SAD: 70 year old DIES from jigger infestation in Teso

Sunday 7th July 2013 - A somber mood has engulfed Okuleu area of Teso following the death of a 70 year old woman who died from jigger infestation.

The woman identified as Ann Asitei had been attacked by jiggers and was admitted at Kocholya Teso District Hospital where she succumbed.

The locals have decried over the menace asking the Government to intervene and save the situation. Speaking to the media, a resident, Martin Isara, said that the old are the worst hit.

The young children and the primary kids are also suffering and some have had to cut their studies short. The children cannot walk or hold pens forcing them to stay at home.

Isara said that the drugs administered by the community health workers were not effective and they wanted the area administrator to pick up the issue with the Government.


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  2. WHERE IS THIS GUY WHO SEES KIKUYUS IN EVERYTHING. WHY ARE YOU NOT COMMENTING IN HERE. Anyway this is a sad issue. we cant be in 21st century and still jiggers killing people. I thought this menace is in central alone. Our dust and chicken raring in homes where they are let to raom even inside the houses, cats and dogs spread the fleas even to the cleanest places sometimes. First Lady Maggie should also focus in this region also. Ama umtume Princess Ngina.

  3. This is quite sad. How can we have a society where we have billionaires while @ the same time, we have ppl dying like this? We are all to blame. Why? Since independence, we've chosen time and time again pathetic leadership from nyanza to central to mombasa who only look out for themselves. My fellow Kenyans,I believe a time is coming when we ordinary (na si civil society pekee) will have to rise up and get rid of all these so called leaders. Why did this woman have to die? Why?

  4. pole sna Teso pple kwani huko kne cuks

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