New hurdle for MUTULA KILONZO jnr –AGNES NDETEI moves to court to block him from Makueni seat

Tuesday, July 23, 2013 - The Kenyan DAILY POST has learnt that former Kibwezi MP and NARC politician, Agnes Ndetei, has moved to court to challenge the nomination of Wiper Democratic Movement candidate for Makueni by –election, Mutula kilonzo jnr.

Ndetei’s lawyer, Agnes Mutinda, moved to the Court of Appeal to challenge a decision in which the High Court allowed Wiper to nominate a candidate after the expiry of deadline.

With the by –election scheduled for Friday, Ndetei filed the notice of appeal in Nairobi but was yet to file the appeal itself by Monday.

Ndetei through her lawyer, Alphonse Mutinda, is contending that the party should not have been allowed to participate in the by –election since it had initially nominated an unqualified candidate Kethi Kilonzo, who is Mutula Junior’s sister.

Under the Elections Act 2011, any party, which nominates an unqualified candidate, commits an electoral offence and is barred from participating in the elections.

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20 comments for New hurdle for MUTULA KILONZO jnr –AGNES NDETEI moves to court to block him from Makueni seat

  1. Now i believe mutula senior is not a happy spirit (may he rest in peace) for his children associating with his killers....its like a spell. Let jnr consult the wazee wa kijiji first or he might follow mutula senior. bodies die but spirits dont

  2. Agnes Ndetei is one stupid malaya used to be screwed by kanu top wings and seems she has stared to be screwed by the TNA big wings. Malaya always a malaya

  3. OOh I thought Agnes Ndeetei existed during Paleolithic Age. I expected her to be buddies with Zinjathropus. She is still around?? Last time I read her name in ancient history she was the first attendant of the first manual petrol station invented by Americans.

  4. Hope Not but if she is Right then the law has to be followed.

    Its bery worrying that those who are supposedly enroute to make law or in the house to make laws are totally disregarding the same, thi strend should stop or are some above the Law?
    ________Nyiva Ogeto_________

  5. Hapo ndipo! Laws must be room for judges who feel intimidated to rule in a certain way! Era of impunity is over!

  6. THE rulling has already been made n IEBC urged to reprint ballot papaers 2 include MUTULA'S name and there will be no petition heard again on the matter until after the by-election..update that

  7. Wiper is iebc, iebc is wiper & Cord

  8. Enough is enough,Leave the mutula's alone please.

  9. This is becoming personal than politics Mutula family vs Agnes

  10. Agnes go hike acha ujinga!

  11. Last kickicks of a dying donkey. Ndetei you are a disgust to kambas

  12. Whilst I agree that every Kenyan is subject to the national laws, I have a feeling that may be Ndetti has a personal vendetta against the Kilonzo family or alternatively she is so broke that she is prepared to be (mis)used by some powers from elsewhere.

  13. Guess som pipo,wanasumbuliwa na menopos....Ndetei sure wats yo buz in ol dis n u r not in the up n go luk afta cow n goat

  14. Save us this circus. This is what she should have done in the first place. Too late, should be the answer but again MK jr could also be too late. Those judges misled the comission trying Solomonic ways.

  15. one might wonder what this stupid woman wants from wiper? she is too old to associate with his dirty things AGNES STYLE UP PLEASE KUMA YA KUNUKA.


  17. Can the law be followed fellow Kenyans.. most of these guys supporting Mutula Jr voted for the constitution while saying baba(RAO) amewasomea. When Ruto asked them to study it properly, they rejected his advise..sasa ndio hiyo bado

  18. Shugulika na yaliyo kwako leave mutula's family alone

  19. The law must be followed to the letter. It is not optional,whether it is Uhuru,Ruto,Raila,Kethi or Mutula Jnr!,and people should stop politicizing every issue raised!. As a matter of fact,am happy that,now people are starting to trust The Judiciary,which is a creature of The Constitution,which we voted for and vowed to protect. Let us respect these institutions and let every aggrieved mwananchi take his or her issue to court,irrespective of whether we like them or not,The Courts shall arbitrate!. It is as simple as that!!,otherwise insulting Madam Ndetei by calling her names, is not only childish,but also a symptom of a serious mental sickness!!.She is simply exercising her rights as a Kenyan,and also as a resident of Makueni County!!.

  20. mutula jnr is the senator period

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