RACHAEL SHEBESH confesses that Miraa makes WOMEN WILD in BED

Thursday, July 11, 2013 – Yesterday at the August House, Kenyans were treated to rare drama after a heated debate on the ban of Miraa came to the floor of the house and legislators took the opportunity to tickle Kenyans a little.

Imenti Central MP, Mithika Linturi, who is passionate about the sale of Miraa supported the debate and gave all the positive uses of Miraa and why the ban should be lifted saying that the sale of Miraa earns Kenya’s economy billions of shillings every year.

Nairobi Women Representative, Rachael Shebesh, also stood to support the debate and said that she loves miraa and further confessed that women who chew miraa are more s*xually active and wild in bed than those who don’t.


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  1. I agree with thiz lady 95%

  2. malaya ya kawaida na huko na bwana

  3. Try with me Shebesh...

  4. I can imagine her chewing miraa.that woman is a psycho

  5. What would you expect from a half-baked, half-wit uneducated cornucopia indulger!

  6. Jaluo zote kesho zitaitafuna.

  7. This Shebesh woman is something else..lol

  8. Shebesh marketing herself. Y did sonko leave u? Coz u r terrible in bed. Frifge . Hahaha

  9. Mpigs to prostitution!!

  10. miraa 4lyf hata wakiban tutachana tu.

  11. Hiyo kuma kubwa ni ya Sonko na Kamwana wakilewa......ngwai na miraa zikipatana mambo inakuwa moto.

  12. by the way ni ukweli!!!

  13. coming from the mouth of the most irrelevant woman in Kenya.. must have slept her way to the top by using Miraa. Gasia!!


  15. gosh

  16. Shebesh is among the Koinange ladies

  17. All these statements from the MPings have not been proven scientifically. They are saing things from their point of ignorance.

  18. Well, nobody has power to lift the burn. So the UK did what they deemed fit for their country!! Miraa is a narcotic

  19. Must you use stimulants in order for you to rise to the occasion???

  20. Shebesh ni ng'ombe sana. Malaya ya mtu. Unatuaibisha. I wonder whether you have children (girls) and you talk so irresponsibly. Sham on you.

  21. There are better and more pressing issues affecting our country to be discussed in parliament today. Sex and miraa can come later. Dont u guys know kids are at home!!!! yet u want to press on miraa so that u can get wild in bed to get more kids to stay at home. U can enjoy sex without boosters. U wnt to parliament to built Kenya. If we want sex advice we know where to get it. NKT.


  23. discussions in parliament have become mere street talks. MPIGs need to grow up

  24. If all normal Kyuks & Luos men reading this article speaks the truth, they're horny already by her looks only. To make it worse, they've already "eaten" her imaginary.

  25. miraa chewing ass whore

  26. ya Musa hayo!, Wakisii hatuyatambui lo!

  27. Kenyan's please don't curse them politicians. We elected them to represent us.
    "You shit what you eat". Ndio hawa mulichaguwa.

  28. ain't a chewer but will give a try

  29. I can imagine hiki ki dame kikitafuna miraa in bed asking you 'bado hujamwaga?'

  30. very true madam

  31. Are you sure Chebesh???? what message are you passing on to our young women??? I don't think your advice is the best coz it will make women to get lost in all these things you are saying.

  32. Fungua Roho, Tafuna Miraa

  33. Wewe anon 1054 ni mkundu wa mamako

  34. @ 23.04 U r my hero.hiyo ni kali sana

  35. I support you honourable madam. She have always been consistent and articulate in issues. I know you mean good for this nation. Just ignore those morons who are quick to criticize because they are thoughtless

  36. wewe unatafuna mogoka kabla uanike nanga

  37. that woman needs a guy who has taken cocaine
    shame mama

  38. Merus can tell us

  39. hiyo sio mbaya

  40. Mithika Linturi is not from north imenti.


  42. bastard shebesh. we don't need ua crap. lazima utumie boosters ndiyo upaform? malaya wewe, ndiyo ulikataliwa na sonko. umbwa ya koinange wewe. kuma baridi imejaa maji. u should b ashamed of uaself. women rep mzima?????

  43. bitch pliiz

  44. Kenya cannot afford to lose the income generated by miraa.to the rest of you that think this is just another thing to politick about, you need to visit Meru North and see for yourself that it is the main source of income to the people.its like telling nyanza pple that fish is poisonous and they shd accept that and move on to another acitivity of generating income

  45. inaitagwo ndinjitol ngoverment!51%love u njumbileee,y are u complaining en u voted them in.

  46. bitch.............

  47. i need a lady like shebesh, ttukuwe wild 2gether in de bed

  48. Oh boy! A woman expresses her opinion and she gets all this name calling!

  49. we made a lot of noise "oooh, we can do without the West". now only miraa export has been banned and the same people who were saying we can do without the West are lamenting that it earns Kenya billions. From the same West which we can do without

  50. its true,women are crazy in bed,am from meru, marry merians and l swear you will never regret it.guarantee ya miaka twenty

  51. Kenyans,... we all engage in different activities expecting different results, Shebesh is no exception. Plainly put wengine hulewa changaa, wengine vodka, tusker,... etc, whatever you like because of the pleasure(s) you derive from it. There's absolutely nothing wrong with her chewing miraa and finding out later she's hornier..afterall hachani mchana! You stay up drinking all night then you want to hit on the women available. Mambo ya gizani huishia kitandani...just saying!

  52. Stop lying I watched the debate.Shebesh said miraa kills libido she never talked of women being wild in bed. nkt!

  53. Is that why meru's are still living in stone age? Still circumcising their girls after they have fed them on miraa to tame them? It becomes a disaster when they get married and fail to satisfy their husbands. We have heard them stories

  54. Ur worthy working in pornographic industry madam.

  55. Ur worthy working in a pornography industry madam

  56. Wow Shabesh. You don't have the composer nor class to be the leader of women. I know I speak for a majority of us when I say I regret voting for you.. smh

  57. · Chewing miraa instigates rapid heart rate and enhanced blood pressure. Such symptoms that are what are being confused with increased stamina or sexual libido for women.

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