SHAME: Mother-in-law CAUGHT red handed having S*X with son –in-law

Monday 8th July 2013 - There was drama in Donholm Estate over the weekend after a mother-in-law was caught red-handed romping with the son-in-law at her daughter’s house.

The single mother was used to visiting the home of the daughter which was a few meters away from hers. She pretended to be visiting the daughter to help take care of the newborn and to give her husband handling tips.

Many at times she would sleep at their place cooking and helping with other household chores. She could make advances at the son-in-law and insisted on ironing his clothes and even serve him with breakfast.

The daughter however did not sense any danger because she trusted her mother and felt relieved - she was being helped with the work after she had delivered.

However things were not as they seemed to be. The daughter had traveled to a workshop and the mother took the opportunity to seduce the son-in-law to at least taste what her daughter enjoys.

She visited the home pretending to be taking care of the granddaughter but when night fell and everyone was sleeping, she sneaked into the daughter’s room dressed in a skimpy night wear.

Unfortunately the baby woke up forcing the househelp to go check on her. She found the mother-in-law missing and got shocked. She went to the man’s room only to find them romping.

The maid alerted the daughter and now the marriage is on the rocks.


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  1. God forbid

  2. These things that you write ,do you really do a proper research ama nikusema tu. I'm so sad to read what you write at times

  3. It is the work of the devil. Ishindwe in Jesus Name.

  4. kuku na mayai yake...iko nene!

  5. Its unbelievable. That mother in law is a witch

  6. shameless woman!!


  8. abomination, what the hell have u come from, dog vomit and it eats the vomit again, mama dog

  9. kumangana nayo!

  10. Although its adulterous, its better than dogging, mooing or worse Though its shameful act. That man must be from wife inheriting tribe.

  11. Oafemi Wandiangali

    Thats must be mumbis granddaughter shameless bitch

  12. Anon 8.13..... Good one....ati mother-in-law wanted to inherit can only be from that tribe!

  13. I have been having sex with my mother in law who live with us.we do it when my wife goes for her night duty.she is more beautiful than her daughter and experienced in bed.In her late 40sand having never been married she tells me she is experienced after having sex with a lot of men in search of a husband. we keep it a secret and for real she is.Guys try your in laws and feel the difference.

  14. Is this the same story on standard paper? It is a different version. In std it states clearly that the son-in-law screamed upon noticing his skimpy dressed mother -in -law walk into his bedroom , the scream alerted neighbors and the woman dashed back to her house. There was no mention of house girl or any romping taking place.

  15. fake story it is an alteration of crazy Mondays pullout

  16. Crazy!!!!!

  17. Another episode from afro kikuyu.

  18. this is a modified story from yesterday's crazy Monday

  19. Unamangwa na wanaume, unabakisha son-in-law!!

  20. hahahahaha....this is a plagiarized article of 'crazy monday'.


  22. abnormal the people morals are going up side down Jesus is coming very soon even tomorrow.....

  23. Fake, just want to keep us on your pages

  24. Is this the all stories you always have? I cannot imagine you look this as great issues. Think about it.

  25. 4 those mentioning Mumbi & kikuyu, may u live 2 Suck ida`s Pussy full of PUS.


  27. I married a woman who I later discovered was carrying on a long term affair with her daughter's husband.
    It started around twenty years ago when she was much younger and quite attractive. She and the boy worked at the same company and would go out for lunch together. There was a park nearby where they would go and have sex in his van.
    As the years went by she retired and she would make excuses to go to his house during the day while the daughter was at work. " I'm going over to help clean the house, do her laundry, return something to the store for her, drop something off", etc., etc. One day she was gone from our house without leaving a note as to where she was going so I tried to call but her phone repeatedly put me into voice mail. I had to run some errands and on the way I passed the daughters house and saw wife's car and thought "Oh there she i'll see if she wants to go with me. I knocked on the door, no answer, knocked again, no answer, finally after the third knock the son in law peeked through the curtain and saw me. He opened the door with a what are you doing here look on his face, I said "Hey where is ..... and he said "Oh she's in the bathroom, I was showing her the mold in the shower and didn't hear you knocking" A minute or two later she appeared at the door and her hair around the sideburns was wet and her face was very red, I asked if she was alright and she said she was but thought she was having a hot flash.
    The atmosphere was like when you walk into a room and everyone stops talking.
    This happened before I was suspicious and I didn't think about it again until things began to hit me between the eyes.
    Many things can seem unremarkable until a significant event occurs and then it's like a lightning bolt goes off in your head and all the pieces fall into place

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