SHOCKING RUMOR about Gospel songstress, EMMY KOSGEI, with a very OLD MAN

Friday, July 05, 2013 – Not long ago, word got out that gospel award winning songstress Emmy Kosgei of the Taunet Ne Lel fame was getting married sometime in September - a rumor she failed to refute or confirm.

According to a source, Emmy is indeed getting married in a million-shilling-worth wedding set to be a private affair. Apparently, her fiancé is an aged Nigerian Pastor who has been funding her expensive life.

The source further added that the Toyota Prado which she owns and her house in Karen were both presents from her lover. Recently, her iPad’s screen broke down and the following day a brand new one arrived all the way from Nigeria.


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  1. so what??? is she stealing anyone's husband? no! so what is the problem,kwani she is not entitled to a husband who showeres her with luxuries? get real! Congratulations Emmy & may God bless your marriage.

  2. wa wa wa

  3. ni nini inakusumbua admin.u never know wat emmy went through in possible relationship she might had in tn her past.wether the man is old or young that shouldnt bother the important thing is she found happiness.matako wewe y dont u give her your young dad.asshole!!!

  4. Kipsekeu wewe; Admin

  5. ni nn inakusumbua na maisha ya m2 aikosi we ni wale majamaa wa kuvunja ndoa za watu na mushenee

  6. So what! old is just a number, the most important thing is, he is a human being, a man, and God fearing man. May God meet the desires of your heart angel!

  7. Waa! the romour turned again that she left the Nigerian guy after she realized he was not as wealthy as she thought and that he was just an imposter. She must be searching again serikali tafadhali saidia!

  8. petty indeed. Stop demonizing poeple as though you were immortal. Sam Mukalo

  9. if she is happy whats the problem admin? We love emmy. Go emmy go and make your wedding happy.

  10. Admin unaashwa na nini? Mna udaku!!! Let he be pilipili usioila yakuashia nini?

  11. its her life, stop meddling.
    In life you choose who to marry, otherwise you'll live a miserable life.
    Emmy asha chagua meza prado yake.

  12. She wont be the first nor the last to get married to an old guy so let her be. Emmy go for it if thats what makes you happy. All the best

  13. pang'ang'a ndio mingi hapa

  14. Haters keep off from Emmys private life is up to her to choose who to marry and not to marry go ahead with your plans gal sky is the limit dont listen to wierd people stories go ahead with your plans it is God who grants a husband not human being go go gal love you

  15. Congrats emmy n may the gud lord bless ur marriage

  16. it seems theres no kenyan man.otherwise shes after luxuries but not spouse.

  17. Enyewe Nigerian men are doing kenya a favour by marrying our gals as alleged by chinedu?keep it up.

  18. Emmy is not young, A lady over 30years is anazeeka

  19. kwaza aulize akinyi chinedu mawaitha

  20. Emmy is a wonderful woman of God and shame on you kabisa for trying to look for a scandal where there is none! I wish her every blessing of the Lord as she prepares for her upcoming nuptials and in her life ahead.

  21. He's another Chinedu comming to spy Kenya and traffic mean money from music is not enough for her?

  22. ni wivu ama niaje

  23. What do you think she should do with her life? Mbwa koko admin.

  24. cheptab pastor... Nigeria? wooooooooooooooi

  25. Congrats Emmy, go where you can see love. Admn leave her alone. Whatever God has put together let no man put aside.

  26. Hahahahaha, Gospel singer has another "Chinedu"
    E Emmy Yawa!

  27. The funniest thing I have ever read is to say Emmy is a woman of God! This is a real slut,and gold digger who has slept with very many husbands for money.
    She had 9 year old son who she hides pretending she has always been saved. She was also EXPELLED from Utalii for bringing sugardaddies there-ask her for her graduation certificate!
    She has been having an affair with the Nigerian pastor for the last 3 years when is wife was ALIVE AND WELL, and his wife died mysteriously and suddenly in July last year (all on the internet) Nigerian pastor-google him 'Apostle Anselm Madubuko". She was dogging with him right here in Kenya when his wife was alive, and they would have dates in London, Lagos and sleep at Windsor hotel. Luckily Linus Kaikai who she used to pretend was going to leave his family who she found him with and marry her to cover her dirty lifestyle is happily married now. She deserves the pastor anyway since he is a playboy who was playing his wife and she will know how it feels to be dogged. At 35 years of age, she is old herself for an unmarried woman!
    The press is so gullible to be cheated by a woman who can barely feed herself that she can afford a Prado, you are right, the pastor bought those and even gave her father 5M for his failed campaigns. The day the pastor will know who she really is she will be dropped like a hot potatoe after all someone has to pay for the tears of all the wives whose husbands she sleeps with.

  28. Emmy is an old woman herself!! 35 with no kids or husband just a list of all the married men she sleeps with to show for herself!

  29. @02:37 break my ribs.


  31. All husbands whether old or young does the same "job" to their wife. If the battery goes low kuna dawa.

  32. Kwani ya mzee haingi inakata kufuck nkt

  33. Kwani ya mzee haingi inakata kufuck nkt

  34. doesn't matter as long as she ain't doing anything can get a lover anywhere in the world as long as they love each other...its a free world!!

  35. mapenzi hayana mipaka hata biblia yasema............................

  36. So what why do people like pocking their noses into others affairs

  37. STOP BEING jealous of emmy. go ahead emmy so long he is not someone else husband. i think the writer of this article was interest in EMMY umepitwa get real

  38. Interesting.. did the high level politician leave her for the K24 business journalist from the same community whom he has now bought a house for and car??.. I feel for you Emmy..used and dumped!

  39. You are lucky to have an industry between your legs to manufacture money

  40. wish we were able to mind our own business!

  41. watu wengine wivu nayo!

  42. go ahead emmy

  43. Emmy si you hook me up with one of em rich Nigerian brodas ooo!!! if you don't mind oooo. otherwise i wish you all the best and do not listen to any negative vibe from anyone. You have my blessings...wenye wivu wajinyongo

  44. Let Emmy be. Being 35 is not old, she know how to take care of herself. some pple are even 25 and looks very old. being married to an old man is not a new thing, mind your mouths coz if u dont hav daughters may be u will hav ,and u dont know what will happen to them. learn to pray for people and not to condem them.your journey in this world has not ended and u dont know what circumstances will force u to do unexpected. Learn to Pray for others people!!!!!

  45. Go gal. Age is a number mwenye ako na wivu ajinyonge

  46. Emmy you are blessed wenye wivu wajinyonge.

  47. unataka kutasirike????? aiya bass tumekasirika happy? let someone leave her own life akue mzee ama kijana he is wat he opt for daaaa!!!!!!!!

  48. this are people who live life to the fullest

  49. hehehe. Emmy's biggest asset is not her is sleeping with men. If you check she is not in the list of the top earners and whenever she is producing an album, before the old pastor checked in, she used to borrow money from all over
    And I pity her coz her so called closest friends the likes of Millie Chebbie are the ones who go around telling everyone the gory details of her life.
    Emmy take it from me, you need to choose your friends wisely. Not all those close to you wish you well.

    Rich old dogging Nigerian pastor

  51. @2:37 you hurt my ribs.
    kile munturuch the admin?

  52. Hi Kenyans, Nigerians are also human beings and by the way, West African people are more human than many Kenyans. Just a small fraction of Nigerians are involved in criminality, though the number looks big because their population is huge. Why do not we also marry their women because they apparently are as good?

  53. Can't even say a word after readin those negative comments by some people but remember: d only constant thing in life is change so even if she does all of those things u claim she s been doing, God might av visited her for a change and u d judge, search through yourself. God bless emmy and God bles apostle Anselm Madubuko. Let people say whatever, do that which Godapprove of and instruct man to do if he loves a woman which is MARRY and obtain favour. Abbey is my name.

  54. wah? that was the last thing emmy could do.her dignity is is more important than anyth else,infact cv yake now is finished,50 yrs! i cant imagine.kwani maboiz wangapi wana doo kenya?hiyo si lov tusidanganyane,nway gd luck emmy

  55. I see no problem

  56. Emmy umetupa mbao even if people to leave your private life this one is a wrong choice i love ur music but uve let your fans down by marrying that man take care u might never know how he got his riches but all the best and God bless and protect you

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