road, get stuck in traffic, have your side mirror ripped off, when you are staring right at the thief and then you can talk. And for the fellow who said that police should be lenient on them. Picture a scenario where you see police officers running after these morons; they will take this as a routine cause they know nothing is done to them. so please, before you type a word, it would do you a whole lot of good to think critically.police are doing this for the bigger good; those intending to rip off side mirrors or whatever parts will be afraid to do it and we are all going to be happy.

  33. No one fears a barking Dog - only a biting one! See how minimal cases of mugging are in arab states where hands are cut for theft! the results speak for themselves. How many you forgot your phone in a mall and returned to pick it from where you were sitting - the next day! No mercy for thieves! I wish I could MPESA a policeman 1000 for every thug killed. At least they have lunch on me and buy more bullets to protect us from thugs. at the end of the month the policeman with the highest confirmed thug kills gets his mpesa line posted for any citizens wishing to say ASANTE SANA!

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